If You Can Carry It, I’ll Pay For It (Dog Shelter Edition)

– Here we go, and, go! (exciting beat) oh you’re running, we we are running! – Yeah! – You know what, what
section you going to? Talk to me. – To animals.
– Whoa! (all giggling) She’s going to the animal
section, so that’s good. (punching effects) Okay, today we’re doing
something really fun with a dog rescue in
Grand Rapids, Michigan, called, Anything You Can
Carry I’ll Pay For Challenge. (women yelling) – You know what…
– Girls rule guys! – [Rocky] How you feelin’ about– – Burnt, feelin’ the burn,
but let’s get ‘er there! – I’m having a local dog
rescue meet me up here, now they have no clue what’s going on so I think it’s gonna be a lot
of fun seeing how they react. Now believe it or not,
this challenge is actually something trending on YouTube. (laughs) Thank you internet. Full credit to Mr. Beast,
because he made this up, and when I saw it I thought
it was a genius idea. And in all the other videos, YouTubers are buying
stuff for their friends, and I love my friends but I love dog rescues more. – [Kelly Hannaford] Yep, I know. (laughs) – Here, give me this. Did you think I was
bringing you here today to buy you anything you can carry? – I was hoping! (both giggling) But that’s okay! – [Rocky Kanaka] But it’s a grocery store, it’s not like it’s a hangbag store. – Oh, I could find some good
stuff in the grocery store. – Okay so the shelter just pulled up, they’re all over there, we’re gonna go meet them. They have no clue what’s
going on right now. (dance music) – Hi!
– Guys, this is Rocky Kanaka. – Hi, I’m Rocky. – Hi Rocky.
– Hi. – This right here is
my friend Cathy Bissel of the Bissel Pet Foundation. More on that later, but
she is helping me today. And with a couple different things, one she loves dog rescues, but two she also brought, uh, her credit card. – Yes I did! (all laughing) (clapping) – Here’s what we’re doing today, do you have any idea what we’re doing? Did you take any guesses?
– No! – Okay so today we’re doing a challenge, and basically, anything
that you can carry, we’ll pay for. (crowd ooing)
– Sweet! (distorted) Sweet. – And to be very clear, uh, Cathy Bissel will pay for it. Also–
(clapping and cheering) – All right!
– Yeah, yeah. So I am here to be your cheerleader, there are some rules. In the real challenge, what happens is if you drop anything, you’re disqualified. (gasps) But we’re not jerks! Like, this is for a dog rescue–
– That’s right. – We would be real jerks if we did that. Okay, but there are some rules. You can get anything you want. I think a lot of times,
people don’t realize that animal shelters need more than dog food. You can grab uh, paper towels, or pens, or whatever you need, as long as it’s for the animals and or for the shelter. – And we can include cats? – Yeah cats? Yes we
love cats, we love dogs, for all of you who comment,
“Well what about cats?” this is your moment. (cat meow)
(laughing) We’re gonna start with two of you, five minutes. – To shop?
– To shop. Okay so some important things, this is Kent County Animal Shelter, and we are at Meijer. It’s not sponsored by
Meijer’s or anything, but they were kind enough
to open their doors to let us come in here and
film and do this fun challenge. – Meijer has everything you need. – What do you mean everything you need? – Everything they’re gonna need. – I’m from Los Angeles, and I’d never been into a Meijer before. So I don’t think I realized in theory, that the shelter could buy cellphones, flat screen TVs, obviously
really expensive stuff. But you know what? If that happens, great. I think an animal shelter
is more than deserving to have whatever they want. This is really big, I thought
it was a grocery store. I didn’t realize it was that– – No! – You’re gonna go broke! – I’m gonna go broke! (laughing) – All right, let’s stop talking about it, let’s start shopping. – [Kelly] Your minutes, starts– – Wait wait, all right, okay so you’re– I’m gonna follow you–
– Oh okay. – Cathy you’re follow–
(upbeat electronica) Oh you’re runnin’, we are runnin’! – Yeah! – Do you know what
section you’re going to, talk to me! – Animals.
– Whoa! (giggling) She’s going to the animal
section, so that’s good. Only what you can carry. Wow this is great. – Looking for Kongs. – Okay I saw ’em over,
I saw em’ over here. Right there. I’m on your side, because I’m not, I’m not buying. (laughing) – I love it! – So many good things in here. – You probably can’t carry
as much as you think. – I know. – So it’s okay to take a minute– – Hey you’re giving clues, wait a minute!
– Yeah I know, I’m not paying, uh. (chuckles) – This is not okay! – [Rocky] Walk me through
your thoughts, like, why are you grabbing what you’re grabbing? – Because the dogs like
to play with these, (squeaking) and tear ’em apart. Yeah. – [Rocky] And get the squeaker out. – And get the squeaker out. – Yeah, we’ll put one in there. Okay, all right perfect. – We don’t need any more ties for this. – Okay these, all right, large? – Yeah. – Okay. (breathy chuckle) – Come on, follow me! (shouting in background) – Okay do you want me to set, do you want me to– here, take that. – You don’t have to take more. – Just make sure Cathy doesn’t see me, take these.
