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So, today we did a lot! Today, this Sunday, we had a meeting in the afternoon, in Coimbatore. It was a healing service. A lot of people came from Coimbatore. It happened in Karunya Nagar, so everybody traveled from different places near Coimbatore. They came from Ooty, some from Karnataka near Bangalore and things like that so a lot of places around Coimbatore. So, it was a really good meeting. Me and Sam did ministry with music and prayer We led a few songs and prayed a
little bit for the crowd and it was pretty powerful. My parents also ministered. My dad gave the message and my mom prayed. God did mighty miracles and
there were a bunch of testimonies that came after the meeting. So, that was pretty cool. That’s what we did today. I attached a few clips of me getting
ready and little behind the scenes of how we prepare for the meeting. Are you ready? I’m doing a video for my vlog. Don’t mess up! I was checking to see if it was recording. It is! Say “Hi” before you go. Yeah, that’s what happened today. Just a day filled with ministry stuff. And now, I’m going to go. We have our family prayer. So, I’m gonna go spend time with my family a little bit And see what the day holds for tomorrow. Hi guys! So, we just got inside the train and we are going from Thanjavur to Coimbatore. We just finished the meeting. The train is going, “Choo choo.” I’m supposed to be stuck with these two, the whole trip. Please wish me luck. So, the ticket man just came and checked… Interrupted the vlog. Yeah, that’s why we had to go, but what we were trying to say is, we just finished the meeting It was a great meeting. Tell them about the meeting, Sweety. What happened? Shilpa, tell them about the meeting. You tell them, Sweety. We are passing the parcel. So, we went. I sang, Sam said stuff and Shilpa prayed. ..said cool stuff. …for the youth about gulab jamun. Rotten gulab jamun and how we should become fresh gulab jamun. Yeah, so, be fresh guys! So, what are we going on? Choo choo train! The choo choo… Train! I’m not going to add this in the vlog. Edited. Okay, see you guys in Coimbatore. Bye! Hey guys! I’m just back from shooting a few TV programs today. This week has been really hectic. So, on Monday we came back from Thanjavur, from the meeting. We came really early at 5 to Coimbatore in the train. That was a pretty hectic travel. We came back and slept and took rest that whole day. Then, on Tuesday I had a few discussions about the organizations with the teams, for the whole day and then I did a live, on Jesus Calls radio. That was pretty fun. I got to talk in Tamil for an hour and talked about my life, I shared that on Instagram as well, a lot of people enjoyed that. Today, she has joined us in the studio. Hi, Sweety. How are you? Hi! I’m doing really well. That’s awesome. Thank you for coming to our Jesus Calls web radio, to share some things about your life. So, before we get into the show, I want to ask you a big question. Who is this Sweety? I sing. I like to write out my thoughts. I like to inspire people. I like to keep everyone around me happy. So, if everyone is happy, Sweety is also happy. Is it like that? So, I’m going to ask you a lot of questions in this show. So, you make a lot of videos and post it on YouTube. You get a lot of comments for a lot of things. You create a lot of new things. But you do all of that in English. So I think this would be your first Live interview in Tamil, Where you share some little things about your life. Little things that they call “secrets.” You’re going to share with us today. So, the next question is. You’ve been born and brought up in a family that does ministry and you’ve been soaked in ministry all your life. What is your goal and motivate in ministry? What do you aspire to do? Many people may think, when you are in ministry, you have to do things this way, You have to speak a certain way and live a certain way. But for me, What my parents and grandparents taught me is, You have to have a personal relationship with Christ. That is the most important thing. So, when you live like that, It’ll be easy for you to share the same experience with others. We don’t have to hide. We don’t have to live a fake life. Because, since I’m from this family, Everybody knows who I am. There’s an expectation as to how I should live. But, since I was raised like that and taught those things, It’s easy for me to proclaim God openly through my life. Through my ministry, I want to share my experiences of how God has been with me in my life and helped me in my circumstances. I am also a young person, in my 20s, I also have real-life problems. In the midst of that, how God has helped me, is what I share through my music, blogs and videos. That is my motive. To inspire others. How I live for God, how