Kayaking with Whales: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

( ♪♪ ) Man:
Oh, the whales have
been fantastic today. I mean, there’s a pod
of whales here, there’s probably
20-25 whales in this bay here. They’re just, you know,
leisurely feeding, and they’ve allowed us to stay. They’ve given no indicators
that they want us to move off. They haven’t been showing
any aggressive signs. They’ve just been feeding
here this morning. ( ♪♪ ) Humpbacks are very
social whales. They’re the most common whales that we often paddle with. They usually don’t
feel threatened by us, because they allow
us to interact and to hang on their outside, especially if they’re
in a feeding area. Usually if they, you know,
show any aggressive… They will, you know, slap
the water with their tail. But as you can see they’re
just totally allowing us to interact here this morning.

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