Kalen Reacts to and Tries Pumpkin Spice Hot Dogs

Pumpkin pie filling. Put that in a piping bag. What y’all filling up? Y’all making a cake? A warmed hot dog,
what’s that for? A large straw? She put that straw
in that hot dog? Girl. Ah! [LAUGHS] Girl, did you draw– oh, she over here
playing with her food. Girl, you– uh-uh,
not this hot dog bun. You’re not gonna eat this, girl. You’re not gonna eat this. [GASPS] Y’all trifling. Y’all trifling. That’s the only explanation. Pumpkin spice hot dog, the
valley girls have gone wild. Absolutely not. Wow. Because I’m in a
giving mood, I’m going to make for us today
some pumpkin spice hot dogs. Give thanks, y’all, because it’s
time for “Kalen’s Kountertop.” [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, I’m supposed
to use a piping bag. But as we’ve seen
in previous videos, I am not good at piping. [BOOMING] OK, so I got to fill
this with the pumpkin. Now, I don’t like
pumpkin filling. I prefer sweet potato. You know, us black folks,
we prefer the sweet potato. Pumpkin ain’t got no damn taste. It’s unseasoned. Oh, this is hard. [CLICK] OK, hold on, y’all. Hold on. Jesus. Oh– [POP] So now we’re going to fill this. Why you give me that? We ain’t got no spoons? [LAUGHS] What am I gonna do with a knife? Thank you. Thank you. See, with a spoon, I can go
like this, and like this, like a little baby food thing. See? See here? Boom. That wasn’t gonna
work with a knife. OK. [UPBEAT MUSIC] I see now why I need a knife. There we go. OK. [SMACKS LIPS] This pumpkin needs
some seasoning. OK, now I’m gonna
screw this on there. Boom. Boom. It works. Now, we gonna to
take the hot dog. OK, I gotta make sure it goes
straight down the middle. I don’t wanna– uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I went in there all sideways. I went in there sideways. [CLASSICAL MUSIC] [EXHALES] [INHALES] [EXHALES] [INHALES] [BLOWS] [RECORD SCRATCH] [BLOWS] So now, I gotta
fill this, right? OK, I’ll put my
finger down here. Here we go. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Oh. Oh. [DRIPPING] [LAUGHS] Oh, my god. I’m so glad this is
kid-friendly because I got so many freakin’ jokes in
my head that I can’t even use. [LAUGHS] Oh, they toasted. And now, we gonna put
the whipped cream on top. Pumpkin spice, that is cute. Bon appetit. [MOURNFUL MUSIC] This is always my
least favorite part about “Kalen’s Kountertop.” OK, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. [MOANS] [LAUGHS] Hmm. [UPBEAT MUSIC] It’s not terrible. It’s kind of like
if you was eating, and say you got some
ham, and you eat the ham. And then right after you eat
the ham, then you go to the pie. And then it just kind
of blend in together. Yeah. Kalen, maybe you need
to take a bigger bite because all the pumpkin– No, I don’t think so. Actually, I think you
need to come here, Janet, and taste the other side. Come on. No. Yes. Come on. I can’t. Janetta. Stop him please. Let’s go. Ew. [MOURNFUL MUSIC] Ew. Eat it. [LAUGHTER] Eat the hot dog. [MUFFLED LAUGHTER] Listen, everybody be putting
pumpkin spice on everything during this time of the year. But I can say for sure it
does not go with hot dogs. Absolutely not. Lies you tell. But be thankful because y’all
didn’t try this concoction. Till next time, see you later. Bye. You OK, Janet? That was disgusting. You’re so dramatic. It wasn’t that bad. [BEEP] Now I gotta put a hole in here. Can you see me? Running through this. No, Kalen you’re– Like this? No, Kalen. It’s the other way. Like this. Is this right? [BEEP] Like this. Let’s go. Yes. Got it. Yes.
Hold on. Don’t do it yet. Hold on. Reset. Reset. OK, I’ll tell you when to go. OK, go. [LAUGHTER] Like this. I don’t think that whole
part is staying in there.

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