Jack Russell Terrier Dogs 101 Parson Russell Terrier

He’s bold, he’s lively, he’s energetic,
and he’s charming. Of course, we’re talking about the athletic
dog with the large personality, the Jack Russell Terrier. Charismatic and affectionate, the Jack Russell
makes a great pet, but he can be difficult to manage. His outgoing personality has even outstaged
famous actors and gotten him involved in a bit of a civil war. Hi, Welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we look at the dog of constant digging,
the Jack Russell. Let’s Get Started. But before we start, take a moment to like
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below. 10. Hunting was once a favorite pastime among
England’s men of property, including men of God. Some 200 years ago, John Russell, known as
“Jack” to his friends, a priest from Devonshire, England, wanted an efficient hunting dog and
decided to design exactly the dog he had in mind. The result was a bold, athletic dog who won
hearts with his quickness, intelligence, determination, and intense desire to hunt. Although the records are murky as to what
dogs the Parson used in the process, most believe it was a collection of white terriers
(a type of dog that is now extinct). 9. Jack Russell terriers need a lot of structured
training early in life. The intelligent dogs tend to outsmart the
average dog owner, so the breed is not for everyone. Regardless, no amount of training can get
rid of the dog’s natural instinct to hunt. They love to run and need a lot of space. Despite being small, these dogs are not ideal
for apartments or small homes. 8. Speaking of your yard, it shouldn’t be a
surprise that dogs made for hunting foxes love to dig. His small stature is perfect for following
his prey into underground homes. Yup, he’s an efficient digger. Unfortunately, that means that your dog is
capable of digging up your back yard at a moments notice. It’s probably a good idea to put your fence
a few feet below the ground. 7. If you have the time and patience to devote
to him, the Jack Russell has many qualities that make him an ideal family dog. He’s devoted to his people and loves being
with them. His heritage as a hunting dog makes him an
excellent jogging companion once he’s full grown. Active older children will find him to be
a happy and affectionate playmate, but his rambunctious nature can overwhelm younger
kids. However, first-time or timid dog owners would
do well to choose another kind of dog. The Jack can be a challenge even for an experienced
dog owner. 6. The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America maintains
an independent registry and considers the Jack purely a hunting dog, but the Jack Russell
Terrier Association of America (JRTCA) sought recognition by the American Kennel Club, which
was granted in 2000. To differentiate it from the dogs registered
by the JRTCA, the American Kennel Club renamed the breed, calling it the Parson Russell Terrier. 5. British explorers Ranulph and Ginny Fiennes
traveled to the far ends of the Earth, often with their Jack Russell terrier, Bothy, in
tow. In 1982, Bothy became the first dog to go
to both the North and South Poles. The terrier had a plethora of experiences
most little dogs could only dream of, including a run-in with Arctic wolves. 4. Anyone who watched Frasier will probably remember
Eddie, the charming Jack Russell. The charismatic little dog was played by a
Jack Russell named Moose. Fans loved him so much that the canine got
more fan mail than anyone else on the show, including show star, Kelsey Grammer. 3. If you were alive between 1995 and 1998, you
likely remember Wishbone, the time-traveling canine literature expert of the multiple award-winning
PBS Kids series of the same name. Wishbone was known as “the little dog with
a big imagination”. Wishbone was played by a Jack Russell named
Soccer, who got his name thanks to the small dots on his ear resembling a soccer ball. He went on to star in more than 50 episodes
of Wishbone and even a movie called Wishbone’s Dog Days of the West. 2. Jack Russell terriers come in three different
kinds of waterproof coats: smooth, rough, and broken. Smooth coats have short hair that clings closely
to the body, rough coats have long hair, and broken coats have a mix of both. Jack Russells vary widely in size because
different types were used for different purposes and terrain. They range in height from 10 to 15 inches
at the shoulder and weigh 13 to 17 pounds. 1. When the American Kennel Club decided to recognize
the Jack Russell Terrier, it wasn’t well-received in the United States, stirring a bit of a
civil war. They already had their own registry, the Jack
Russell Terrier Club of America, with very strict standards, and didn’t see any good
that could come out of AKC recognition. Another group of fanciers felt differently
and formed the Parson Russell Terrier Association of the United States, the AKC parent club
for the breed. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed
in 1997, and the name was changed to Parson Russell Terrier in 2003. The dogs themselves don’t seem to care. They have plenty of fervent adherents on both
sides of the fence. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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  • jack russell can be training to do anything i have a jack and he more than smart he can hurt he can sniff out any thing i ask him . he know every word i say to him he 3 years old iv had him since he was 5 week old he turn out to be the best breed dog i had..iv train dogs for over 30 years and this is the first jack iv had he a bond to me . stand his ground to any dog i would say if anyone living on there owe to get a jack russell . you have a friend that will never leave you ..

