India’s Most Haunted: Coonoor Cemetery. Extreme Ghost Hunting

Hey guys, I got a strange email about 2 months
back. Usually I get emails about archeological sites
and ancient temples. But this one was a little bit different. Check it out. This email is from a guy who claims that he
saw a little girl and a German shepherd dog in a cemetery, in the middle of the night. He has also attached a picture of it and he
has asked me if I could go ghost hunting in that location. After reading this email, I called my friend
who lives in a nearby city. He said he did not know anything about this,
so I have made up my mind to go there and check it out. So, here I am, on this location in afternoon
time. I call my friend. My friend says he will join me later. .
The cemetery looks ordinary, but I realize that it is locked. I am not sure if I want to go in. Should I just turn back and go home? Well, I have shown you many forbidden places,
many locked sites in my videos. How do I enter these places? I use a strange trick, I always throw my bag
inside these forbidden sites. Now, I don’t have a choice, I have to go in. Just a few hours ago, this cemetery looked
ordinary, now it appears a little scary. The name of this cemetery is Tiger Hill Cemetery. It was a burial ground for the British, in
the 19th century. After the British left India, it has become
dilapidated and has been kept locked for the most part. The authorities come here just once or twice
a year to clean this place and do basic maintenance. The gate is locked, so we are going to have
to jump the fence to get inside. There are no houses, nothing nearby for at
least 2 kilometer radius. This is very dark, so I am not even able to
see what’s there a few feet away from away. This is the first time I am coming to such
a creepy place, in the middle of the night. This is a cemetery I have been trying to examine. But I have to say, this is one of the creepiest
places I have ever been to. Whoa..look at that! What is that? It’s amazing huh? This is actually quite scary. I have brought several devices with me, to
check the presence of spirits. I definitely wanna go get all my stuff and
see if we can use some of the equipment to see if there is any kind of presence here. let’s get all the stuff
I wanna see what’s to the right of us. Yeah, I don’t even know if we are going to
find anything. I just..
let’s go this way. yeah. So let’s start. Let’s see what is in here. This is the EVP recorder. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This recorder is capable of picking up voices
which human beings may not be able to hear directly. So this is the EVP recorder so I can see if
there is something. Are there any spirits here? Let’s try in Tamil. There is nothing. Are there any spirits here? If you are there, please make a sound.. any
sound. Let’s see if there is anything. Let’s try something else. So you can see.. I have these copper rods. These are called dowsing rods. What I really wanna do is.. we wanna hold
them like this, and if there is a presence, then it will start rotating like this. Normally, it should be steady. If we hold it like this. We are gonna keep walking around and see,
if there is some kind of energy. Ok? Let’s Go. let’s go this way. There is no movement in these rods. I don’t think there is anything here. Let’s go back and see if we can use something
else. Let’s try this, this is a ghost meter. This is an EMF meter. Let us see if this works. WHAT? There is something here. This is not even a grave. Is this a grave? Yeah. This is an unmarked grave. But here, there is nothing. Let’s try the dowsing rods. Let’s take a few steps back and we are gonna
go a few steps forward to see if there is any movement. ok? Let’s try again. Let’s take a couple of steps back. Hold it straight. Go. Yeah, it is shifting. Let’s try the EVP recorder to see if there is anything. May be we will find something. Are there any spirits here? If you are there, please make a sound. There is nothing. Let’s go play that Ouija Board. Let’s take all this and put it somewhere else
and Let’s play that Ouija Board. So I have a coin. I can use this. Put a finger and then close your eyes. It is just a dog. That was scary huh? Are there any spirits here? If you are there, move the coin..please..
move the coin. There is something. A dog? Let us go see what it is. Let us put this away. Yeah, yeah it is a dog. What is that? What is that? What is that? Is that a girl? No..No.. Come..Come. It is ok. Hello?
hello? Come.. Come.. It is ok. It is ok. Come. Wow what is that? It is a German Sheperd, it is not a street
dog. What is it doing in a cemetery. In the email, it said there is a dog and then
there is a girl. Can we go near this? Is it safe? Will it bite us? It looks very weird, is it safe to go inside?

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  • Wow sir
    Are you tamilian
    Super sir,
    Plz make a video about your introduction sir about your birthplace, school, education and any job ets

  • Come on what is this! I never commented on ur videos before. I'm ur subscriber for the last 2 year and so. Please don't repeat this type of BS.

