Kaniş Köpekleri ve Özellikleri

The poodle, a small dog, is an ornamental dog that has managed to become popular around the world. Although the origin of the poodle dog is unknown, it is thought to have been in Western Europe for 400 years. The origin of the origin of the various countries of Europe is of French origins and is the official dog breeds of France. In the past it was raised as a hunting dog. The mission was to bring the hunt from the swamp. By the time he accompanied people, he became a friend of man and earned the title of being an ornamental dog. Both males and females have an average height of 28-38 centimeters and 7-8 kilograms. When you try to visualize this size and weight, you immediately realize how small a dog is. The poodle is small and has its own unique structure. It’s very graceful and self-absorbing. They have dark eyes, white feathers, round hips and small feet. Very cheerful and good-natured. It hears the ears very well. It is very successful in finding directions. It is considered one of the most intelligent and intelligent dog breeds. It’s very easy to train a poodle dog. But when it is not continuously trained, it becomes disturbed and bored. You should not be fooled by the ease of your training. Because if they are not careful and well trained they will bite too much. Especially when they are young, socialization is very important. Although it is a race that loves to play with children, in rare cases it may have problems with children. Besides humans, it can also deal well with other dogs and other animals. It can be a good guard dog against small. It is among the animals used in circuses because it is very successful compared to other races. Although it is cautious about strangers, it is a very good friend. There is almost no feature that can be admitted negatively except for a quick squeeze. It loves water and loves long walks. Besides being easy to learn, good-natured, intelligent, cute and friendly, the care of the poodle dog is a bit difficult. Having a regular bath requires shaving every 6-8 weeks. The small poodle dog, which is a cute ornamental dog, lives around 13-15 years. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀

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