Kicked Out Of Hotel Because Of My Service Dog

Welcome to another episode of Dog Vlog, It’s time for show-and-tell Hotel We tried to check in to a Wyndham hotel and suites. Over the course of my career We have checked in to several hotels. It’s not that hard you just kind of show up, and then you have your dog there. In the Glory of Their training, she’s standing there like a militant centurion. In Richmond I was performing at a comedy club in the contract that the comedy club and the comedian have together the comedy club is putting you up in a hotel of Their choice I upon check-in gave my last name and it became clear that a gentleman has approached Stella’s personal space, leaned over and put his face this close to her back. Why are you eye humping my service dog unless you can’t see sir in which case you yourself are going to need a service dog. As he stands up He makes a eye contact with me to say “you’re gonna need papers for that.” If you refer to a dog as a that You’re a serial killer you understand? and I replied with “um, actually, It’s emotional service animals that have to have their paperwork Full service dogs are not necessarily given paperwork with their Certification and some handlers don’t carry it. That’s what I said and that was very polite too For him trying to get to second base with my dog He goes “well if you want to stay here at this hotel You need to provide paperwork” And I was like “actually legally you’re only allowed to ask me two questions. Is that a service dog? Is that a that? and what service does she provide?” I was like “you haven’t asked me either of those.” it’s been pretty confrontational for a check in welcome process, and he goes “well anybody can just kind of Come in here with a dog and slap a vest on it and call it a service dog” Yeah, well anybody can just slap a name tag on a button-down and call them a manager He said “well, I know I know the law sir and the state of Virginia says you need to have Papers for your animals to stay with us” the ADA is a federal jurisdiction” Bud. how would you like me to provide something that? Most service dog handlers are not even given What do do you want me to set up a little makeshift passport stand right now? and smile Okay, try not to look like a terrorist this way please. He said “I Don’t believe it.” That’s when I was like all, right guy It’s time to start recording you because I knew what he was doing was illegal and was definitely borderline harassment Then he said “well I know the laws” I was like “I don’t think you do let me pull up the ADA website” “I do I have it pulled up on my phone if you want to see it This is how you welcome your guests. I should have brought my attack dog not my service dog. “You don’t need the paperwork all you have is two questions that you’re able to ask” Okay?” “I don’t disagree with you. I don’t disagree” “It is the way it is” “Yes it is have you have you read the act. You just said you you read the act. I just read it back to you” There are two questions that- I just showed you where I pulled it up from on my phone. I was like it’s a dot gov (.gov) You think I’m showing you the guidelines on pornhub. It doesn’t just I know. I know. See like look she was doing this during check-in, she could sense that I was Mortified by such an experience. I’ve had 1,200 check-in experiences and none of them have ever been like this. Then Titus that’s the name of the guy he went around to the back, and it’s just me and the Concierge now and I said to her because at this point I was I was very heated I don’t want to be the aggressor in any situation That’s why in our first interaction. I was very calm then when you fight me on it Yeah, I’m going to get a little bit agitated So I said to the concierge I said “excuse me I have a complaint for the manager.” She goes “okay” and I said Just like this I said “um Yeah, do you know of the crevice in the Scrotum where the balls separate, can you tell Titus to? suck the sweat from that crevice” that was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that even though she laughed as a comedian that felt really good and by the way the concierge she Apologized to me on my instagram, ‘sorry my boss threw you out earlier today’ I felt backed into a corner so much so that was like I’m just gonna go up to my hotel to get away from all of this. This chick is going crazy. She’s like yeah, he’d know this is what I’ve been training for wouldn’t have been great. If I almost died just right there and then she just did absolutely nothing It was like see. I knew that wasn’t a I Called my assistant and told her what Well what had happened and she had said that she already spoke to the hotel who said that I was being Belligerent and abusive, so we are about to leave now because they keep calling and the police are being called and they’re going to Kick me out, so I’ll just keep the camera Rollin, and we’ll see what what happens? I started to gather my things and head downstairs and who is to arrive at my door but Titus and a Security guard. Oh great great Fantastic. would you think I was doing just? Checking in again. I loved the way it went down the first time “I don’t remember ever not about abiding by the hotel rules” “when you’re abusive to our desk clerks” “I wasn’t abusive to her” “yes you were we have several witnesses” “no no, no I was complaining about You to them” “I don’t feel comfortable here because Because he didn’t come off to me as concerned in what he came off immediately as confrontational Maybe you’re just confusing the stutter for drunkenness I? “Yes you did” “You said you didn’t believe it.” “You said you didn’t believe it so don’t lie “okay” “I said she wasn’t necessarily a service dog” You sound like a guy who’s just being incredibly aware of the fact that he’s on camera right now So as to not incriminate yourself. Listen man level with me? You know exactly? what you said. On my way out of the hotel one of the employees was like “Hey is that Drew Lynch?” and then Titus was like ” you know don’t talk to him right now.” “Oh dude Thanks, bro. that guy’s a fan” “He might not have a job next time he’s back because Titus, see you bro” “No, Arturo. It’s not your fault man here.” No dude, thanks. Alright, well I appreciate it sorry about any hostility It’s all against Titus it’s not against you guys yeah. As I’m standing outside Titus comes back Outside which I thought was pretty weird since I was gone. “I’m sorry?” “What keys?” “I don’t have the Keys” “I don’t have them” They’re magnetic hotel keys just deactivate them I’m not coming back to your hotel room guy that says that he absolutely Just wants confrontation with me and to start something off again I went across the street to the Hilton and recorded it as a foil naturally it was perfectly pleasant “Oh good” “On the fourth floor great. Yeah she’s right here, she’s right down here” The biggest problem that I’ve had with this so far is the hotel informed the general manager at the comedy club that I was performing at Their version of the story it’s possible. I might not be visiting some some some of these cities because the Comedy club has now said that They are siding with the hotel On this. It’s nothing against the comedy club. They have a deal with the hotel and they Only heard one side of the story and so they made a decision based on that because of this hotels Misconduct, I am Now losing out on my Livelihood. I want to perform and I want I want to put on a good show and meet everybody who watches This show. The fact that the hotel is Holding me liable for this situation is something I will not Stand Idily by and watch, I’m going to give my version of the story which gives both both accounts Truthfully and straightforwardly, I don’t really know what to do. I want to ask what you guys think about This. I’m just a little dumbfounded at the fact that this could happen and uh Baffled that I don’t really have a place to go with it. I don’t know who to talk to about it because I tried try talking to the hotel And I talked to other corporate offices and they seem to just pawn off An apology which feels just very dismissive. They’ve just been ‘yeah well, that’s not that seems Just only on the hotel and enrichment. That’s not that’s not us.’ Well but it is you though? I’m really coming to you guys for Support here because I don’t know how to feel about it Anyway, that’s been our show. If this is your first time checking out our channel please subscribe We do these vlogs every Monday and Thursday. They’re usually not so conflict driven, but man do I have an interesting life also check out my tour schedule where I’m Not coming to a lot of places If you like snapchat feel free to follow me there where you can see crazy characters like this “I don’t even need a gym in order to look fit Yes, my workout didn’t work out man time” alright That’s been our show. We love you guys