  • We had a Parsons Russel…he was taller and hairier than the little JRT's. He was full of energy and smart as a whip.

  • Is the Jack Russell Parson Terrier as energic as the normal Jack Russel?Do you need to be an expert to have the patience to have one like you need it for a Jack Russel?

  • Great video my jack Denzil is guilty of all of the above. But here in cornwall we call a different breed of dog a parsons terrier

  • I will never agree with "this dogs are not for an apartment or small houses". That is so wrong, if you give your dog proper long walks and let them play and run and you tired them both phisically and mentally, you can have any dog in any house. I have a highly active 2 year old jack russell that gets at least 2 hours a day of off leash walks to run around and exercise. And I live in an apartment. Never had a problem with him.

  • My jack is a mix with wire terrier but his personality is all jack Russel.. he's all tan. I rescued him from ppl who couldn't handle him.. thank God he doesn't dig but he's so smart and he gets along with my mini chichiuha.. he's like having a 2yr old on steroids.. but I love his energy.. only thing is he became aggressive after nutering and he still marks things in the house.. I wouldn't trade him for the world..

  • As a Jack owner I was disgusted at 4:20 to see a shock collar on the dog and it looked freaked out ! Put the shock collar on the owner and see how he likes it ! there are some assholes that just shouldn't have any animals period !

  • I don't have a Jack Russel but I have another small Terrier breed of White Terrier descent… The Smooth Fox Terrier. Also rather hyper.

  • Thanks for your video. Please check out my original, homemade songs, He Wasn't Just A Dog, Go'n Downtown and Evergreen (We Remain). Thank you for listening and thanks for your video.

  • I had a female Parson Jack Russell and she was the best dog I ever had. So loving and was my best friend for 13 years. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of her. I miss her so.

  • My JRT just turned 11 years old this month…….No change in energetic disposition that I can tell, I lov'm but geez, be forewarned 😲

  • I have a three year old tri coloured Jack Russell. I always say. As soon as I find the batteries, I'm taking them out.I love him so much. I wouldn't be without him. Full on. But fun. 🙂

  • The breed wasn't renamed, there are two types of this breed.
    Jack Russell has short legs, Parson Russell has longer legs.
    My Parson Russell, Molly, was born deaf and she lost both her eyes over the last two years, one from glaucoma, the other from lens luxation. She is seven years old and very happy. Excellent breed of dog.
    Enjoyed your video, thanks for posting.

  • I have a Jack Russell and Shetland collie cross. He has his moments of energy but he settles down pretty quick. He is trained but we have had some stubborn attitude out of him for the last little bit so a vibrating collar was a must. He loves loves fetch and can go for hours if we let him. He also has a weird obsession for water.

  • Jack Russell and Parsons are different breeds regardless of American kennel clubs designation. The Jack was bred as a foxing terrier to work alongside hounds, hence the short legs etc for going down foxholes. The Parson was bred purely as a show dog (i have one) and is taller with a longer neck and legs and is broader chested. Most of the dogs in the video are Jacks.

  • I have a jack russle . He is 12 years old now and still a hot mess. He is the original breed ,black , tan and white with freckles. Hunt , absolutely everything. Nothing is safe . Loyal absolutely. Love my boy unconditionally. It has truly been an adventure with Simon.

