Keeping Your Dog Intact

keeping your dog intact by not spaying
or neutering your dog you might be biting off a little more than you can
chew here are 9 important facts to consider if you decide to keep your dog
reproductively intact if you decide to delay spaying or neutering your dog for
whatever length of time or whatever reason here is something else to
consider some people just may not be cut out to deal with an intact male or
female dog in their household here are some caveats and considerations
1 female dogs bleed when they come in to eat female dogs do not get menstrual
periods like humans as some people mistakenly believe they come into heat
ort season once or twice a year the three to four days in their cycle when
their unfertilized eggs ripen though both biological processes involved
bleeding it’s inaccurate to compare a woman’s monthly cycle which is an
infertile time to the heat in the female dog which is quite the opposite
dogs get pregnant while bleeding some dogs cycle every 6 months more primitive
breeds such as the Sanji’s are Tibetan Mastiffs come into heat only once a year two female dogs can only get pregnant
when they’re in heat a dog will begin her heat cycle after about six months of
age some females will show physical signs of readiness their discharge will
lighten in color and they will plaque or lift their tail up and to the side
others will show no behavioral changes still others will stand and accept a
suitor at any time in their cycle even days before or after they are fertile if
you cannot be absolutely certain of identifying the signs of heat in your
female and securing her during this time its favor intact males are frighteningly
persistent in reaching the object of their desires they will hurl themselves
through glass windows and might even attempt and succeed at breeding a female
through the wires of a crate three unneutered male dogs can get forcefully
you cannot leave a female in heat unattended for one moment outside not
even in a fenced yard whether or not she is in that narrow window of time when
she can get pregnant she might attract a male and they might breed anyway there
is no way to predict how a male dog will act when a nearby female is in need
though dogs have been mating for millennia it is not a process that is
without risk of physical harm to one or both dogs for unspayed female dogs will
attract stray males for miles away if there are stray dogs where you live
walking a female in heat is asking for trouble ideally have a secure fenced
area where your female can do her business always supervise fighting if
you must take her out in public to walk her carry an umbrella that you can open
to ward off unwelcome males but know that you still might not be able to keep
them apart fine unspayed females need to wear sanitary pads while at eat dogs
stay in need about three weeks but the female will neither bleed heavily nor
bleed every day nonetheless to protect your carpets and furniture it is smart
to invest in bitches breeches which are dog proportioned panties that can be
fitted with a disposable sanitary napkin six you cannot keep intact males and
females in the same house if you have an unneutered male dog in your household
and you want to let your female go through one or more heat cycles before
spain the smartest and safest thing is to remove one of them for the duration
of the females heat it is difficult to describe the stress restlessness and
cheer loss of sanity that a male dog can exhibit in the face of a female in
standing season it will be close to unbearable for you to say nothing of you
plan a vacation for one of them ideally the male and if you plan to use a
boarding kennel females and heat will be too big a disruption there in the event
other onion or dogs are there – seven you cannot spay a dog while she is in
heat once your female has started her heat don’t change course many
veterinarians are reluctant to spay females in the middle of estrus the
uterus preparing for pregnancy is very vascular and the risk of internal
bleeding is higher instead scheduled space surgery at a hormonal a quiet time
ideally midway between heats depending on the individual dog unneutered males
can be trained through consistency and positive reinforcement not the urine
mark in the house ditto for discouraging comfort do not tolerate these behaviors
at any time eighth a neutered male dogs are always fertile as with unspayed
females unneutered male dog behavior must be under your control and
supervision at all times it is the height of your responsibility to allow
them to wander unlike females undeterred males can
procreate all the time and they can create a neighborhood population
explosion in no time at all nine intact dogs are less welcomed in public
remember that in the larger world outside your door intact dogs are the
minority by choosing to have an unneutered male in particular because he
is visually easy to identify you restrict your options and access to
different environments including dog runs and doggy daycare
you will likely be required to explain and defend your decision not to neuter
your dog be prepared be polite and have a very thick skin welfare of dogs
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