hi guys happy new year and I hope 2018
is going well for you so far so in this video I finally wanted to introduce you
to the latest member of our family she doesn’t want to say hello obviously cut
try again and introduce you to the latest member
of our family this is Pip. Now Pip has made various
appearances in my videos over the last eight or nine months so I thought it was time to
officially say hello. Pip is now eight months old, and I would say I’ve spent
pretty much most mornings and evenings with this one, training her, walking her
…and she’s doing well. She’s good, she’s doing very well.
Heeel… Get on, get on! she’s made so many appearances in all
the videos I thought was about time to introduce to her. Now you may remember Pip
as a tiny little puppy Pip is going to be a mainstay of my blog and
videos moving forward, and so you’ll probably see a hell of a lot more of her.
Now, she likes treats – especially these little bacon bites. Want this little treat?
You’re obviously going to be focused on that look at the camera. Say hello to
the people in the camera Other paw? Good girl! She likes treats. She
also has a favourite toys, and she might even get one for you.
Where’s your Fox? Where’s your Fox? Go and find it. Up! Up! Up! So the Fox sadly
has seen better days, but it’s still her favorite. Now, other things you may want to
know about Pip, is that she is a terrible snorer… She likes to stick a head out of a cat
flap to get some air and smell what’s going on. Pretends that she’s been outside
but hasn’t. She doesn’t have her own Instagram page.
Many people have suggested I set up a profile for her.
Sounds like way too much work. Maybe I’ll set up a YouTube channel for her. That
might even get more followers. Want a YouTube channel? Pip on video, yeah? You
can get loads of other Springer Spaniel subscribers.
Watch this space. Anyhow that is Pip, and if you have any questions about Springer
Spaniels ,or you want to know more about Pip, give me a shout in the comments
below. Cheers, bye!


  • Dog is super cute, man! Hahah. Can't wait to see more Pip vlogs!
    We vlogged our journey through Bangkok alleys ๐Ÿ˜

  • are they expensive? I just lost my sheltie to cancer . in search for either another sheltie, but your springer is beautiful

  • Pip is beautiful! Shes very well trained. I have a springer, she is 6 months old and called Daisy. I'd love to see more videos about Pip, it would be really lovely to see how you train her. It would take a miracle to have my Daisy sit that still

  • I have two ESPs; brothers from different litters. I named them Gromit and Sprocket and they're my best buds. They are 1 year and 6 months old now.

  • Hi Pip!!! Hi Simon, so my baby boy, Atticus (my springer) passed away a few weeks ago. Needless to say Iโ€™m devastated. But, good news? His doggy dad was bred and had pups with a different dam and we were offered a pup. We pick him up next month. Atticus was extremely hard to train to walk on the leash. He pulled and pulled. I want to correct whatever I did wrong right now before I get this new Springer. Any tips?!?

  • We get two in 8 weeks, been and met them today, born on 22/03/2018!
    What size collar do you recommend for 8 week old springers?

    Thank you, Kate.

  • Hello Simon. We adopted what we believed to be a 10 week old cockapoo but it looks like we have a springer spaniel. She is obsessed with biting our fingers, feet, clothes, anything she can get her teeth into and we don't know if we can give this breed of dog the attention she needs. We love her but we think we've bitten off more than we can chew.

  • Hi Simon, I am getting my English Springer Puppy (Gunner) on 11th May. He is 4 weeks old and yesterday (11th April) I went to see him and left him with a new blanket with my scent on to get used to, as he will spend most of his time with me, so will have a familiar scent to sniff when he comes home. He and I will spend a lot of time walking in the hills as I live next to the Pennine foothills and he will be camping with me out on the moors. At night on a Dog Bed in my bedroom, but no doubt he will probably end up on the end of my bed or under the duvet if he is sneaky and can get away with it and him thinking I haven't noticed him tunneling under the duvet. As I said, went to see him yesterday and I got my first chin lick off him and a quick nibble of my fingers and then he went to sleep on me for a short while. So, looking forward to having him home, it is like being a new expectant Dad all over again now my kids have grown up and doing their own thing, but still living at home.

  • Been a Springer Dad for over 40 years now and will have no other breed. Pip is adorable. Cant wait to see more of her. Cheers

  • Thanks for all the comments guys! Check out the latest vid – celebrating Pip's first birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello when springer spaniels are older how long is the right time to leave them for

    Also how long should you walk them for

    And do they shed hair ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • We have an English springer and all of what youโ€™ve said in this video is so much like our holly. Theyโ€™re such an adorable, loyal breed, always trying to please ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  • what a cutie she looks so much like our dog that we just lost to illness and she went to doggie heaven . We are looking to adopt a rescue springer.

  • I was a bit put off buying a springer because they seem to be a long haired dog, I assume that Pip has just been clipped prior to this video.?

  • Good looking pup. Iโ€™ve had Springers since the 1960โ€™s and want to know why the breeders have tried to get rid of the adorable ticking.

  • Ticking is what spots are officially called. I always thought them one of the best things about Springers. Especially on their faces. Canโ€™t figure why breeders are trying to eliminate them. Regards to all you Springer lovers.

  • I'm looking at getting my first dog ever and I'm interested in the Springer spaniel can you give me any advice of what books or videos to watch for training purposes thank you

  • Thank you for the video Simon, Pips' a good looking pup my you loads of fun with her. Also, the picture of Machu Picchu is brilliant. have a good one.

  • My Springer just turned six months old…my third and probably last due to my age…getting old! Lol I love Springers and would love to see Pip have her own You Tube channel. My dog has learned everything quickly, loose leash walking continues to be a challenge! Springers are so intelligent and friendly and so it would be fun to see how Pip progresses. Are you hunting with her? Or him?

  • We had a Springer/Lab mix almost all black, and the kid friendliest dog you ever saw. Fastest dog in the house too. At 14 years, she would leave the porch last, and beat the 2 younger dogs to the back quarter acre of our yard. Sure do miss her.

  • I gave up with the lead with our Springer after nine months old.Got tired of my arms being pulled out of their sockets.Didn't do her any harm though, she made it to 16 and a half years old.

  • My springer spaniel is 7 years old, awesome dog! Super loyal. Overly energetic. Even though my springer spaniel is 7 years old she still acts like a puppy.

  • I had one that passed away at 15 3/4 years old. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I missed him so much.! Right before the Thanksgiving holiday too. I was basket case. So , we live in Pennsylvania and I searched all over for a pup that resembled him. The only one I found was in Ohio. So, Dec, 22 there we were..heading for Ohio to get this pup. I ended up getting two. A boy and a Girl. The Boy was 2 months older (the one that looked like my Spring) and was Black and white. The Girl Was chocolate and white. I fell in love with her too. There names ? Clyde Jackson and Bonnie Jade ! The girl ended up having a heart valve problem and costed us 10 grand to have an operation or she'd die. But now she'll live a perfectly normal life. I love this breed of dog. Their much different than other dogs. . They even sleep with us! You have to own one to know what I mean. Our Jade looks very much like yours ! she's so funny. They both are .

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