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    Hey guys, first of all there has been an update to this situation (link in the description). I have a longer explanation with more details in that video and in the comment section if you're interested but I want you guys to know that at this point I consider the issue to be over. It's important to me that I keep you guys posted and let you know where I'm at, especially since I've made the decision to leave this video up. I don't think this ever would have reached a resolution without you guys…I also didn't realize how many of you guys had Yelp accounts…like, damn, you guys are savage. Please give your fingers a break. I don't want to have moved on and then have the hotel or comedy club be stuck with online repercussions from this for eternity. That being said, you guys helped give me a voice when I didn't have one and I'm so incredibly grateful for that. Love you all.

    Hey guys. As always, thank you so much for watching the video. I know this was a long one and believe it or not it's the short version. We tried reaching out to the corporate Wyndham and the Wingate Wyndham Richmond Short Pump multiple times. I have always been upfront about what I said, and where I was wrong (which I was). I've never asked for money or any other compensation from them, I only wanted an apology to myself and the comedy club. It has become pretty clear that isn't going to happen. I'm still pretty upset, but mostly I feel helpless. Those of you who watch this vlog know that I work through my frustrations by telling jokes, and I hope you guys are able to laugh with me in this one. At this point I just want my side of the story to be heard. If you have ever dealt with something like this (service animal or not), I'd love to hear your story.

    For those of you in cities that might be affected by this, I'm really, truly sorry. This was not my decision at all. I love all of you, I want to be able to perform for and meet as many of you as I can. I will keep you guys updated.

  • Hi Drew ! I admire you a lot! I love your videos you are a true inspiration for me and all people that need a service animal. This person on my video link was just like out of Dennys because of his service dog, they made him cry.

  • Hey Drew I'm sorry that happened to you the guy was a total dick he was totally wrong and he's just a plain asshole. Actually I think he's the pro-abortion poster child. In the meantime I would suggest you get yourself an attorney and sue them in federal court for an ADA violation he totally violated your right completely. So sue them and I would sue the Comedy Club too.

  • Those hotels would be fun to do a first ammendment audit! #fromlasvegas 🙂 ill be in ur vegas show

  • So sorry you went through this, I guess this is what I get tot look forward to being a new service dog handler, plus I love your shows God Bless, also thought you’d get a kick out of this my service dogs name is also Stella

  • Noooooo! We definitely want you here in Dayton, Ohio! It has to be The Funny Bone that's siding with Wyndham Hotel. Hotel manager is a d-bag and we will work to get you back here!

