Introducing NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Delivery

Hi everybody it’s Alison with sarcastic dog. I am super excited because today you are going to be with us while we unveil our very first NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery this just arrived a couple of hours ago I just got home and just is sitting on the porch waiting for us very exciting nom nom now is a fresh dog food delivery it’s really similar to your home meals delivered for human except in this case the dog food is precooked proportion it’s ready to go right into the refrigerator no scooping the measuring or the frosting it is super convenient when you first open your box you have a welcome to the pac booklet which really tells you a lot about these home-cooked meals for dogs the fact that they are delivered and if i didn’t mention it delivery is free bonus it tells you that these are foods that are good enough for you ideal for them it gives you a lot of information about this amazing company and what their goal is in helping us keep our pets as healthy as possible and you also get a cute well insert that tell you all of their meal preparations and what they look like and you can see they look super fresh because they are super fresh made with uh I guess I human grade ingredients they’re pre-portioned ready to go right into the refrigerator and this box was actually sitting on the porch like I said for a couple of hours before I got home and yep these ice cracks are still completely frozen which means the food inside is going to be still fresh which is what we want especially since this is the homemade homemade home-cooked dog food what I love also and this is another bonus is that the box the liner and ice packs they are all completely recyclable and depending on where you live even these packets might be recyclable so food none on mal food is delivered weekly and everything is proportioned for your dog there’s 14 meals in here and because we’re just starting you will see that this first meal says transition meal and it’s a 25 transition meal so the first day both meals are twenty-five percent transition meal which means we’re going to give twenty-five percent of the nom nom now food and seventy-five percent of the food that we are already giving and so you slowly then transition the dogs on to original paper onto the nom nom now full time and you do want to always be careful when you are transitioning dogs and my life is that this actually sets it out because you want to be careful not to transition to quickly because you don’t want your dogs to get sick you want to get their stomachs and their systems at aunt chance to get comfortable with the new food so I’m excited and if you look further as you dig down it then becomes fifty percent and then seventy-five percent there’s 75 percent transition meal and then 100 so it’s taking you through the entire week like I said 14 meals to get you through the entire week of transitioning and then you should be good to go what I really like about nom nom now is that it lets you customize the fresh dog food to meet your dog needs based on their individual systems so some of you might know that Piper here I know she’s in the picture and a lifer hi Piper Piper has some allergies and she has some serious food sensitivities so we are really careful about sourcing grain-free limited ingredients single protein high quality dog foods we’re going to try for Piper this week we are going to transition her into their pork alicious potluck and see how she does with pork and once we are fully transitioned this week them every week we’ll get a new delivery of the full servings so 14 full servings to take her through each week and we’ll let you know how she does on that we’re really excited what I like is that regardless of your dog’s needs if you have a dog like Piper with food allergies or senior dog like Dora so as a little trouble keeping the waist down or an active dog like Simon nomnom now has a fresh dog for the option to meet their needs so that’s kind of cool oh and we’ve got some extras in here OOP so that you’ve included some sample so this is their Heartland beat mash tasty turkey fair chicken chow chow and this is their egg and vegetable medley so with it to try a few extra things this week which is really exciting so again boxes arrived each week with your labeled pre-portioned fresh dog boots and delivery is free so we are super excited to see how the dogs like it I’m excited to share with you so check back on the blog in a couple of weeks for an update on the nom nom now fresh dog food home delivery

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