Labrador and other canines in Gladiator Style Leather Dog Muzzle

Gladiator style Royal Class muzzle with two rows of nickel plated spikes that don’t go out of style. This is the muzzle for bite protection and, certainly, for decoration of your pet. A no-kiss class, for sure. The spikes of the muzzle are rather sharp, so please, be very careful when using it near children or in public places. The muzzle is made of high class dog safe materials. It is securely fixed on a dog to make it extremely hard for a pet to dislodge it with paws. The muzzle will allow your dog to breathe and pant. With the buckle on the lower part of the muzzle you’ll be able to regulate the tightness of the muzzle strap going around a dog’s snout. The muzzle is made of genuine full grain leather and padded with luxury Nappa Leather. It is very soft and pleasant to touch. It is riveted by hand. The spikes and studs are handset. The buckles are durable and made of nickel plated steel. In this muzzle your dog will look like a very serious representative of the k-9 world.

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