INDIEN ganz anders – Das Leben in Indiens Nord Osten (Doku 2019)

The third time in India… But this time a different kind of travel. Through the gifted motorbike, we experience a whole new feeling of traveling But also other challenges. About 2 km ago our tire went flat. We’ve been pushing the bike all the time now and no one stopped and helped us And now… these nice boys came… They are part of the jungle warriors And they want to help us, take the bike and repair it for us We just take our luggage now And then… And we’ll keep the backpacks and they repair it and bring it back to us, or so I don’t now The next village would have been 1 km more far away. We already pushed the bike for 2 km Luckily I recognized that there’s a flat. So nothing dangerous happened Anyway, the motorcycle is now gone We just took our stuff They’ve said:
“Come with us, we have something for you” And now we’re here in this room Here Sina & I are sleeping here tonight They just gave us this room and they want us to sleep here tonight. Really amazing and so nice! And now we get juice?!? I don’t get it at all… To sneak into a military camp is very easy here Yeah, the military is really hospitable in India Now we had a shower and are fresh again The shower was really nice! And in that time, the boys fixed our bike again! And they put a whole new tube in it. We still don’t know, what the problem was Because the English skills are not so good of them And we still have no internet So we can’t even use google translate But they told us, there’s a whole new tube on the back wheel. And the military takes all the costs They didn’t want us to pay for it! Probably the state pays it anyway Really crazy! So, thank you India for your generosity and help! The bike is repaired but the guys do not want to let us go. So we spend 2 nights at the Indian military base… …and are overwhelmed by the hospitality once again. What should I say?!? Our heroes of the day! Heroes of the day, chefs of the day, everything! And also otherwise, India shows itself from its best side. We experience traditional dancing… …get invited to a theatre… …and are making music infront of a school class…. …or with our hosts… In the north-east, India still holds a surprise for us. We see the critically endangered rhinos,
directly from the roadside. These are the largest rhinos in Asia and can be up to 1 ton heavy and 50 years old. In the past, however, the rhino was almost eradicated for its horn. Fortunately, the population is increasing again at the moment. We have a Deja Vue And what a beautiful one… Just 60 km before our goal… …we have a flat because the street conditions are so bad here. Right now it is better and we hope it’s staying like this But actually, the streets are so bad Now we’ll repair it somewhere and reach our destination hopefully. And then we have to sell it in the next city In Imphal, we not just sell our bike… …but also do couchsurfing at Milan aswell. He gives us an insight into his mission to make India greener again, to protect and preserve nature. He gives all to his couchsurfers the opportunity, to contribute a bit. We also get the opportunity to be part of this project and that’s how our time in India ends… with a new tree. My butt is as flat as our tire. You are great! If you’d ever see a hitchhiker on the street…. …or if you can host someone… …or people with a flat tire… At least stop and ask if there’s something to help There is nothing more beautiful than real hospitality and charity Just to live the love in daily lives This is so beautiful! I can preach for hours if you like, I’m in the flow That comes across really convincing, just as you are lying there You look very motivated So the tube… inside the bike, they changed completely And it’s on the cost of the military We really said we want to pay for it… But they didn’t like to let us pay They’ve said: “No we don’t like that” “We want to pay for you” And… who’s gonna pay it? The State? Probably yes…That’s what we can say about the topic, that we scrounge around the world We’ve heard this sometimes so far from a few haters Today tapped at the Indian state Because we can’t do it in Germany anymore So we just tapped at the Indian Country. Do you need any scrounging tips from us? We are the professionals What a great scrounging live Crazy! Do you think you’ll make it back again? Well, probably no… but I go somewhere else To the cooler people We’ll eat at that time… Bye Bye

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