Labrador – karakteristike rase i specifične potrebe

the Labrador owes his enormous popularity to his exceptionally well-balanced nature active agile trustworthy and determined the Labrador Retriever is blessed with an excellent nose and is a great swimmer as well as being renowned rescue or assistance dogs the Labrador is also a wonderful pet the Labrador Retriever is one of the dog breeds with an increased risk of weight gain or even obesity this risk can be increased if the dog is neutered compared with other dogs of the same weight notably the golden retriever the Labradors body composition consists of less muscle and more fat so his energy needs are lower to keep him in ideal shape it is essential to provide him with an energy content carefully matched to his activity level the Labrador Retriever has a remarkable coat like a thick waterproof duvet which protects him from the cold water just slides off the short thick hairs because the Labrador produces more sebum than other breeds this unique coat one of the Labradors outstanding features needs to be nourished and protected the Labrador never holds back and demands a great deal from his joints cruciate ligament damage is not unusual in this active breed nutrition can help support joint healthy dogs naturally have a much better sense of smell than humans but the Labrador is renowned as one of the top performers in this arena the old fact of mucosa which lines the nasal cavities equates to a surface of 200 square centimeters in the dog compared to just 2/3 square centimeters in man they can pick up molecules at a concentration level a thousand times lower when working for a long period or as he gets older the Labrador is more vulnerable to damage from free radicals this is called oxidative stress it is essential to fight against oxidative damage which can affect the cells the Labrador specific characteristics demand a nutritional response perfectly adapted to his needs this is why royal Canon has developed two tailor-made foods for the adult Labrador leopard or Retriever 30 and Labrador sterilized 34 neutered dogs these royal canin foods provide all the amino acids particularly cysteine and methionine essential for a healthy coat vitamins A and B helped regulate the sebaceous glands and fight against seborrhea the unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid content helps reduce inflammatory reactions while omega-6 from soya and borage oils boost coach shine and the synthesis of sera myths which play an essential role in the skins barrier function these Labrador foods contribute to healthy bones and joints and contain a painted complex of antioxidants including vitamins ENC taurine and lutein which are effective against the degenerative effects of oxidative stress neutering the term applies to both males and females is a surgical contraceptive method which also has other advantages after neutering though the Labradors risk of obesity is doubled this is why Royal Canin has developed Labrador sterilized 30 a tailor-made food which takes account of the specific needs of the neutered dog as well as the breed related characteristics of the Labrador this food is designed to keep the dog in perfect shape and also provide the feeling of satiety we’re 30% protein and just 13% fat Labrador Retriever 30 provides unneutered adult Labradors with the energy they need while helping them stay at their ideal weight the size shape and density of the kibble have been specifically developed to slow down this greedy dogs eating speed to support the health of this exceptional dog Royal Canin offers two new nutritional advances Labrador Retriever 30 and Labrador sterilized 30 you

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