Irene Butter and Diet Eman – Surviving The Holocaust

The whole name? Berendina Roelofina Hendrika But today we will call you “Diet” We were so deeply in love. He was the leader of our resistance group. We were 9 guys in total and only 1 survived and all my friends were killed. I didn’t want to live anymore but God doesn’t ask if you want to live “yes or no”. Well I still can’t waste any food. When my children were little, I was the garbage pail, until we got a dog. But I can never leave any food on my plate even if it doesn’t taste so good not even a crumb. When I talk to schools, I often describe the situation; “so there were the Nazis, they were the perpetrators and then there were many victims of that regime but what about the bystanders? All the people who didn’t necessarily agree with the policies and the ideologies of white supremacy. They didn’t necessarily agree, but they didn’t do anything. Not being a bystander is not a simple task. It can be scary, it’s difficult to speak out when other people are silent, but it is
necessary in our world. I was recently reading an article and I saw a phrase that quoted Martin Luther King who had this statement once that the moral arch bends toward justice,
ultimately bends toward justice but then another viewpoint is that in the long run the good will prevail, but the evil never goes away. It’s hard. Hard to accept that. In your life, when you’re born until the day you die, nobody’s life goes totally smooth and wonderful. You have struggle in every life I have seen, they have a load to bear and that is also the moment when you get either the closest to God or you turn away from God.

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