  • Praveen sir please don't try to do these kind of videos again..It's not good for u..Even if there is a girl let her stay their..Don't enter in her world..Leave her alone…We don't want to lose u

  • Excellent work praveen mohan… That man would have been wronly assumed as a girl ghost and that dog as a German Shepherd dog ghost… Case closed… ✌✌

  • कोई भूत वुत नही है एक लड़की नशे करके बैठी हैं उसका जर्मन शेफर्ड कुत्ता हैं बस।

  • Hey show the full video man ! Who was tat man ? Wat was he doing thr ? Whr did tat dog came from? Why did the camera man feel down ?? Tell us the truth

  • You ventured into another new territory which is different. It's more than a horror movie. That dog actually is communicating & responding to your calls as if spirits responding through animals. If Haunting places are there among the residential area… it's good to reveal truth. But this place which you entered is not only risky but too dangerous. It's better not to venture. Waiting for your Baahubali conclusion video.

  • Me too watched this vedio utterly. But i couldnt understand any thing !!!!. I saw 1 man who hide his face. & 1 Dog… Here i wounder that what ur aim men? Its irelevent vedio
    …actuly what was ur intention ????

  • Very dramatic, mohan ji i m more intrested in historical monuments and that's why i m ur fan, not for cheap news chennel videos like this, plz continue with what u r known for👍

  • in my opinion i think praveen does amazing work. looking forward to a part 2 of this video…and cmon guys cut praveen a break. dont just trow him under the bus. he does great and is good to see other stuff on his videos…kudos to u praveen…keep up the good work no matter what some idiots comment…good to see something else like paranormal stuff.and those idiot with negative comments…wheres the loyalty?

  • Yes soul exists. I belive in souls which I came to know from ancient spritual books yes this guy is not ghost but he was superficially attahed and absorbed by evil souls who r not released n choose this guy to be there mediator just To enjoy their bodily phenomenon.

  • pravinjee, what was the final call on this …who was the man ? whose dog was it ? have you enquire in the morning ? whty havent you used hidden cam and coller mike ?

  • Kindly do not visit haunted places, Ghost buster Gaurav Tiwari was studying paranormal activities. His programmes were famous on Aaj Tak news channel, but unfortunately he got died suspiciously. He told his family he is feeling unusual symptoms. Since then Aaj Tak stopped programming on paranormal and haunted places.

  • Hope you are well buddy. Do update your viewers about post that moment your camera men fell out and camera blanked out. Awaiting.

  • I want to say that the video was good. It was a nice effort and we would support you for such videos too, like the way we did for your ancient scientific videos. But here are something which I felt I need to mention.
    1) First of all, you could have simply gone for a 'no edit' video.
    2) At 8:30, I am pretty sure, the howl was played by your friend holding the camera. Because, even though it was so loud, you still ask your friend, whether he heard that or not and he answers 'Ya, something'. And after that howl you did not even bother to turn back and ask whether your camera person heard it or not. That would have been a genuine reaction. Moreover, there was a cut right before that.
    3) Your are not suppose to move while using the dowsing rods. People struggle to sit motionless while using it and here you are holding it and marching. There is a particular way to hold the rods (just below horizontal and keeping arms as relaxed as possible).
    4) People ask questions while using those rods to get an answer in 'Yes' or 'No'. You could have simply sat in one location and done that to know about any possible presence in that cemetery.
    5) At 9:15, if I am not wrong, it was somebody's grave and not a table top to dump all your stuff on it. Have some respect brother. At 17:04, you people couldn't find a better location to sit elsewhere, except on that grave? I am glad you did not dance over it.
    6) At the starting of the video, you mentioned there was no civilization at least 2km from that place. So at 19:33, from where did such a bright light come from?
    7) At 21:44, 22:11, 22:36 the was a cut in the video. Why? If i find an unknown person sitting in the secluded cemetery in the middle of the night, I will not take a chance of turning off my camera even for a second or cut the video while processing it.
    8) Again at 24:50, you say you heard something, when it was so loud and crystal clear that it was a sound of an irritated dog.
    6) I always wonder why do people use background music while shooting a haunted location. If a location is really haunted, you never know what whispers into your camera which your ears wont catch. For you and for us to hear it there should be some space of silence in the background. Using background music in few places, like in the start or end is fine, but when we keep on hearing it throughout the video it irritating.
    My best wishes for you for shooting haunted locations. Be careful as there may be deadly snakes.

  • Ghost hunting..really praveen..didnt expect this from you…something had gone to your head..and its not something good..dont deviate from your track..this is not ur forte…

  • Dear Praveen, don't trust everyone. You are tricked by the man who is sitting in midst of night there.
    That dog must be his own and the girl mentioned in the mail might be that man himself wearing females dresses.He has long hairs to cover his face when he is in girls costume.
    Overall dont trust ghost stories. Keep on your good work of discovering secrets of temples .

