‘It’s a never ending battle.’ Eastern Kentucky police fight rising meth use

[BLANK_AUDIO] The most all drug activity
we get here is meth now. It’s rare that I know everybody
thinks east Kentucky’s the opioid capital of the world but
we don’t see a lot of opioids anymore. I mean we still do see them but
I would say just ballpark, and I mean, less than 10% of the drugs we
come across will be opioids. So it’s mostly all methamphetamine now. There’s a girl that’s supposed to
be in here that’s got a warrant, so we’re gonna come up here and check it out.>>Anybody up here?>>[INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Did she have a->>Ain’t none of that shit is mine.>>Whether you sold it or give it,
it’s the same thing as trafficking.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Somebody’s gonna have to give a statement
>>I’ve never sold a fucking.>>You don’t have to sell it.>>Yeah, but I came out there
saying the same thing you are. All three of you all say the same thing. Nobody-
>>We found a bag of meth, two bags containing suboxone,
about 15 small baggies that normally have meth in it,
all empty, ready to package. A scale, actually had a weight on it,
to calibrate it. And several items, drug paraphernalia, syringes, meth pipes, and some cash. So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna arrest
all three of them for trafficking and methamphetamine possession,
controlled substance second. And possession of,
I guess I already said drug paraphernalia, and then they’ll sort if out in court,
see if we can’t get to the bottom of who the actual one selling it is, but they’re
probably all just dealing it together. That’s what we think, so
that’s why they’re all going.>>You can find it anywhere, buddy. It’s like going in here and
buying tampons. I swear to God it is. It really is that bad. And everybody’s on it. It’s the new thing.>>I’m gonna take you to your
you know what I’m saying? That’s how everybody we know it but
we know who’s on it. We was just talking about
everybody we know is on it. He has ruined everybody we know.>>Everybody that I talk to acts like
it’s more of a psychological addiction than a physical addiction, so
I think rehab does help some people. My experience it hasn’t helped a whole
lot of people when it comes to meth. So I think cracking down a little
bit harder on their punishments when they get these possession charges and
stuff would help, but we’re at such a disadvantage
because the volume is so high. There’s not enough housing and corrections
and the jails for them, so it’s really just a never ending battle, like
I don’t know that there is a solution. We arrest them, the judge is saying
that some, the jails house them, then they get out. We end up dealing with the same
repeat offenders over and over. We still not found the solution,
we’re still working on it.

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