ILLEGAL Dogs That Are BANNED Around The World!

From wolf-dog hybrids to powerful, sleek dobermans,
here are 12 Illegal dog breeds from around the world. 12. Wolf Dog
A wolf dog is a hybrid mix between a domestic dog and a wolf. Wolf hybrids are found in
the wild in many places across Europe and North America. There have been some cases where a domestic
dog somehow mixed with a wolf. It is hard for experts to even tell them apart. Hybrid puppies bred in captivity usually mix
a german shepherd with a gray wolf but there are many varieties and people are attracted
to the wolf-like appearance of these dogs. While they may be adorable as puppies, as
they grow up they feel the call of the wild, and are not the right pet for everyone. Depending on the degree of wolf a dog has,
they have can have behaviour and aggression issues. The Wolf Dog originally came from the Czech
Republic, and these dogs were great in the cold temperatures and were often used by the
military. As close as wolves and dogs may seem, there
are differences. Dogs have been domesticated by humans for
thousands of years, while wolves are still wild animals. Humans must spend 24 hours a day with puppies
to make sure they are properly socialized. Hybrid dogs are illegal in many states in
the US as well as Norway although some countries allow them as long as they are at least 3
generations away from the wolf. But almost always with a license. Many owners don’t know what they are getting
into and end up giving the dog to a shelter where they are usually euthanized within a
week because of their wild behavior. There are several wolf sanctuaries around
the world trying to educate the public. If you want a dog that looks like a wolf,
get a dog! 11. Bandog
Bandogs were a type of dog bred for their strength and ferocity by cross breeding aggressive
breeds. Also known as the American Bandogge Mastiff,
these dogs are known for their courage and that they seem to feel no pain. Historically these dogs were around during
the crusades from the 11th to 13 centuries. It was used for hunting and bull baiting where
it would grab a bull by the ears if it needed to! In more recent times, these dogs were used
as guard dogs and with their thick bone structure and muscles, they were very intimidating and
seen as ferocious when provoked. Despite this reputation they are known for
being friendly towards other animlas and dogs, and are very protective of their owners. So why are they banned? Many people feel that unrestrained Bandogs
can cause more harm than good. Add this to the fact that these canines are
really big, and heavy which can make them quite intimidating. Owners are often unable to control them and
these dogs will lash out at strangers if they feel that they are a threat. In order to not risk any incidents, especially
if you have neighbors, many countries around the world have either restricted or completely
banned the Bandog. 10. Fila Brasileiro
Also known as the Brazilian Mastiff, these guys are very large dogs. Fila Brasileiro are also incredibly athletic
and are known for their excellent tracking ability. They were raised as guard dogs, hunting dogs-they
were hunting big game like jaguars!, and also catching cattle by grabbing it by the neck. This working dog seems like the perfect, loyal
pet and there is even an old Brazilian saying that says “Faithful as a Fila”. However, they hate strangers and being touched
by outsiders. They’re able to inflict a lot of damage on
people and property should they put their minds to it. Unless they are properly socialized, they
can be kind of scary. And if you have other pets or need to take
this dog to the vet, you can have your hands full!! Because these dogs were bred for hunting large
prey, more recently people have been using them for dog fighting. To protect people and the dogs, countries
like the UK, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Malta and Cyprus have all banned the Fila Brasileiro. And now for number 9, but first if you are
new here, be sure to subscribe! We’d love to have you! Let us know if you agree that these breeds
should be banned in the comments below!! 9. Neapolitan Mastiff
These dogs are famous for being one of the biggest dog breeds in the world!! Neapolitan Mastiffs are rumored to go back
to at least 300 BC, when Alexander the Great brought mastiffs to Greece. When the Romans conquered Greece, they discovered
these dogs and crossed them with other large dogs to make them even bigger. These dogs were actually used as “war dogs”
during the days of the Roman Empire, and because it’s the Romans, for entertainment as well
when they would battle it out against people and other animals. The Neapolitan Mastiff is very loyal, and
intelligent, and many people note that they are very gentle with children. They have been used over the centuries to
