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(boy howling) (dog howling) (boy howling) (dog howling) (boy howling) (dog howling) – That pure emotion! That was great. This is Free Advice, where
you tell me your problems and I try and fix them. Ever since I could speak, I’ve always had a genuine passion for helping people. What can I offer you free advice on? – So my passion is to one day retire. My dream is just to like, sleep all day. – You should become my dog. (laughing) That’s what she does. I’m Adam, and I’m here to help. I love you, Jasmine. “I love you, Adam.” (kisses) I love you. Hey, guys. Today, we’re gonna talk
about how to lighten up. Ooh, that look! (kisses) And not take life so seriously. Jasmine helps me to lighten up. I mean, look at her! She’s a chihuahua-pug
mix, which is slang for “she’s a cute dog.” I just love seeing how excited
she is when I come home. My brother doesn’t jump up
and down when I come home. He doesn’t even wag his tail. Find something you love
that can let you escape. When I play with Jasmine, I
don’t worry about homework or my rough days at school. I just worry about how
much fun I can have. For example, we play, we snuggle. Jasmine likes to go under my covers, although I have to make
sure my retainer stays in or else she’s gonna be eating that. And besides, she has perfect teeth. The only thing she
doesn’t treat with respect is the hardwood floor in my dad’s office. Jasmine, please don’t lick my bow tie. Um, okay. (kisses) Okay Jasmine, you wanna go to bed? Here’s the moral of today’s episode. You should have a couple of
things that you really like, and that you can escape with. (kisses) I couldn’t want a better dog. (howls) (howling) See, that makes me so happy. See you next time. – SoulPancake (upbeat music)

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