Labrador, Malinois and Dalmatian in Training Dog Collar

Choke collar is a very effective training tool. Contrary to popular belief, choke collars are safe for your dog’s health, if handled properly, of course. This Leather Choke Collar will help you to achieve incredible results in obedience training. Dog handlers and dog trainers all over the world choose this Silent Leather Choke Collar, because it doesn’t damage your dog’s fur and helps to train your pet faster. Full grain carefully selected leather makes this Collar a long-lasting item. The leather is soft, flexible, strong and resistant to tear and wear, which is very important, if you walk and train your canine everyday. Solid rings are almost unbreakable. They are made of brass, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Besides, brass prevents allergies in most cases and discoloration of your dog’s fur. This collar will serve your dog for many years!

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