protect homes and their intimidating size scares a lot of people. Despite this history though, Singapore had
banned them. The country has a policy which does not allow
dogs into their country that have the potential to harm people, and due to the Neapolitan
Mastiff’s nature of being a protector, that qualifies. So does pretty much every other dog on this
list. To own one in Romania, you have to pass a
psychological evaluation! In the States they are banned from many cities. 8. Dogo Argentino
The Dogo Argentino is a is a large, white, muscular dog. As its name suggests, this canine was bred
in Argentina for big game hunting, including wild boar. The Dogo Argentino are not naturally aggressive
canines and are very obedient and brave, willing to protect their owners at whatever cost. This dog is very athletic and has a loud bark,
but craves close, physical contact. Because they were also often used and bred
for dog fights, they can be very aggressive, especially with other dogs, and they can hunt
down your cat if you’re not careful. They were bred to hunt in packs but if they
are not socialized or trained properly, they can be very dangerous. This breed is illegal or has serious restrictions
in the UK, Portugal, Ukraine, Denmark, Australia, and more. 7. Japanese Tosa Inu
This dog is actually pretty rare. It was bred as a fighting dog and can react
aggressively towards other animals but are usually affectionate and calm with their own
family. They were extremely popular in the 1920’s
and 30’s but should be kept by themselves. Any other pets you have might disappear! While they are not supposed to be too aggressive,
they can snap so you have a major legal and ethical responsibility. They are good for using in the sport of weight
pulling. Some Tosas can pull more than 3,000 pounds. Not many people can handle a dog like that
which is why they are banned in countries like the UK, Denmark, Malta, Norway, and many
others. In the US, if you have this dog, your insurance
company might cancel your homeowner’s policy and if you’re not careful, you could easily
get sued. 6. Boerboel
The (bur-bull) Boerboel were great guard dogs, and were bred in South Africa to protect farms
and diamond mines. They’re bred to be lean, muscular, and strong,
but they also have a loyalty to their masters. Like many of the dogs on this list, they are
definitely not for first time dog owners!! They are energetic and smart and seem to love
their work. They should never be allowed to roam free
because they have a protective, territorial nature. They can become either very shy or very aggressive
without the proper socialization. In South Africa, they were known for protecting
property not only from human intruders but from baboons and leopards. Like other “guard dogs”, they can be very
dominant and need a lot of training and dedication. These giants have been banned in certain countries
including Denmark, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, France, Malaysia, Qatar, Switzerland, and
Bermuda. 5. Doberman Pinscher
Many people are afraid of the Doberman Pinscher just by looking at it. It is very muscular and sleek and is actually
a very modern dog. The earliest examples came from 19th century
Germany and they quickly became very popular in the United States. They are usually black and tan and have a
docked tail and cropped ears, although more recently some countries have outlawed this
practice. Fun fact: The miniature pinscher is not a
miniature Doberman, the 2 breeds are not related. Pinscher means “biter” in German so that
should be an indication as to their fierce reputation! They were bred to protect their owners and
are fiercely loyal to those they know but really aggressive to those they don’t. Besides that, they were often photographed
with Nazi soldiers, so they got the reputation of being evil. Rottweilers also gained a similar reputation
and are banned for the same reasons. They need a lot of exercise and attention
and can be very sweet and easygoing with the family. They are very successful as police and military
dogs but because a lot of irresponsible people want these dogs but are unable to handle them,
they are banned in many places around the world. 4. Alaskan Malamutes
To many people the Alaskan Malamute is the most beautiful dog breed in the world. It is often confused with the Siberian Husky,
although they ARE cousins. Many love them for their unique fur coat and
beautiful eyes but the truth of the matter is that hidden beneath the surface is a personality
that can be problematic. First and foremost, the Alaskan Malamute is
full of energy and people don’t always understand their needs. They almost always want to play, and work
because they were bred for stamina and strength. After all, just like Huskies, they were bred
