Is Puppy Biting Normal? – All things Pup With Dr Kate Adams and Tracy Everitt Bondi Vets [1/2]

I’m Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Veterinary
Hospital and today I’m here with the very lovely Tracy Everitt. Tracy is a dog trainer from Sit Stay Dog School
and she actually runs the puppy classes here at Bondi Veterinary Hospital. I get so many questions about pups so I thought ‘You know what, I’m going to get Tracy in and I’m going to have a chat to her about all of those really common questions that you guys want answered.’ Thanks for coming, Trace. You’re welcome, no problem. And we should actually apologise, we’re
actually just before a puppy class this morning – and it’s a Sunday morning and it’s like…
ridiculous o’clock. .. 8 o’clock, Sunday morning.. we’re all a bit tired. – A little bit. So, Trace, one of the questions that I get
asked all the time is ‘Is puppy biting normal?’ Yes, Kate, absolutely. Puppy biting is really normal. So it’s quite normal for new puppy owners
to be really worried about this. And obviously it’s a good thing to be worried
about it because those teeth are super sharp, like little needles. So, pup biting IS normal, but you do need
to do your best to teach your puppy how to interact appropriately without biting you. And I kind of imagine.. you know, these guys
don’t have hands like us. So the reality is that the way that they’re
exploring their whole world is through their mouth.. Absolutely, that’s quite right. So everything is in the mouth. It’s a sensory experience for them as well
as the fact that they are walking around with a mouth full of tooth ache. Because they are teething at this time as well. So their mouth hurts, they’re being exploratory and they’re just trying to learn what they are meant to do. So there you go guys. Puppy biting: completely normal. Yes.. sad but true. With puppy biting it’s all about toys, replacement
and redirection. Making sure that they learn to bite on appropriate
items and not bite on you. You’re also teaching them the control bite
inhibition where you can say ‘ouch!’ when they bite you too hard but it’s really important
that you don’t use any stronger verses like smacking the puppy’s nose or spraying them
with water guns or anything like that, because that can really break down your early relationship
with your puppy. So that’s a good point, Trace. Actually disciplinary action when it comes to biting is a no go. No absolutely not. A lot of people think that just a quick tap
on the nose or on the bottom is going to be ok. But what you are actually teaching your puppy
is to be afraid of hands. And that has got potential – long term ramifications
for your dog’s behaviour in lots of different situations. So you do have to be very careful about what
you do with your puppy in this early developmental stage. Because everything you do actually has consequences. A bit like with children. Very much so. Very much so. You’ve got a lot of learning to do in a
short time and everything you do as a new puppy parent has a big impact. That’s very true. Thank you Trace. No problem. Up next we’re going to be coming back to
Tracy and having a bit more of a chat about puppies and in particular about toilet training
you pup.

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