– I saw that! – Oh! (laughing) (ping) – Don’t drop it. – [Rocky] How much do you
think you have right now, in dollar value? – I’m gonna go for around $250. (clattering) And then
this was an impulse buy. (both laughing) – Okay, so comment down below, and tell me how much
you think Sarah spent. So how much do you think
this is gonna add up to, comment down below, let me know. And if you’re new here, make sure you subscribe to the channel, give the thumbs up
button if you love dogs, and uh yeah. We’ve got some more people
that are gonna shop. Congrats, you’re on the YouTube video. – Oh awesome, sounds great.
– Yeah, do you watch YouTube? – I do. – Who’s your favorite YouTuber? – Hmmmm. – Rocky Kanaka. Who’s your favorite YouTuber? – Rocky Kanaka?
(victory music) (giggling) Let’s go, ring it up Brittany. (beeping) All right, I’m gonna put some cool
background music for this too so you look really cool.
– You got Killers? (cheering) – $237!
(register chime) How much, do you think? – $285.
– $310. – $310? – Yeah. Definitely
– [Rocky] Okay. (beeping) – [Kelly] They strategizing over there? – Hey, they’re strategizing.
– Hey! – [Rocky] You might wanna break it up. – No strategizing!
– Oh, no, no, we’re not strategizing, no. – The total is $229.
(register chime) – [Rocky] Whoah!! (clapping)
(cheering) – [Rocky] All right, all right. And, go!
– [Kelly] Go! (old-timey jazz music) – You better run, you better run. – Come on Sue, come on! (giggling) You get out of breath really fast, following a dog shelter, they are serious. Okay–
– I only got one hand! – Can I tell ya a little secret? – Yeah.
– You have some pockets. – I do. – But can you get like the end in, maybe the end in there? Get her face right here. She’s– (all laughing) okay what, do you think we can do more? Do you wanna try more? (claps) (giggling) (cheering) She’s doing like a, like a fast walk because, she can’t run, ‘cus
she’ll drop everything. (clapping) (beeping) – $309.03. (register chime)
(cheering) (beeping) $639.72. (cheering) – Gerald’s with me. (intense beat)
– Five, four, three, two, one, go! (clapping) – So, Gerald, ma boy G right here, and I have a plan. They’re going straight to the pet section, but we’re gonna get something
to carry everything in. Gerald’s gonna carry it, and then what, what I’ll do is I’ll load it up and
I’ll put things in there. – Yeah.
– Okay, all right. – And I have pockets! – Pockets, we have
pockets, we have a cooler, and you’re tall so we
can stack things high. – That’s right. ♪ I live my life bein’ colorblind ♪ ♪ I have never read between the lines ♪ ♪ Chasin’ shadows around
and around for you ♪ ♪ I know we gotta get it ♪ – I’m going with all the bulk bags, so we get the best value. – That’s right. ♪ I know we gotta get it ♪ ♪ I know we gotta get it ♪ ♪ Know we gotta get it somehow ♪ – [Rocky] How you feelin’ about this? – Burnt. Feeling the burn,
but let’s get ‘er there! (victory music) – $685! (register chimes)
(cheering) – Whoa. – Okay so if you like videos like this, make sure you subscribe. And, if you wanna be
even more of a supporter so we can keep doing fun things like this, make sure you join the channel. I would love to have you as
a supporter of the channel. There’s a small monthly fee, but for that you get first looks at things, you get to know when
dogs get adopted first, it’s just fun to have you
as part of that community. You the clear winner on this, at $807. – Yes! All right! (whooping) Come on, bring it, bring it! – You know you got it! – Yeah, but hey,
everybody’s a winner here. – Everybody’s a winner. – And none of this
would have been possible without the Bissel Pet Foundation, and Cathy Bissel. So Cathy, thank you so much. Here’s what I want everyone
to do as a big thank you. I want you to go follow Cathy
Bissel on her Instagram, I’ll put it right here, check it out, because I follow her, and I
fall in love with her dogs and all the dogs she helps rescue. Trust me, you should go follow
her on Instagram right now. Here we go! (dramatic electronic)
(cheering) (clapping) – $2,597. – Yeah!
– Yeah! (cheering)
– All right! – Three, two, one– – Kent County Animal Shelter! – I know all of you always ask for this, to see the dogs and cats
playing with the toys, so we’re gonna roll that footage right now for ya. (blissful tune) – For the volunteers and some staff to go on a shopping spree, and Queen thanks you so much. She is a wonderful dog, and we would love somebody
to come and adopt her because she is so playful. ♪ I can’t believe what I found ♪ ♪ When I let a little piece of you ♪ ♪ The piece of you into ♪ ♪ My modest life ♪ ♪ Guessin’ you’ll let me through ♪

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