Jackson man risks his life to rescue people inside of a burning car

LEARNING MORE ABOUT A DEADLY CRASH ON I-220. POLICE RELEASING THE NAME OF ONE OF TWO PEOPLE KILLED. WESLEY LEE DIED IN THE HOSPITAL. ANOTHER PASSENGER, A WOMAN, DIED AFTER THE VEHICLE SHE WAS IN CRASHED WHILE EXITING THE RAMP ON MEDGER EVERS BOULEVARD AROUND 10:30 LAST NIGHT. BYRON: BUT THEY MAY HAVE HAD NO CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL IF IT WASN’T FOR THE EFFORT OF ONE MAN. WJTV 12’S MARGARET-ANN CARTER SPOKE WITH ONE OF THE STRANGERS WHO SPRUNG INTO ACTION TO HELP SAVE THE DRIVER’S LIFE. SHE JOINS US NOW IN THE STUDIO. MARGARET- ANN. MAC: ROBERT DAVIS SAYS HE SAW THE CAR PASS HIM ON THE ON RAMP FROM MEDGAR EVERS TO 220 WHEN THEY FISHTAILED AND HIT A POLE. HE WATCHED AS IT PLAYED OUT IN SLOW MOTION IN FRONT OF HIM THEN HE JUMPED INTO ACTION. SOT: 35:40 ROBERT DAVIS- HELPED PULL VICTIMS FROM BURNING CAR “I brought the driver out first I picked her up and I took her about 20 feet away from the car and my boss was saying Robert come on this side someone’s on this side I went around to that side that females body was mangled basically.” ROBERT DAVIS FELT AN INTENSE HEAT AT THE BACK OF HIS NECK AND ARMS AS THE FIRE STARTED TO SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE CAR. NAT POP STILL HE AND 4 OTHER STRANGERS CONTINUED TO BATTLE THE BLAZE AND PULL THE WOMEN FROM INSIDE. SOT: 36:26 ROBERT DAVIS- HELPED PULL VICTIMS FROM BURNING CAR “I was saying baby please wake up help me help you and I managed to unwrap the seatbelt from around her neck and unlatch the seatbelt from around her waist and I drug her to safety.” IT WAS AT THAT POINT HE REALIZED A MAN WAS STILL INSIDE THE INFERNO. SOT: 36:40 ROBERT DAVIS- HELPED PULL VICTIMS FROM BURNING CAR “A man came up and he burst the window with a hammer we I drug him out and they were still close the car was totally engulfed at that time.” IT WASN’T UNTIL HOURS LATER DAVIS HEARD THE NEWS. THE MALE AND FEMALE PASSENGERS DIDN’T MAKE IT. BUT THEIR FAMILIES CALLED TO THANK HIM FOR HIS BRAVE AND SELFLESS ACTIONS. SOT: 38:44 ROBERT DAVIS- HELPED PULL VICTIMS FROM BURNING CAR “In Mississippi we’re taught to be there for each other there’s so much negativity about Jackson and so much negative about Mississippi but they don’t know that this is the hospitality state we speak and we hug and we love and we share and we reach for each other and that’s what this is about.” IT WAS A TRAGIC SITUATION THAT COULD’VE CLAIMED A THIRD LIFE HAD DAVIS NOT DONE WHAT HE DID. BUT HE SAYS IT WASN’T HIM THAT SAVED THAT GIRL’S LIFE… IT WAS GOD. SOT: 40:58 “None of us are perfect people but we were at the perfect place at the perfect time for God to use us.” MAC: THE DRIVER’S NAME HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED. THE CAUSE OF THE CRASH IS STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION.

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