Jailbreak Diaries: Trying Puppy Cocktails

SLURPING Good. And with that note. Suck It! You can do better than that. I don’t have to. In this episode I’ve decided to combine
our Jailbreak Diaries with my puppy cocktails. Yep! Billy and I are
drinking alcohol. I mean like literal alcohol and we’re filming it.
Intentionally! It’s not implied! So don’t forget to subscribe and ring that little
bell so you don’t miss one episode of the fun. We are at this awesome bar We’ve decided to make the cocktails
for all of the puppies that were born on the day that we were suspended. absolut trouble troublemaker smooth criminal and last but not least my favorite drunk uncle And i’m going to call him Billy So
you’re going to present these recipes to the bartender and they’re going to make us the drinks. and then we’ll taste test and see how they taste and drive home with our new pussy. Well, yours I don’t have a pussy. Let me see the recipes and I will get started. Ok Our bartender is really Not, I wouldn’t say. Thin is the wrong word. Fit Yes. Slim. He takes care of himself. He’s also probably more than half our age. Right! I could have birthed him! This is us sober This is how we always are Um, right! Always The drinking was implied Troublemaker Oh my goodness. Pretty! that looks amazing Just like Lady and the Tramp oh my god That’s F****ing good Ohhhh oh my god did you sample this? did you taste it? Yeah I Did. That is really good. Yeah is was the cintron and the grenadine. Amazing! Don’t drink all of it What do you think? that I’m an alcoholic? Yes drunken violent terrible person We’re so like belligerent. I cuss. I CUSS! Anyways, but I could be Johnny Weir and wear a f***ing
George Washington wig and a dress Not that I don’t like Johnny Weir. He does his things and that’s fine. He’s a very good skater absolute trouble that looks amazing ick F*** that! nahhhh It’s like a gingery… like This is the shit right here! That! You can
tell because it doesn’t have as much orange juice in it You know what I don’t like? Orange juice! Right now, this tastes like shit. This is delicious Here, feel free to have some of this You’re gonna share? Well yeah, I’m not a dick! No wait! Yeah, you are! I’m not that big of a dick. Who would have thought, there’s like little cucumbers in it and everything Right! This is having a salad In a cup! With a straw! Little hit of strawberry Look at, look at what he did to the little strawberry! But I mean even like went all out. Right! We’re gonna have to give him a really good tip! Yes! No pun intended Cucumber This ones, I mean it’s not terrible It’s kinda like a screwdriver but not as sweet. I don’t know if it’s the grenadine or what. The other two recipes you don’t have the content for. Yeah, I didn’t have the ingredients to make them so. But thank you because we have this…. this is like a signature, Yeah, it was great when I
tasted it I was actually the cucumber gave it like this refreshing like yeah it’s like having a salad for liquor. It was good! Awesome It’s like a fruit salad Thank You Nick! It was my pleasure! I’m gonna drink the shit drink so he can drink the good drink. That’s what kind of woman I am. She is great I am so good to my men! So am I! I did my roots and you can’t even tell I did my roots because my hair is up. and not brushed. I didn’t brush it! It’s like a theme, every show! Every one! You would know if you could watch the old ones. Watch them but guess what? put it back up! I don’t what to deep throat it why not? Who the hell is Payton Manning? Who even says that? Even out-loud! Who says that? I even know. You’re straight, how do you not know? Those cats were named after Bears and she said Payton. She said Payton Manning. Is there another Payton? Walter Payton! Oh shit! Well, it cane be Payton Manning. It’s football, it’s your cat!

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