  • Hmm Jack Russel terrier and Parson Russel terrier are different breed nowadays. These club name changes confuse me.

  • The first dog I had was a Jack Russell she was the best. She protected the entire estate. No that she is gone it's very quiet now she lived a long life

  • He?? What about She?? I have a GIRL Jack Russell Terrier.But i LOVE my dog!!
    My dog LOVES digging just to say! haha

  • When I was a kid a long time ago we had one on our street. It was a bloody nightmare to all the kids in the whole area.

  • mine was five years old when I got in. He was still hyper and fun loving but had more of a curious laughing observe her personality. He was not an alpha personality though. He did like to hunt, and killed several snakes, including and eastern coral snake which are common here in Florida.. He often had bouts of pain create Titus when he got older. Because he would eat lizards and I couldn’t keep him away from fatty food. Sometimes he steal it.

  • The AKC has destroyed many breeds by requiring a very narrow range of body types, colors and coats. This led to a very narrow gene pool and now many breeds have been decimated by hip dysplasia, hearing/eye defects, kidney problems and the St. Barnards all carry a gene defect that causes cranial disorders. The JRTCA does not have a narrow breed standard, hence the wide range of body types, coats and colors. You may not register a dog with the JRTCA that has genetic defects and parents that have been shown to carry defective genes will not have their offspring authorized for registration. The AKC does nothing to eliminate genetic disorders and in fact encourages them through their desire for a narrow gene pool. The German Shepherd, The Rottweiler, the golden lab and many more have serious genetic disorders throughout the population base and very few of them live to old age,
    The AKC tried to hijack the registration of JRTs and lost their case in court. This is why they cannot use the name, it is not by choice but because of lawsuit.

  • There's some misinformation in the video.

    The Parson Russell Terrier is not just another name for the Jack Russell Terrier.
    They are two different but closely related breeds.
    The original breed developed by the Parson "Jack" Russell was a taller dog and is now called the Parson Russell Terrier.
    Later breeders preferred a shorter leg length and it was decided to call the shorter version Jack Russell Terrier to differentiate them from the taller Parson Russell Terrier.


  • My dog is a jack Russell terrier but hes not like one he's big (still a small dog) but he looks like one but he is stockier shorter and thicker I love him though!!!!

  • I had a jack russel terrier and he was so perfect, my best friend, he was beautiful and so smart. He was my favorite family member.. I miss him so much

    Good video, but the girl is so annoying 😀

  • My jack Russell is 11 years old and can still run all day she is always ready to go and is up for anything

  • My Jack Russell is 1 and a half and is amazing in every way, got him as a puppy at dog shelter 😃. So glad I gave him a home he's been there 4 me ever since

  • My jack Russell terrier lived until she was 16. She was the most amazing, loving, energetic, crazy dog. I miss her so much😭

  • I have a Jack Russell and a Feist mix and he is 8 months old and almost 30 pounds so I been trying to figure out what else he's mix with

  • I had a Parsons Jack Russell terrior named Casper. I miss him dearly because he passed away on Feb. 2 of 2018 . He was a big part of my daily routine so when I wake up and go about my day he is my first thought and my last when I go to sleep.

  • Having a jack Russell terrier is like having a puppy forever. I’ve had mine since 2011 and love him so much.

  • I love Jack Russells some much my Parson Shorty Jack Russell male produced 10 pups and I kept 6 of them (2 males and 4 females(spayed). They are now 6 yrs old. They are a handful but love their personalities and devotion to us.

  • My jack is mixed with a Darshund.. My life has so much joy since we met.. I love the fact he has so much energy, full of life and he is smart.. He always find a way to make you laugh he loves doing tricks and learning new once, so that's also a great way getting rid of behavior problems.. They need to be challenged because they are smart and build like atleets… He listens very well because of it. When we at home he is the calmest dog ever you wouldn't even believe.. He can easily sleep for 12 hours , and after that watch series the whole day. it's a blessing.. It's all about balance I believe.. After hiking or been on a trip… He very chill doesn't really want to do anything for a day. At fist I thought he had to be sick but yeah even Jack's get tired. He a great compagnon makes me forget about this shitty world and he taught me to enjoy every moment and to live in the moment.. I just love him..

