• For the Osiris truthers in the comments 😉

    In Egyptian myth, Anubis was the original ruler/god of the dead. During the Middle Kingdom, Osiris took over the role and assimilated characteristics of Anubis. In the changing myth, Anubis took on a more afterlife guide than ruler role.

  • We always said my cat Whiskers had a streak of the devil in him 😂. No really though, he was an asshole.

  • Question … Hi from Ireland 💚 do u believe in Ghosts be fascinated to know if you ever experienced anything paranormal while preparing the dead 💀👻💀

  • Yo I get so annoyed about this cat lore. My cat is literally the most loving, sweethearted angel I've ever met. He sleeps in my arms every night, we go on walks together. Hes never once scratched or bitten me. I've never even heard him hiss before. I know theres many kitties that are more sassy and such but like, theres so many that are just loving fuzzballs and not enough people realise that.

  • I will always be a fan of Anubis. Learning about Ancient Egyptian mummification at the age of 9 sparked my interest in the preservation of the dead in other cultures as well.

  • Hey Caitlin quick question: is the skull on your shelf real?
    If so how did you acquire it?
    Love your chanel

  • I'd never thought that indulging in YouTube videos would be that educational. 😉 "They do WHAT in WHERE? What's a xyz? googled Oh…! Never heard of. Have now. Huh." 😁
    I'm learning… ☺

  • I'm pretty darn sure that Thoth was the Egyptian god that presided over weighing a human heart against a feather to see if it was "Heavenly" bound or not! Even the shity translation of the Book of the Dead by Wallis budge got that right….

    Love you Caitlin but more fact-checking please!

  • I'm not really superstitious, especially not when it comes to animals i.e the black cat=bad luck etc. But one thing that happened to me and kinda messed with me a bit (because of the coincidence of what happened that evening). So I was 11 and my mom and her bf decided they wanted to take the late train to her bf's place, I didn't really want to come but I was too awake and bored to be by myself. So we got ready in the bathroom with the window wide open, it was pitchblack and a pair of cat eyes stared at me, initially I wasn't surprised and called it (all the cats in my neighbourhood usually came to me cause I fed them) but the pair of eyes or whatever glowed remained still, I turned to my mom saying the cat is outside and 'its eyes are freaky'. My mom looked and told me something about how this is related to death, I didn't think much of it. When we arrived at her bf's place with the last night train, there's was police at the apartment house door and an awful stench. the neighbour next door apparantly died and laid in the apartment for a while , instead of closing our door they kept pestering police and the stench went into his apartment as well. We had a huge argument about me having to stay in the living room, but I refused because it had this smell cause it was so close to the entry door. eventually I laid on his bedroom floor and refused to move, they gave up and took me into their bed (which i didnt care if floor or bed, I just didnt want to sleep with the stench of death and the cat eyes were in my damn head) they just wanted me out of the bedroom so they could 'do it' in the night, sucked for them.

  • I hope DC is seen around that capital bldg during THIS administration! "Here kitty kitty kitty!!"

  • Cats are indeed the spawn of Satan and the bad part is that they do not even TRY to hide it! Go ahead you kitty lovers, go up to your cat and call it Satan's spawn and see what it does!! Yell at it "Satans spawnnnnn" I bet you your little puss n' boots is either going to just give you that kitty cat double wink thing they do or they will just start cleaning their paws. Your dog however, ohh now he KNOWS that he is not Satans spawn but he fears you may really be listening to that darn cat telling you he is. Yell Satan's spawn at your dog and watch his reaction!! His eyes will drop to the floor, his tail will tuck down, his ears will lay back and he will slowly come up to you and check to see if your'e still his friend! I am telling you – it's the cats that cause all the trouble in the world!! But not mine of course, he is my buddy..

  • Recently my family had a movie night at my grandmother's house and watched a "horror" movie (A Quiet Place). My Grandma called my mom angry because she woke up in the night feeling the presence of a demonic black dog walking around her house. I jokingly told her it was just Fluffy, my black yorkie that had past couple years ago lol.
    We're no longer allowed to watch thrillers or horror movies at her house lol.