to pull sleds in freezing temperatures over long distances. They can also pull around 3000 pounds of weight!! They need about 1.5-2 hours of exercise a
day and if they don’t get enough, you may be in for some trouble. Like many other dogs on this list they need
a firm and dominant owner because they have a pack instinct and love to be a part of the
family. An important thing to know is that they don’t
do well in the heat and have a high prey drive. They have a killer instinct and besides pulling
sleds, they were also bred to hunt seals and polar bears so they don’t mess around. They are not a breed for the lazy, or the
faint of heart. And thus, Alaskan Malamutes are banned in
many parts of the world and severely restricted in Iowa, Louisiana, and Michigan. 3. Pitbull
I’m sure you already knew this dog was coming up!! When it comes to “banned dog breeds”, Pitbulls
are usually the first breed that comes to mind. These dogs are very misunderstood and like
most dogs on the list, need owners who are well educated. Pitbulls get a bad rep because they are frequently
in the media even though studies show they are not disproportionately dangerous compared
to other breeds. Pitbulls descend from bulldogs and terriers
and even mixed breed dogs that look like them get labelled as pitbulls. When baiting animals was outlawed in the 1800’s
people started fighting their dogs against each other. In modern times street gangs have often abused
the good nature of this dog, turning them into monsters to intimidate others and to
make money. Like other breeds, Pitbulls were bred as fighting
dogs and catch dogs because they were strong enough to hold onto the heads of bulls and
cattle. They were also used as hunting dogs to get
boar and hogs. A study was done about the most dangerous
breeds of dogs that attack humans, and Pitbulls accounted for 45% of those attacks! Like I said before, The sad thing is that
even dogs that are not pitbulls are labelled as such. Many of those reported attacks were on children. In 2016, out of 31 dog bite related fatalities,
22 were reported to be from pitbulls. They are one of the most banned breeds in
the world and insurance will not cover your home or any bites if you have a pitbull. 2. American Bulldog
American bulldogs are often confused with pitbulls. In the US, especially in the South, the American
Bulldog is revered as a loyal helper dog, but in most other places, people don’t like
them at all!! On the plus side, The American Bulldog is
a very hard working dog. They’re known as “farm dogs”, and they can
be relied upon to do all kinds of tasks. They also have a very social nature, and they’re
very easily able to get people to warm up to them, and show them affection. When settlers arrived to the South, these
dogs were the only animals that could help them deal with wild pigs and vermin running
around. They almost went extinct during WWII but were
revived and are now a popular pet. However, owners need to be responsible and
train and socialize their dog from a young age. Countries like Denmark, Singapore, and more
have banned them. In their eyes, the Bulldog has a tendency
to be quite aggressive in completing their tasks. They also can get into fights, and they fight
to win. It is interesting to note that while countries
prohibit the American Pitbull Terrier, the will allow the American Bulldog but sometimes
people will get in trouble anyway because they look alike. 1. Presa Canario
How do you measure how good or how bad a dog is? The Presa Canario is a powerful dog and is
one of the most outlawed around the world. Also known as the Canary Mastiff, this dog
has a thick and muscular body. They were used in ancient times and would
protect cattle from wild dogs. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, people
had a very difficult relationship with this dog because they would also kill cattle or
do a lot of damage. They were allowed to be hunted and then they
could only be owned by hunters or farmers. They were also used for dogfighting until
the 1950’s. As usual, they can be very loyal to their
owners and immediate family, but if you’re a stranger? They’re not going to hesitate to get up in
your face, or even attack you if necessary. You may think that’s the worst of it, but
it’s not. There have been many reports of them killing
both strangers, and their own owners. Between 1982-2014, there were 111 attacks,
46 against children and 41 against adults. 18 people died and 63 had permanent injuries. They have the reputation for being so wild
and aggressive, they actually have to be trained to be nice, which is not something a dog owner
would want in their pet. Countries around the world have banned the
Presa Canario for all of these reasons, likely a case of “don’t risk it”. Thanks for watching! Remember, there are no bad dogs, only irresponsible
pet owners! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

