Oh, oh! Oh DA- oh! She’s hitting him! Oh God! Oh Kong! Kong! (Through megaphone) Yah yeet! Little brother Jakey try to roast me? What? Little brother standing- OH! Brendon italian Hey dude! What are you doing? Nothing! I’m being big spooned. Ayoo! Good morning Logang! What’s poppin’? Oh, uh, Evan and I were just hanging out over here… I can tell. We’re gonna go inside. You don’t f*** with the Logan! (laughing) Yo, ok. Guys, I feel- get the f*** off me. Get off me! Ow I feel like a broken record when I say this guys. I’m still sick, but it’s like passed, the stages of regular sickness! It’s like some s*** – internally – is going down! And so, for these vlogs, like, it’s noon right now. Literally, the whole morning, I’m sitting in a chair, like this. (Screaming) Just gathering energy so I can vlog for the rest of the day. Lydia got me a protein burrito, so that definitely helped. (Logan and Evan smash plates) That definitely helped too. BUT YO! Here’s the thing. YO BOI IS A F***ING CHAMPION! And everyday, I’mma make that promise, to YOU! The LOGANG! Daily vlog content, I hope you guys enjoy. If you guys are not a part of it, make sure to subscribe! DAB! No, really though, guys we are the strongest family on YouTube. Not to mention, my, um, f***s level, is very low today. I think it’s ’cause the sickness has just made me really just, not give a damn. I’M SAVAGE! (YAH) Evan’s leaving. Where you goin’ bro? Going to shoot for my vlog. I’m gonna be on stilts. OH S***! I’m acting like a TALL person for the day! OH S***! I’ll look like a T-Rex ’cause it’s just long legs, but short arms. Can you bring the stilts back today? I don’t know, can I? You bring the f***ing stilts back! Yo, I’m sorry. By the way, we’re cussing a lot today guys, I’m so sorry. I don’t know- ‘CAUSE WE DON’T GIVE A F***! I JUST MADE A MUSIC VIDEO! SO DID I! CALLED “Outta My Hair”! That has nothing to do with anything, I’m just plugging. It’s coming soon! Coming soon! (laughing) Here you go. Ight, bye. Bye Evan. Ready? Uh-huh. (Yelling) F***! (Evan and Logan “fighting”) You bring those f***ing stilts back… and be in my vlog. I will, I will. Alright, we’ll see ya later. Alright, see ya bro I said, ‘Ayo, good morning Logang! What’s poppin’?’


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