  • I literally had to pause this video once it became clear that you were talking about 1. A Wyndham hotel (not surprising) and 2. let alone one in Richmond, Virginia. Which is not only the capital city, but also the one with everything accessibility wise in the entire state.

  • Titus thought you were so abusive that he continued to pursue you and insisted on confronting you as much as possible. Clearly this man has some kind of power trip going on.

  • Just viewed. Wyndam will NEVER get our $again! Congrats "Titus". LOTS of folks function their everyday life with service dogs. Educate yourselves Wyndam!

  • Why do so many people hate disabled people?! So many people has attacked my sister and tries to hurt her because she is disabled….. why won’t it stop?

  • That's absolute fucking bullshit. I was trying to search dates you'd be in Columbus Ohio again bc I met you last year!! I'm sorry this douchebag did this. It makes me wanna go visit Titus and get kicked out for a REAL reason. Smh 🤦… If anyone can let me know next closest city you'll be in and I'll travel!!

  • I just want to say hospitality is about making sure guests are COMFORTABLE and feel WELCOMED and this goes against ALL STANDARDS for hotels. No matter what the hotel's policy is, you have to LISTEN TO WHAT THE GUEST IS SAYING TO YOU. This makes me so mad. If you're heart isn't in hospitality anymore, GET A NEW JOB. UGH

  • When it is not obvious what service an animal provides, only limited inquiries are allowed. Staff may ask two questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. Staff cannot ask about the person’s disability, require medical documentation, require a special identification card or training documentation for the dog, or ask that the dog demonstrate its ability to perform the work or task.


  • Christ, can't believe this guy is still doing this schtick. Funny, in candid moments this guy has no stutter. Praise dee lawrd! I'm healed! It's coming soon to your nearest theatre. Anyway, the dog looks drugged.

  • I know this is really old but u could have taken them… every last one of them to court for not being ada compliment them… then take one of ur new hotels and make it a dog hotel and make the guy who kicked u out run it

  • Keep doing what your doing and fight for your rights. You have an amazing service dog and your entitled to have him with you! You have my support!

  • Sue that hotel chain and the comedy club. Find a lawyer that will take the case because they refuse to abide by the ADA.

  • Omg are you okay, i tottaly understand why you're mad. He is a bad person for being mean to a person as amaizing as you

  • Service dog: Trained to attain to a specific need of a single person
    Therapy dog: Trained to attain emotional support
    Emotional support dog: Not as trained; support comes from its comforting presence

  • I hope you sued this place. You were discriminated against! What they did to you cost you real money.
    Also Stella is a SWEETIE!

  • I like the attitude of a business owner I know. He says "If I see a customer come in with a dog, I assume it is a service dog". People like Titus are the ones who go to dog owner websites looking to combat "fake " service dogs.

  • So this is the second problem this guys had because of his "service dog". Obviously hes not putting the vest on the dog with the proper identification and paperwork. And no ALL real service dogs will have certification paperwork, thats why there is a clear slip in the vest

  • I love your dog so much. I have PTSD and I had an emotional support animal, the cutest pit bull on the planet. He is no longer with me, except his ashes and paw print. I have not gotten another because I miss him so much. I have such anxiety leaving the house for almost anything but I am so heartbroken. I go to school online so that I can someday have a career in mental health and social justice, I’m sure it will involve leaving the house so I’m working on that. Your dog is so sweet. You are so blessed to have her. Seeing Stella comfort and calm you when you got heated just melted my heart and made me cry. I miss that so much. Because of my divorce from a man who makes a lot of money and my spousal support that provides for a much different lifestyle than I had for 15 years, I cannot afford another dog. I gave him pretty much everything in the divorce because it was so traumatic I just wanted it over and he told me he would get nasty if I fought him. My lawyer even had me take the stand to say that even with my mental disability I understood what I was doing and I said yes because I just wanted out of there and off that stand.

  • My family was kicked out of a whyndam run hotel also for having service dogs they say they only have a 2 pet limit.

  • You nees to speak with a lawyer. They are messing with how you live, spreading lies that will cost you wages you are trying to earn and also telling lies about your character and your service dog Stella causing stress on the both of you. It IS a legal thing. Take action! Agaisnt the manager and the comedy club(s).

  • When my service dog Sophie got federal accreditation we were given a one 800 number for service dog concierge service and if I had minimum two weeks notice I could contact them and give them when and where I want to fly due to Sophie size she would get equivalent of two seats so that we she could have room on the floor for herself. Also the hotels would have the type of food we wanted the bottled water dishes and even a little doggy bed. All of these items were done for no charge. It’s in saying what people seem to think they can get away with by not knowing the laws and bylines of the ADA and federal government powers. Love hearing what’s coming through be blessed and I look forward to more of your youTube episodes.

  • I feel that the hotel should suck mine cocken balls because they were trying to tell you to leave a close hotel because of Stella who did nothing to deserve that crap.

  • Hey … stand up for yourself and your beautiful service dog. If your comedy club goes by one story "Only" they're stupid.

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