100 thoughts on “ILLEGAL Dogs That Are BANNED Around The World!

  • My old school caretaker (maintenance person) owned an Alaskan Malamute, she would growl if you touched her without her owners permission, he would use commands in another language, as his wife was foreign.

  • It looks like at times the video was talking about one dog but showing another breed. I have been charged by several dogs while hiking. Most often it was the Pit Bull breed of dog that charged after me. Luckily, I was able to escape unharmed. A child would have not been so lucky as they usually run when a dog charges. Afterwards, I started to carry a handgun, just in case.

  • my American pitbull terriers have never bitten anyone. ..boils down to selective breeding and good responsible ownership

  • I am not a bad pet owner. I had a bad dog before. He was crosseyed. He weighed around 85 lbs. He was a Great Pyranese.
    I really loved him. I worked with him all the time. I even got him professional training .I believe that he was the result of inbreeding puppy mill. He developed very painful hematomas, on both his front elbows. He had a nice soft bed.
    I groomed him every day. I was as gentle as I could be with him. But he barked all night long. And I had to carry a stick into the yard with me for fear that he would bite me.
    In general these are great breads,
    I believe I just got a bad one. I sold him to another person who had several other great Pyranese.
    Despite my warnings, he turned on the new owner suddenly one day and bit him. I think it had something to do with the hematomas, and the inbreeding.
    I use to think that there were no bad dogs, or bad people. Only bad owners and bad parents. But I have come to understand that some animals and humans can't be helped.No matter how hard you try. It is a very small percent. But it is what it is.

    Blame the deed and NOT the breed!!! I have rescued Dogo Argentinos, American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, African Boerboels, American Bulldogs, Presa Canario, Cane Corso and Dobermans who are my alltime favorite flavour! Also countless other breeds mostly large ones and the scariest dog that i had to rehab was a Golden Retriever named Simba who was never abused a single day! Things such as genetics play a HUGE part in an aggressive dog which makes me a little unpopular amongst certain rescuers for they claim it's ALWAYS the human and never the dog. If for any reason you just HAVE TO purchase a dog, don't be a fool and buy one off of Craigslist etc, buy a pet quality pup from a reputable show breeder because that way you can research the sire and dam for generations and see what their bloodlines health and temperament is like. I highly promote adopting because what you see is what you get. My Boerboel was ferocious before i got him from South LA shelter and everyone was petrified of him and it took FOUR officers to get him into the kennel by putting ropes around his neck so he couldn't maul or kill one of them but i had him in the palm of my hand in under 2 hours. He is an amazing dog and after working with him for a few months, i adopted him out to a home with children, cats and horses and he loves them all so very much and is the best boy ever four them. I have rambled on but you get my jist. The only breed i do not recommend to anyone is the Wolfdog and that is because of the 'dog' in them and not the wolf. They are big powerful animals that don't have the natural fear of humans that Wolves do hence they are way more likely to attack especially if you become ill or god forbid, start limping. I had a friend who only rescued wolfdogs and a few years ago after she had hurt her leg and was limping, her wolfdogs all attacked and killed her. sad sigh

  • To the moron who made this video : You must be the most uneducated person, when it comes to dogs, ever ! At least TRY to figure out what's going on before you post this bullshit. You're an idiot !

  • I disagree with any discrimination against a breed of dog simply because it can’t change what it is. It smacks to close to racism; an African American or Hispanic person can’t change the color of their skin. However, I do agree to increasing public awareness, and proper owner awareness (screening a potential owner before they are allowed to buy), and testing the dog for any potential issues (cats, kids, strangers, other dogs, etc.) Also, ensuring they aren’t going into fighting rings.

  • Anyone who wants a particular breed of dog, a potential owner should do to their research on the breed, and be honest with themselves if they have the correct lifestyle and living arrangements and their ability level before just getting what you want.