much God has done for me, Is what I share with others. So you’ve been posting small videos. Tell us a bit about that. How did that thought suddenly come to your mind? I started by writing blogs. Many would ask me questions on Instagram, “Is living like this, right? Is doing this, right?” They would ask that. Many would say, “My pastor said this,” “my parents said this.” “Is this correct?” All the questions were missing something. I would think, “Did you read the bible?” I started writing these blogs to share what the bible says. I’ve done many Q/A sessions. I have shared my opinions. But I started writing my blogs to share what the Bible says about those topics. When I wrote the blogs, many people said, “This is what I was thinking too!” “I was waiting to see who will speak up about this.” The main point that I always share is, Read the bible, understand the context, and learn the truths. Read the bible for yourself and learn about it. That is the most important thing. You can listen to the words of a lot of people, But you have to know for yourself about what is written in the bible. Only then you can know God for yourself and follow Him. That is my message. So, when I would upload my videos, What I say is, No matter what you do, you have to have God with you in everything. You have to live for Jesus. “Will God like this?” “Is what I’m doing right before God?” is what you should see. That is the important thing. So, don’t practice your faith only on Sundays. Not just when you go to church. Practice your faith daily. In times when we think, what will our parents say, what will they say, What will God say? You created these videos to share that fact that we have to read the Bible for ourselves. I got questions that I hadn’t been asked before about my life, so I got to talk about that. Many people said that was really useful. and then on wednesday had a few discussions about the upcoming programs that I had to film. That took up a while. I also did a live video with my friend on Instagram. so that was pretty fun. and then in the evening we went to a restaurant opening, so we were there. We had some food and we
had a good time. That was a fun evening. and then on Thursday I filmed a couple TV
programs for UTurn. That also took up the whole day. So, in the afternoon we did some fun shots in the middle. Today, I filmed a few extra TV programs and also YouTube videos for UTurn and then filmed another program with my mom which was pretty interesting. That was a fun video talking about her life and her experiences. then we had a little discussion today
about the live that is gonna go on tomorrow in salvation TV. That’s also a Tamil Live. We had discussions with the hosts, to see what we were gonna do, all the things that we’re gonna say, so that took up a while as well and I just got home. So, today I was just recapping about my week and how hectic it is. I’m super tired. So, I’m just gonna take off my makeup, eat some food and then take
some rest because tomorrow it’s gonna be another hectic day. So, I’m gonna chill for a bit, tomorrow, in the morning and then in the evening I have an hour, to do the live and before that I have to get ready for the live. Prepare all the things that I’m gonna say and things like that. So, I will see you soon with a couple more things to say and a couple of things to show you. I just filmed a video on my friend’s channel. My friend, Nivetha Velan. She’s a youtuber. We’ve been friends for a while. We just shot a video. and this is the mess we made it was kind of a get ready with me kind of video where we talked about our friendship and all the stuff that we went through. It’s really fun video. We answer a few questions. That’s her set up right there. In our little makeshift tripod. So, stay tuned for that video, guys. It’s pretty fun. Yeah, it’s really fun. We enjoyed filming it too. – so right now we just got ready to go
get some lunch, and you’ll be seeing more of that too, so stay tuned. So, I just finished eating ice cream, nearby my house. So, I’m going with my
cousins back home. So, yeah. We’re just walking. What did we
get today? What do we have to eat today? Lot of brownie. Ice cream. yeah she got a brownie ice cream I got a
waffle with the fruits and it was called fruit fantasy. It was really nice. So, after that, we’re walking home so that we can decrease those calories. Yeah, we’re burning down those calories. It’s very dangerous to vlog and walk on the road because you see the cars are really close by. Yeah, my cousin is going in the front so, she can lead the way, I can just follow her as I walk. We are taking safety precautions. She’s also taking a selfie from the front. Hope you can hear me. Now, we are really close to my house. So, we will see what happens next.

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