k-Space Associates Featured On Manufacturing Marvels

Hi, this is John Criswell. Welcome to Manufacturing Marvels. When it comes to the thin-film industry, the stuff that makes your MP3s, computers, and cell phones work, the more accurate the
measurement and analysis, the better the product. Leading the way in thin-film
measuring solutions is k-Space Associates. Based in southeast Michigan, k-Space makes high tech instruments that developers and manufacturers
of electronic chips, LEDs, optical coatings, and solar cells depend upon. k-Space understands the need for accurate and precise measurements. That’s why k-Space offers a complete line of in situ, inline, and ex situ metrology tools. All provide the control
and reproducability that’s vital to research, development and production. k-Space tools offer a real time window into thin-film deposition
at the atomic level measuring parameters like deposition rate, curvature and surface roughness down to the nanometer scale, while the thin-films are being deposited. k-Space’s tools work with nearly all thin-film deposition processes including molecular beam epitaxy, chemical vapor, pulsed laser, and sputtering applications. In addition to their world class products, k-Space offers in-house testing utilizing their product line for wafer and sample characterization. Customers like NASA, U.S. Armed Forces Research Laboratories, and hundreds of universities and companies worldwide
are able to advance technology utilizing
k-Space’s metrology tools. k-Space representatives and distributors are located on every continent. Get the details on all their products by visiting their website at k-space.com. This is John Criswell for
Manufacturing Marvels.

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