  • I haven’t watched the video yet but I have a great funny stupid pit bull her name is duchess she’s so sweet she always rolls around in our arms it is the owner NOT THE DOG

    and my family kinda spoils our dog tho ^3^

    I will post a video bout her soon

  • I had a Brazilian Mastiff as a teen. We lived on a farm. I'm not a huge dog fan to begin with, but she was a nice dog. We got her as an adult. She got along with all our other animals.

  • It doesn't matter what dog you have all animals can turn on you regardless of what breed they are. I wish scientists would understand this

  • Its not the dog breed that's bad, its the owners. Not the animal'f fault for being alive & certainly not decision made on based on breed & not character that you should make.

  • I've had a bandog and he was really obedient and kind. As far as I know they're not banned here is Sweden. I miss him like crazy…

  • 7:47 sorry for telling you that you are saying bullshit, but that can happen to everyone whos tying to get into a different language without any knowledge.
    Pinscher is just the race, and has no other meaning. PS: But keep pretending to be smart, it sounds better after all…. to people who are clueless.

  • This is probably the worst, cheesiest video edition I've ever seen.
    People want to see images of the dogs, not stupid generic stock footage.

  • Pit bulls are amazing and if you believe that they are horrible you must have made them like that every dog is kind if you let them

  • I agree because this could be dangerous to children and adults usually don’t have the 24 hours to take care of the so I agree but some of them underrated 🙂

  • the people in this comments section saying things like "it's all training" are the climate deniers of pets. Because tabula rasa does not exist, it simply does not, each different type of dog will have a certain set of genetic predispositions, which is why some dogs can be generalized as "playful" "protective" etc. Certain types of dogswill have genetic dispositions towards aggression, and of those that are more aggressive, there are going to be more predisposed towards lethality. This of course does not mean every dog of that breed will be more aggressive, but they simply are more likely to be aggressive than others under the same conditions; an aggressive dog will require greater socialization and training than a calmer dog, ie boerbol compared to the basset hound. The Basset Hound is never going to be as aggressive as a dog bred for protection or dog fighting (the "maneaters were put down" thing is a myth, maneaters were still used as noted in dogfighting records, the most capable fighter was used regardless of aggression). The pitbull too, is often not used to describe the pitbull breed, but the pitbull type, of which the pitbull breed is one of; this is typically a tool for use in studies and accounts for between 4% and 14%(although the 14% was a liberal application of the term and typically it only goes to 8%-10%) of dogs in the USA. In one study, these 6.5% made up 65.6% of dog attack fatalities. They have an aggressive predisposition, your anecdotal good dog is a credit to your training, but not applicable to the breed as a whole; this is not an attack on YOUR pet, this is simply the statistics, your pet can be a good dog and be of this category, but not all of the category is going to be like your pet. German shepherds mainly (which also have a predisposition towards violence, even if they have dramatically lower fatality rates) and Labradors and other typically adored pets do make up a majority of bites (ie in toronto the german shepherd has a BITE rate 7x higher than the pitbull, with the labrador being 3x higher than the pitbull), this is bites and not fatalities, the two are different, a bite is simply a bite, whereas a fatality is a bite which results in death. While comments saying that the labrador and GS bite more are true, this is effectively dodging the question. It's a true tu-quoque, we can accept both statistics and still come to the conclusion that a higher than ordinary proportion of pitbulls are predisposed to aggressive behaviour, because simply saying "well this breed that some other people like is violent too!" does not mean that the pit bull (generally, not absolutely) is not violent, only that you've pointed out a breed that may be more prone to violence, but again, these statistics have to be looked at per capita.
    Note: I am NOT for breed specific legislation, admittedly, I'm an anarchist, I don't believe in the legitimacy of legislation at all, but denying facts and statistics rather than promoting liberty and responsible pet ownership is not going to make you look more favorable to the average voter, and is only going to make you look irrational and deranged. I am all for everyone keeping their pets, I am not for, however, facts being disregarded because it hurts one's feelings. Statistics are not a personal attack on you, or your pet, stop taking them as such.
    P.S: Anecdotal evidence, ie "my x has never" or "all the x I've known have been great" is not evidence, if the statistics say otherwise, congratulations, you have a good pet or you've been lucky enough to only meet good pets, but that simply does not contradict the statistics in any way.