  • I have to little sibling and they adore our dog which is a jack Russell and before we got our dog I used to love dogs but our dog ruined that . HE CHEWS UP everything and I mean every thing . He doesnt listen at all once so ever .He's untrainable . Always on the furniture'. Only cared about food . Always runs a away when he has the chance .Tries to bite people when they pet his stomach .Barks at everything little thing …people walking down the staris ..people raising the hands or moving the arms ..and just barks for no reason at all .. ..humps every pillow or stuffed animal and cuddles way to much ……I'm sorry but I hate him I try to love him but nahhhh fam…nooo…..I jus don't know how to deal with him any more

  • I have 2. A female smooth coated and a male rough coated (suspected not pure bred). The boy is a digger but digs the middle of the lawn. Both mine love snuggling with me on my bed but they are stubborn at times and both are barkers.

  • My 14 1/2 pound to your old Jack Russell Terrier Ringo is the love of my life! He's affectionate smart great with other dogs and animals super with children and a complete cuddle bug. He has random acts of Badness but don't we all!

  • I own a one-year-old Jack Russell he is very high energetic knowing he is one years old I watch the video about 20for reasons why everyone hates Jack Russells I responded a really rude comment because Jack Russells Are one of the cutest dogs on earth

  • My jack refuses to fetch, and never digs. She'd also walk too far from home, sit on the side of the road and give puppy eyes, until someone picked her up and brought her home.. incredibly smart dogs.

  • My dog is a mix breed of a Jack Russell(or a Parson one). He was a challenge to manage when he was still a pup since I can only take him to walks for his exercise. He's also a bit of a troublemaker, he pees everywhere and he doesn't listen to anyone but me. But now that he's an adult, he has changed a bit. He also loves to cuddle and he's a couch potato

  • The AKC didn't rename the breed. It split it into two separate breeds. If they have long legs they are Parsons Russels. If they have short legs they are still Jack Russels.

  • I’ve got a parsons Jack Russell she’s a brilliant dog Iv had a staffie and a whippet both very good dogs but my baby now is just amazing. ⭐️

  • I have a West Highland x Jack Russell and she is just the best. She’s so loving, affectionate and HAS to be around someone, but she’s also got the cheeky, energetic side which is the BEST combo. Best breed ever

  • My neighbours have a Jack Russel and don't have enough time for him. The poor guy turned neurotic. Like many others they believed it's small and perfect for a small flat. Therefore, here my additional warning: These dogs need a lot of space and/or tons of exercise! If you just go for a mid-long walk 2 per day then the JR is definitely not the right dog. Better take a Frenchie instead.

  • I got two Jack Russell terrier, are amazing both of them always ready to play and go out for a walk. Both girls one is 13 and the other 6yo, are the best pets love 'em to death.

  • Perfect dog…..funny, fun, brave, smart, loving, playful, compact, loyal and good natured…The best of all the "best friend" pets.

  • It anyone thinking on getting a JR first get a puppy if you have kids the little JR will bond to the kids But JR are very clever dogs they tried to train you they are smart and think they can fight anything they not back down to any dog and nine times out of ten they win. If you have kids I would not get a full growing JR Its the toy and be leave me these JR are like little pit bull dog. when they start if it your first JR never let him or her take your chair from a young age you not get it back this where the training come in let a JR away with anything it seems to keep thing in mine. its a live wire. But it will be the watch dog you every had I have a JR id never part with him. it would means I afto get my owe lighter get me slippers get me get me letters he me little slave in here iv at to repair the internet wires he pull out the wall PC he bust it. Then my glass got chew this was when he was a puppy he five now and well trained it tuck some time he try to few times to out fox me with his ways he know better now and i love him to death the slow training the best way thank you all for reading and good luck with the JR..

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