  • Should I pass before my cat, Thrall, I know that my little WarChief will protect me on the way back to the Lifestream ^__^

  • in Turkey some people believe that when an owl hoots on the roof of your house that means someone from that house will die soon. it scared me a lot when i was a child

  • My yellow lab Mara died at age 13 on May 21st of this year. Hopefully guytrash gurt dog guided her home ❤

  • Ravens and crows are my favorite death animals. I use to be afraid of them but after learning the importance of Ravens in Norse mythology, I no longer fear them. Hugin and Munin were Odin's allies . They travel around and tell him what is going on in the world, acting like his eyes and ears. Ravens are also said to be able to travel between the living and the realm of magic. When I see a flock of Ravens, I just think they are out telling Odin the latest drama in the world.

  • Arrgghh it's the Grim!!!
    EDIT: The Haunting of Seacliff Inn, was one of my favourite films of the 90's! It's no Hollywood blockbuster by a longgggg mile, but i loved it! The black dog stalking their house! Lol! That is the BEST house I've ever seen in a film, a house that i really really wanted to live in! Not necessarily the location, but the house itself, it's just beautiful! Closely followed by the house from Practical Magic – gorgeous! And lastly the house Julia Roberts moves to in Sleeping with the enemy. We don't have houses like that in England. Those 3 are my dream homes! Even with the black dog! 😊😊😊

  • In mycenacian greece cereburus meant mottles/ spot. Hades pet was named Spot. I'm just gonna leave this here.

  • I wonder if Anubis can be bribed with a Milkbone biscuit. Otherwise I don't stand a chance in the afterlife.

  • it was said that a cat would steal your breath my brothers cat loved to put it,s nose buy your nose when you were sleeping.

  • Anu bis compared with death had a reason: The early Egyptians, long before the historical time we know about, saw dogs on the fields where they buried their dead. The dogs ate the dead ones, took them out of their Graves, but the Egyptians thoughts God would care in that moments for the deceased ones.
    My most beloved dead animals are my own which left before me. I am looking forward to meet them once again.
    And historical animals are a poodle named Ponto and a tomcat named Murr. They belonged to two friends, German poets in the early 1800s. The owner of Murr even wrote a book about him, and his sad letters after Murr's death are still well known.

  • "The meow" is my favourite you tube cat. It just makes it more relative to the channel that she is a dead pussy . Rip "the meow"

  • My hometown has a spectral dog legend. We call ours Black Shuck. It's pretty much the only notable thing about our town lol

    The legend is that it broke into the church and killed someone during a service, and the vicar had to hit it with a stick. My school went on a trip to the church when I was a kid, and they showed us 'the stick'.

  • Hey Caitlin I'd like to suggest and perhaps even offer you some death rats! They're super cute fuzzy n smart… Kinda like tiny dogs…and will probably eat your corpse quicker than a cat would 😍 go team rat 🐀💀 🐀 💀🐀

  • I’m a hospice nurse and on the occasion of a pronouncement once a chicken walked casually in the room. It was hilarious at the time, but later I pondered the mysteries of animals and death. 😂

  • How about Oscar the cat. Last I heard, he had presided over 56 deaths at the hospice he lives at. Superstition tells us that cats steal our breath and bring about death but what if some just know when death is coming, like Oscar. Check him out! Great series. As a hospice nurse, I find you a wonderful dream come true. The local funeral homes in my area are incredibly caring and kind but im not sure they've progressed this far, Involving families in postmortem care and choices is incredibly healing. Helps to say goodbye. There is a reason all our grandparents have to see and touch their dead and don't understand the whole memorial without viewing thing. Keep doing what your doing and please consider investigating the mystery of Oscar the death cat.

  • I went to visit an elderly man who was in a nursing home (this was in Providence, RI) and they have a cat named Oscar there who knows when a patient is near death. He's famous.

  • Once again another wonderful video, love everything you put out. Also, kitties are the best. Athena Kitty has been my BFF for 12+ years.

  • Oh what crap!!!😂😂😂 These ancient idiots and their downright stupid beliefs and traditions! It is so dumb and nonsensical all you want to do is laugh ur ass off!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • If you’re the owner of a cat, especially a black one, please keep it inside on halloween. I’m a vet tech and I’ve heard and seen some terrible things- people torture and brutally kill stray cats on Halloween

  • Wolves are rather sweet pets but not domestic, but they make good death animals.
    Cats are more available and still independent enough. And rats would make good canidates bacause they are smart and cute. And koalas, koalas are definitly death animals, cute and furious.

  • Every different belief about an afterlife of any kind is fantastical, delusional, and entirely absurd. Think about it objectively for 10 minutes and if you’re sane, you should realize this. Magic is pretend people.

