♪ (guitar riff) ♪
– Just want to head bang. – Crying out loud,
that’s the best song I’ve heard! ♪ (playful intro music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re going
to have you listen to a selection of songs from a band
called Avenged Sevenfold. – Okay. Maybe, hard rock?
Heavy, loud music. – It kinda sounds like
a little deadly, and usually deadly words in a band
kinda means they’re rock. – I’ve never heard of them. I need to start listening
to more rock music so then I’m, like, “Oh yeah,
I’ve heard of them!” ♪ (heavy guitar) ♪ – Wow, very fast paced. ♪ (heavy guitar) ♪ – It’s totally rock and roll!
I guessed it! – I don’t know,
no one’s singing. It’s just music. – I kinda like it. – (screaming) ♪ “I’ll try,”
she said as she walked away ♪ – What the heck? – ♪ Try not to lose you ♪ – Really good beat. – I liked it up until the vocals. – ♪ …more than deception,
unmasked fear ♪ – The screaming is like “Wah.” – Definitely heavy metal. – ♪ I know it’s hard to fall ♪ ♪ Confided in me… ♪ – I’m trying to know
what they’re saying. They’re mumbling it. How are you supposed to
sing this at karaoke? – Not my style at all. – Personally, it’s not my style. – The melody was nice. Just so hard to know
what they’re saying. ♪ (fast metal) ♪ – Oh, straight into the action! – Starting off strong. ♪ (guitar shredding) ♪ – This is crazy. – That sounds crazy. I like it, actually. – Okay, I’m starting to like it. – ♪ She’s a dwelling place
for demons ♪ – It’s a lot about girls. – The lyrics do not match
the music at all. – ♪ And makes us drink
the poisoned wine ♪ ♪ To fornicate with our kings ♪ – I don’t know about it. – ♪ Fallen now is… ♪ – I like pop music, not this. ♪ (guitar shredding) ♪ – Whoa, that guitar.
Hoo, that guitar! – I feel like the guitar’s
gonna explode. ♪ (guitar shredding) ♪ – Okay, it was nice. Just hard to know
what they’re saying. – I like how fast paced it is. That guitar at the end.
That was pretty rad. – ♪ Like walking into a dream ♪ – Very rock and roll. – ♪ So unsure, but it seems ♪ – I don’t like it. – This is so much going on
at the same time. – ♪ But girl, this can’t be right ♪ – I don’t really like this one. – ♪ Such a surreal place to see… ♪ – This is actually pretty good. – They kinda sound the same. More drumming and guitar
than the words. – ♪ …all the places
I just don’t belong ♪ ♪ I’ve come to grips with life ♪ ♪ And realized this is
going too far ♪ – These lyrics make no sense. – How come this genre of music
I hear is always negative? – ♪ …from this afterlife,
’cause this time… ♪ – It sounds pretty good
right now. I mean, in the beginning,
I didn’t really like it, ’cause it sounded really slow. – ♪ …far away from here ♪ – I don’t like that one either. – The music is just amazing.
Really good guitar player. The lead guitar player
is amazing. ♪ (creepy piano) ♪ – Oh no.
