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hey it’s mei yu it’s fun to draw a cute little labrador
puppy step by step first I’m going to start with a nice
rounded a curve for the big forehead I’m going to go into a smaller curve
like that I’m going to come right back in and draw
a little smile with the tongue sticking out there we go that’s not going to be
too long ok we have the little nose in there as
well you can follow dots in there on the
muzzle now let’s go into a little fuzzy cheek and you know what’s coming up next that
big fun2draw eye let’s just draw it like a rounded
triangle shape cut it in half or in two parts and its shade in this part ok so now that part’s all nice and dark let’s go into the people otherwise as
dogs and look like a zombie dog and we don’t really want a zombie dog yeah let’s just draw on the people and the
highlight and notice how I’m shading the I here so I’m starting really dark but
as I work my way down I’m going to get lighter lighter just by
spreading out my life and the lines are going to get shorter too just like that
make the eyebrow area really fuzzy just draw a short little strokes and as for
those big ears i’m going to draw a curve like that first followed by another
curve and from this curve let’s go all the way down into a round . engine and
then just complete that part so that your kind of looks like a really wobbly
curvy triangle because those years are really really big you do want to have a
little bit of the ear on the other side there ok so that once we have those done let’s go into the back of the head just
a little bit and let’s draw a cute little color just a nice little collar if you want a shiny effect you can add
these little diagonal lines on the piece there and as for the cute little body let’s keep things really short and study
starting with the legs so I’m drawing them kind of like
rectangles and let’s and them like that into the round pause and here’s the
other leg with the father the back leg is going to be curled into
a fuzzy little ball let’s just draw the foot with the pause
after to enjoy this cute puppy you can try drawing the other characters
all my fun2draw channel on YouTube including my other cute dogs looks like this puppy’s pretty happy i
got the tail wagging in there no wonder he’s happy it’s got a nice juicy bone yummy yummy all these for the dog all right there
you go I’ve got over 200 drawings on my
fun2draw channel including these click on below to continue watching

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