  • A cat who lives in this house (and happens to have a white blaze on his chest) resents the insinuations made about black cats in this video!
    BTW this cat autographed the front page of my paperback copy of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". With his claws. Maybe I should worry about him.

  • Nope dont celebrate death. Being Hebrew roots I celebrate defying death. But do love your channel. Getting ready for feast of trumpets succot and day of atonement I'll be wearing white and fasting while you guys plan on wearing lots of black and eating tons of junk food and candy. I have two kitties though one black and one orange maincoon. I love them for themselves though not for their color.

  • I really feel like this channel is so underrated. I’ve learned more from your videos than history class in high school ever taught me.

  • How the fuck do I turn the opening into my ring tone? I keep playing it over and over again. If I was given only one channel option on YouTube, yours would be it. That’s final.

  • I always thought that cats were MORE affiliated with death and all that stuff than dogs were. BUT< now, after hearing you mention all the stories like the "hounds of the basker vills??" I realize that there are many stories about doggy spooks also. Our cats are evil in the way that they "spray" pee on everything. Cats can't really climb DOWN a tree unless they are going down back feet first. I wonder what kinda creature will appear at OUR next Presidential election, well, besides the giant orange jackass…

  • In the Guaraní mythology of Paraguay, the guardian of graveyards is a giant black dog-monster called the Luisón. Spooky!

  • Look. You wanna talk death and how we’ll all are going to die?
    Please speak for yourself. I don’t plan to, want to, authorize, consent etc to me dying. Sorry. Not doing it..

  • my grandfather passed away over the weekend. at the exact second he took his last breath, my great uncle was at home feeding my grandfather's cat. this cat is extremely overweight and ADORES food. she looked at the food but didn't eat it, instead she began freaking out, crying and running around.

  • I'm Irish and I never heard about the cateen. We're big into old ways in my family and this is new to me. I must find out more.

  • A little late watching this, but this is interesting for me.

    A month before my grandmother passed, there was a stray black cat that just appeared at the house. It would roam around meowing at every doorstep of the house. We tried relocating the cat about a mile or so away from the house, and it made it's way back!

  • In one of the holy books of Hinduism (Garuda Puran), it is said that a calf helps you cross the river after death.

    The river is supposed to house all those you have hurt and they wait for you in the afterlife to retaliate and you will feel the same pain and suffering that you've caused them but the calf comes to the rescue

  • People who are quick to say, "I'm not a cat person" have not learned that, while dogs protect people physically, cats protect people emotionally and spiritually. I believe that this difference is why cats and dogs can form strong friendships with each other.

  • Maybe Jenny, a mother cat, was an historical death animal. She was on the Titanic, had four infant kittens and was acquainted with an Irish stoker, Jim Mulholland. The job paid well for Mulholland, but he quit and left the Titanic at Southampton after watching Jenny carry her entire litter, one kitten at a time, down the gangplank and off of the doomed ship.

  • For any Harry Potter lovers in the comments, the Grimm that Rowling features in the third installment of the series (the animal that Harry sees in his tea leaves as well as other places, which is a big black dog we later find out to be Sirius’ animagis form) is actually one of the protectors of cemeteries that Catilyn spoke of. They are usually very large, often shaggy, and wander through the graveyard. They are tied there because it was once believed that the first to be buried in a graveyard would not ascend to heaven, but would stay behind to watch over the place and its inhabitants. So, they began burying dogs first so that no people were stuck forever.

  • When I was little we lived by an old abandoned train track from the 1910-1930 and some nights I could hear a train whistle this is one reason I had early insomnia

  • Thanks for making this video. I remember my mom and dad (who are both Mexican) once told me that owls are seem as bad luck/omen of death. I think they were specifically talking about Barn Owls. They said that if an owl is heard or seen at a place where a family member is really sick, it's a sign that they will die.
    My aunt was really freaked out one night while she was at the hospital visiting my uncle, who had been fighting Leukemia for the past 6 years. She said she heard an owl outside his window and was afraid he would die that night. Luckily he didn't, and it turned out the owl was just a Mourning Dove, which honestly wasn't any better considering the name, but she was just happy it wasn't an owl. Sadly my Uncle did pass away last year.

  • I don’t find any animal in that fashion but I have heard of stories where when people die their dog will Howell obsessively

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