Jake Gyllenhaal Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hi i’m jake gyllenhaal and i am going to be answering some fan questions while playing with puppies I got the I got that guys I’m trying to answer question okay I got a call from John Watts director and he was like hey we’re doing the next spider-man movie he just wanted high school the sweaters not a good thing for you all right there yeah I got a call from yeah and he just asked me oh do you want to play Mysterio and I was like what are you gonna do with him and it was really cool is a really cool yeah I remember Tom and I not being able to hold stop laughs we couldn’t stop laughing when we first shake hands and first scene where our characters meet and he was just like constantly every time I would come in and be like hey how are you I’m Quentin he would all he would you start laughing he couldn’t stop and so we both was 40 takes we couldn’t get it in the movie Sean Watts uses millisecond of the shot because he couldn’t get he couldn’t get anything usable this sweater is destroyed it’s done or it’s the new rage puppy ripped sweater what show would we do you guys guys something with dancing so he can do a lot of the dancing and I can watch him do cool dancing right you guys these puppies remind me of Tom Holland if you’re talking about who is the biggest asshole it would be Deadpool he’d win that fight that’s basically the only fight there is isn’t there this sweater is destroyed destroyed I’m ascended to Ryan Reynolds and first you two little guys are gonna pee and poop all over it and then we’re gonna send it to my friend Ryan I hope to see her take on Mysterio I’d be kind of cool she’d probably rock it and then I’d be like she’d had done that I just listened just shut up and listen that’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten I played a Jeff Bowman who survived the Marathon Boston bombings and lost both of his legs in in the process and his story I got to tell and he’s become a friend and that really changed my life working with him and just trying to even recreate his story and understand how he felt and the kerbs that took to survive what he survived changed my life and has changed me as a actor and also as an individual I don’t watch my movies on repeat every night someone once said that I I frame I have framed posters of myself it was literally the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard and I really loved the process of making movies and if I’m in them and I’m producing them maybe like and part of that post-production process I love it and I can be very objective sometimes things come on TV and I’m like oh you’re pretty good in that scene but that’s pretty much it [Music] I think it’s really cool it’s a movie about adolescence you know it’s a movie about all the difficulties of growing up and growing into this world that’s so confusing and beautiful but destructive and complicated and all those things and what are you doing I understand they’re sort of a cult following to it because I think they’re not a lot of movies about adolescents that go into like the mindset of it and all the complications of it and so I know I don’t know if I’d actually don’t know if he dies at the end I’m not sure do you guys know what Tony drunk loser done it was that a yes [Music] I did this movie a long time ago called moonlight mile and as with Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon and Holly Hunter and Dabney Coleman and just as incredible just behemoths actors of their time and of theirs legends just like four or five legends of stage and screen and the the knowledge that was being thrown at me constantly I only took about 1/100 of what I could have so I wish I could go back and learn even more from those actors and from that process it was like it was the coolest who cares about theater or movies they have puppies the cool thing about doing theater is that you’re there at the same place every night and you get to go do it at exactly the same time and there’s always an audience there and they’re kind of waiting and the excitement is like really palpable and really cool and I actually will bring my dog to a theater which is really cool spends like a lot of time backstage he’s a real theater dog thank you to Pacific pups rescue for providing these amazing little souls for me to hang out with and to smell and you guys are really sweet and yeah by the way I think I just ate dog food they must have just eaten because I think I just did dog food [Music] you [Music]

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