No, no, no, no, no. – That kinda sounded like
“This is Poppy.” ♪ (hard guitar) ♪ – Sounds like something you’d
hear at a Halloween party. – ♪ Nightmare! ♪ – It started out so calm! – The first word, “Nightmare.” – ♪ …your nightmare
comes to life ♪ – Nightmare comes to life? I never had that happen. – I wanna hide in the corner. – ♪ The price of evil ♪ ♪ And it hurts to know
that you belong here ♪ – It goes from metal to rock
to metal to rock and then I just like
the rock parts. – ♪ Die, die again ♪ ♪ Drenched in sin ♪ – This voice right now is crazy. ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ – Ooh, that guitar
was really good. Whoever plays the guitar, props. – When it starts off
with creepy doll music, that just is scary. That’s just, like, no. – ♪ Will you stay? ♪ – Is this the same band? – This is like country music now. – ♪ Will you stay away forever? ♪ – Will you stay away forever? Why can’t you do
some fun things? – ♪ Time still turns the pages… ♪ – This one’s calmer. – This is very, very, very slow. – ♪ …time always on my mind ♪ ♪ I have so much to say ♪ – I like this one better
’cause it’s more mellow. – I don’t really like
this one a lot. – It didn’t have any metal in it. It just sounded like rock. – It was almost, like, peaceful
and heavy metal mixed together. ♪ (fast metal) ♪ – This is too fast. – ♪ Because they’ll take… ♪ – Sounds like the others. – ♪ Hail to the king ♪ – Now this I feel like
I’ve heard before. – ♪ Hail to the one ♪ ♪ Kneel to the crown ♪ – I don’t think I’m gonna like
any of the songs. It’s gonna be too rock and roll. – ♪ Hail to the king ♪ – This kinda sounds
like Metallica. – I’ve given up on trying
to understand them. ♪ (guitar riff) ♪ – Just wanna headbang! – This is a sick solo. – Crying out loud,
that’s the best song I’ve heard! – I can’t understand it, so I don’t know what
they’re saying and stuff and then I kinda don’t get it, but otherwise, the background
music was nice. – Like this, I like.
This one’s pretty good. – ♪ (guitar shredding) ♪ – Another guitar solo. I see those are very popular
in this type of music. – I don’t like that. – ♪ …through the cage,
as we perform… ♪ – I like all the
background instruments. – ♪ …upon the stage ♪ ♪ Tell me a lie
in a beautiful way ♪ – I like the music.
I would listen to this. – ♪ I believe in answers ♪ – It’s rock and roll-y
and not my style. ♪ (heavy guitar) ♪ – What is with the guitarist, man? – It starts off so mellow
and it just escalates. Like it goes, “Whoop! Nope.
Now I’m smashing my guitar.” It’s impressive what they can do,
but it’s kinda creepy. – They’re just too metal-like. I don’t like the
“Death, destruction, raaa!” – I love them! It was, like, peaceful
and then it was like heavy metal. Peaceful, heavy metal.
It just switched a lot. – (FBE) So Avenged Sevenfold
is one of the most popular metal bands of all time. – Really? – Right now, 2017 popular? This sounds like it jumped
out of the ’80s. – (FBE) And most the band members
don’t go by their regular names, but instead, go by stage names. – Okay. I mean,
that’s kind of interesting. You don’t really hear
that much nowadays. – Like fake names
they made up ’cause they don’t want
to reveal their real names? – (FBE) Their stage names are:
M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ,
and Brooks Wackerman. – (laughs)
“Brooks Wackerman.” – It’s hardcore, like the songs. – How did they think of those? – Very rock and roll
and very crazy and wacko! But that’s what they like,
so that’s what they like. – Why would you come up
with those kinds of names? Do you really want to go by
“Brooks Wackerman” for the rest of your life? – (FBE) Actually, that last one,
Brooks Wackerman, that’s his real name too. – Oh, shoot. – (FBE) So finally, now that
you’ve heard some heavy metal, do you think you might
be interested in hearing more metal bands? – No. I don’t like heavy metal. – Definitely. – Never. – It’s fun to listen to them,
but it’s not gonna beat my hip-hop. – No. I like pop music,
not them. – Yes! This band is just amazing! – I will never,
because I don’t like metal. – No, not really. I don’t really take away
from my spare time to go listen to music. Like, I’d rather do
other stuff instead. – Yes. I think you did a good job
on your songs! I actually like them, actually.
(laughs) They’re nice, but very crazy. – Thanks for watching Kids React! – New shows almost every day,
so subscribe and hit that bell! – See you on the stage
next time! – Hey guys, I’m Jackson. This is my last
Kids React episode. So, I’ve had a lot of fun
being on Kids React, but you can catch me on
Teens React sometime in the future.

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