Join The Team – K9 Officer

Madison Police Department Join the Team With K-9 Officer Emily House and Archie Prior to having K-9 I was in patrol, and then I was in the gang unit for two years. Patrol is my home. Archie’s his name. He’s a Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd mix. He will be two in November, so that means he’s an incredibly big puppy with an incredibly large mouth. He’s not a pet. He was born to be a working dog. He associates drugs with his reward, so he doesn’t know exactly what he’s sniffing, he just knows that if he’s sniffing that, and he does his trained final response, he gets his reward, and that’s all he cares about. We like to get out and reach as many people as we can, and impact as many lives as we can. And it’s just awesome because I get to talk about my dog all day, so I don’t mind doing that at all. For me, the most positive is when we find stuff, whether it be we track and find somebody, we track and find evidence, we get drugs off the street. Those kinds of tangible things that I can look back and say “yeah we made a difference.” I think that’s probably the most rewarding.

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