July 4th Adventure Vlog

Hey, what’s up you guys welcome to my weekly vlog Since this week is a holiday. I have a lot more going on So I am hoping that it’ll be a little bit more interesting and exciting for you guys today, I am actually Traveling so with that being said I have to go finish packing I don’t know it’s a really big decision So today is July 5th, and I am actually jumping ahead a day because I recorded a bunch of footage for this video for July fourth and I had my external mic on the camera and it never occurred to me to turn it on so I still had some really good footage But I just want to let you guys know it’s just gonna be a little Montage and just the music because there is no audio. So I hope you guys still enjoy it You want to walk five miles? No. Okay. Let’s go This was not part of the plan. You little fish Do I know where I’m going Yeah Not really You have something in your teeth Hey! No no no no! She’s drinking it! Hey! Come here Shanny? Yeah? Next Destination? Yeah let’s go umm I don’t know eat some food. waterfall right? yeah waterfalls If we can find it yeah i don’t know if we’re gonna find this one Bellas over here No she’s not! She’s friendly Okay, so we just finished with the waterfalls, but before we do anything else our next mission is to find a bathroom Oh Bella solid land How ya doin You look hot Bella There they go walking off without me. look they’re gone totally forgotten about Leaving me behind? You’re slow. No I’m not Okay, well I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks vlog if you did don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week

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