  • Question: Why do you have a Tibetan Mastiff as your thumbnail? Did i blink and miss them in your list? Also many times a dog that is not the breed that you are talking about is shown amongst the pix. Why, because it is confusing?

  • Peoples are probably really nice creatures there probably dresspheres and and a little bit mean because of their childhood

  • To be fair majority of the attacks done kids are probably because the parents don't teach their kids how to act around pets so its normally not the pets fault its the kids and parents.

  • So the world bans a dog…… some of these go back 100s of years….. technically there going to go extinct. So we have to preserve rhinos, elephants ect but some of these will be gone in a few years and no one blinks an eye 😑 I don't understand humans. I have an alaskan malamute…….. PLEASE….. she's soppy and I am not firm (I can't shout at her) all she wants is sodding cuddles. What crap

  • It is not the dogs fault! It is people who cause the problem whether by cruel/unwise breeding practices, abuse, neglect, ignorance or not doing proper research before adopting or buying

  • BS insurance will still cover your home if you have a pitbull. Do ya'll always just spout random bullshit you find on google instead of doing actually research?

  • All of these breeds were beautiful. As the closing line stated, "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners". I've had dogs most all my life and have had many different breeds. The best thing I can say is if possible get them as soon as their weaned. That way you have a better chance of training it the way you'd like it to be. I've had Rotties and Dobbies that were as gentle as new born lambs, then again I've had Chihuahua and Manchester mixes that could get meaner than a wet hornet.
    I feel that it's all in the way you raise and treat them.

  • No dog should be banned I love rottweilers and pitbulls I like getting close to Bears wolves and foxes I never got sprayed by a skunk the human makes things angry only people should be banned

  • i owned a Saarloos Wolfshund….
    A wolf hybrid….
    He was legal!!!very sweet,loyal….the PERFECT DOG.
    I still miss him…….al though i own a great white labrador……lovely dog,But damn,he aint no wolf dog.

  • My local shelter had to deal with a presa canario. My mother, being the supervisor, received a call saying they needed one of the other workers to come on a call in the county (specifically a in a near by town we used to live in) on a call involving a near fatal dog attack. It was awful. The girl was attacked by her fathers presa canario. The dog did not have much human contact unless the girl went to feed it. Now mind you that the girl had to go into the cage the feed the dog. From what she explained, she went to feed the dog before going inside to get her band uniform. But, when she turned around, the dog pulled her down by her hair and began to attack her. He tore her scalp apart on top of messing up her spine, and the girl could recall the sound of the dog chewing on her head. The girl was saved by the gentleman who was taking her to get her band uniform. At first he thought the dog was playing with her so he proceeded to get out and tell her they needed to leave. He realized what was happening when he got closer. He beat the dog off her with a piece of wood and tried getting the girl out only to have to beat it off again because when he was getting her out the dog then latched onto her leg. The girl bled the who way to the hospital. The police and my mother began to wonder why the parents of the girl were more worried about the dog instead of their own child, stating she had to had caused the dog to attack her. The girl received medical care at a children’s hospital after being life flighted. Luckily they had a floor for animal attack victims with a good surgeon who pieced her scalp back together.

  • tey sounded like a good dog why dogs why
    tey sounded banned the dogs why you banned dogs if you love dogs tell everyone not to ban dogs are sweet why dogs are you guys gonna kill tesez guys dont ban dogs
    pls dogs are sweet

  • The breed that has the most bites on ppl is the labrador but do not get in the media, y r these not band?

  • My sisters neighbor had 2 huge Malamutes. They were gentle as kittens when out for a walk. But when on their property if you were walking by they'd look at you like, keep going or I will eat you.

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