  • I just KNEW you were a bad ass motorcycle rider!!! @16 minutes I was waiting for you to say LETS GET A SHOVEL! BollywoodMohanWitch trails 2. I guess the Indian Gov "spooke to you" about the Ancient Monuments and now its on to Theater? Stay Away from SHELLS, please. Its like the doodoo of the Human Spirit, left over energy waiting to disintegrate. Live and Learn but please take care. tip… IRELAND HAS TONS OF ANCIENT MONUMENTS, but first read Tsarion's Irish Origins.

  • You're a real fuck face for that jump scare, woke my 3 year old up and he would not go back to sleep he was so scared. I stopped watching once I realized you resorted to this since there probly was nothing of real interest here.

  • is the video a real video or made on the basis of a serial movie…everything looks as if directed by an expert 👌👌😸😸☺☺

  • Bro hiw is the camera man is he ok now
    Bro y u changed ur channel name
    Y ur movie u track to gost video's
    Bro stay in ur old style bro

  • There are stories of ghosts (bhoot) in the revealed scriptures and have many names ie: a brahmaraksha is the worst ghost out there, in Mayapaur there are many stories of these entities, maybe you can go there and do a video.

  • Beyond human something exists which is super power than nature and humans. Trying to reveal will cause personally.
    Stop doing such and lets learn Indian Archeology and Ancient Science & Technology.

  • Such crap. Really disappointed. Please stick to the truth. One more such video and I won't watch anything from this channel. The logo sucks. Had actually suggested my friends to check out your videos to know the greatness of our forgotten history. If you don't have any content please repost your old videos. Don't do such crap. Especially with your drone

  • Don't take risks like this almost souls maintenance distance from humans some time they appear if you sit in your home it's scientific name paranormal activity

  • you are capable and knowledgeable personality I enjoy and appreciate all your work i have full trust of your knowledge and will be waiting for more priceless work of yours
    best regards!

  • Come on bro..$#&%÷× Dowsing rods only move due to accidental or involuntary movements of the person using it. This is joke. Pls get back to your previous track. There is no ghost..wasting time looking for one.

  • anne plz dont take risk ….i had experience with my friends ..that they take alcohol at cemetery at malaysia n challenge the ghost there
    one of them is death within 1 week due fever ….same to other but manage to save…..i really like u video about ancient tech n history….kind be safe…
    there are even worst out there …trust me i been seen past ago….

  • You changed the channel name then gradually you changed from archeology, certainly its all pre-planned coz you must have got warnings from continuing your work.

  • This is obviously staged. This might make people question your credibility. I respect all your other videos for its awesome content.

  • I have some little experience in this. Me and my friends about 8:30pm in a strange house. We came there to hid from our tuition sir who has been came in search of us. Suddenly a little boy stood from water drum said " anna anna en kooda vaanga ".We were staring at him (terrified). suddenly another lady stood from that same water drum stood and said "vaanga thambi vandhu saaptu ponga"we ran away

  • sir this is the first video of your's i am disliking, please stick on to the subject your are master in… exploring history.

  • How can you make these videos…this is so not you..Pls my earnest request, do what you are best at..we have loved you for your knowledge, passion, effort to know more about ancient technology and make us aware of those at the same time..
    With all due respect, kindly avoid making ghost videos.

  • Good Try on Ghost hunting but this place you showed in this video did not have any elements to prove or just show its Haunted… All was obvious in this video, if this place is considered haunted then the culprit for it is the long haired guy mistaken for a girl and then.. he has a dog too… Nothing related to spirits/ghosts as such… Fortunately you all did not run away seeing the long haired guy, therefore his plan to scare you all was lost. All is normal at this place… 😉

  • @PraveenMohan,
    I highly appreciate your efforts in finding ancient alien & historic secrets in India.
    But supernatural practices like planchet, dowsing etc. severely damage your image and credibility of your channel.
    I sincerely ask you not to put yourself in such false practices of black magic stuff. They will not be useful for any scientific work or evidence.

  • I subscribed to your channel to see old architectural wonders and not some scripted drama. How was the cameraman standing in front of you and video shooting you guys, when he was behind you a minute back? This is nothing but drama, please don't degrade your quality and belief in your hard work. Please don't disrespect our intelligence and let us also not disrespect your intelligence.

  • Seemed like rubbish to me. The cemetery is an interesting place and would have been worthy of a serious programme on its own. The silly antics were annoying and unprofessional.

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