I Transformed Myself Into My Dog, Ripley

Hyello zombaes Your breath stinks. Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for and I’ve been dreading I asked you guys two videos ago if you wanted to see me turn myself into my dog, Ripley I said that if you wanted to see that to get the video to 200,000 likes *sigh* And took about a week But you got it to 200,000 likes I’m proud of you And I also kind of hate you a little bit. If you’re new to the channel because we have a lot of new zombaes on the channel as of late This is Ripley She Don’t you dare, call her a boy dog. She is an Alaskan Klee Kai A very sleepy one right now Which is kind of just fancy talk for mini husky and she sheds like a husky and She talks like a husky and she is my best friend And if you think that’s lame, I don’t care I am Fully prepared to fail at this challenge because I just am not good at translating 3D things onto a 2D space. I am much more accustomed to Translating 3D into another form of 3D. I know I say that in every body painting face painting video But it’s still true. Honestly, Jenna Marbles did so good when she did this with Kermit that I’m-I’m quaking I don’t know. I just don’t think it’s gonna be good and I’m not saying that to set me up for success that way your expectations are low And I blow them out of the water. That’s that’s exactly what I’m doing I hope I hope that’s exactly what I’m doing or I’m getting your expectations right where they should be And I’m gonna hit right at that low bar. I aim for the low bar. Sometimes you have to in life. You can’t You can’t, you gotta, sometimes you just gotta ( Same mykie same.. ) You know what? I don’t know where I’m going with this. Hmm, and I’m just procrastinating cuz I don’t wanna start. Clearly, I have lovely set decorations as you can see I have lovely hebfvieb As you can see, I have lovely set- Wow as you can see I have very special set decorations today compliments of Spanky Valentine I gave her my apartment for five days and I come back and she gave me Ripley walls, Spanky table, a Ripley couch. I saved some and now we’re using them today. They’re so funny though Look at that, she’s got her foot in her mouth there. I love her. If you’d like to see more beautiful pictures of Ripley’s face She has her own Instagram I like how I’m plugging her Instagram more than I’ve probably ever verbally plugged my own on my channel But she has a hundred and sixty thousand followers, which is bigger than the population of Kansas City, Kansas Pasadena, California, Charleston, South Carolina Savannah, Georgia The capital of Connecticut. Hartford. Ripley has more followers Than all those cities, not combined, but still. Social media is getting weird, y’all. My Instagram, by the way, is @mykie. M-Y-K-I-E. Which is my name nice to meet you. I’m not as cool as Ripley. I’m not as pretty as Ripley I’m not as funny as Ripley I’m not as sassy as Ripley- her captions are very sassy, you know, if you if you want to follow me, too That’d be cool. I already made me some A+ Ripley ears I didn’t spend the most time on them because I don’t want my ear craftsmanship to outshine my makeup skills in this video, which it very well might. So I set that bar low too And quick sidenote. We have a sponsor for today’s video, which is extra exciting. Take that YouTube I’m so advertiser friendly that we got a sponsor. The sponsor is Love Nikki the mobile app I will go into detail about that later, but for now, let’s get into the dog shit *Realizes what she said* *Instant regret* Not Now enjoy videos of Ripley being hilarious while I get into deep concentration mode struggling to turn myself into my dog. Goodbye eyelashes, I already miss you. Guess I don’t need my eyebrows. Should I shave them off? They are in the way after all No, I won’t I look creepy. I’m going to be using pretty much entirely just black and white aqua paints but to mark out a general outline I’m going to use this white NYX jumbo pencil I feel like I should paint my whole face white and then add the black in after Because This is already going horribly wrong. Cuz I’m gonna have to put white under this anyway, because she’s pretty much grey everywhere She’s not really solid black Anywhere, but the nose Now I feel like I should do the outline on this. That makes more sense to me. I think… My current level of effort is 100% buzz your girlfriend woof I hate this I hate this I hate this *deep weird voice* I hate this. Oh my god that tickles *Le sniff* I’m going back to my trusted technique from the sloth video, where I take one of those duo-fiber Jawns Jawn is a Philly term by the way. If you don’t know, I’m about to give you a lesson, listen up! Welcome to Mikey school of Philly slang. Today our word is Jawn. This is not a Philadelphia accent It’s just for effect. I actually don’t know how to do a “Philadelphia accent” fun fact just normal speak to me water. Jawn can mean Anything it is multifaceted the way that the word f*** is multifaceted. Or s*** But it’s not a curse, jawn is any thing. It’s a noun. ”Mykie Can you use it in a sentence?” Why yes, I can. ”Yo yo yo hand me uh, hand me that Jawn over there.” ”Hey, hey head down to Wawa please and get me that Jawn with the the the the meatball the meatball… ..You know the Jawn.” You get the idea. This concludes ya lesson from Mykie’s Philadelphia Slang University So like I was saying I’m taking the duo-fiber Jawn and I’m going to try to get it to help me create fake Brush hairs or maybe a small duo-fiber Jawn. Because the fibers are spread out the white part kind of gets you that effect you know the kind of hair that is so populated That you question why you had to get a mini Husky when your entire wardrobe is black? *regret covered by a smile* Dog hair don’t care. Well, I do care. Her hair goes back, which is freakin adorable. She’s so cute This looks dark, but it’s okay because I have a plan Effort is dropping to 92 out of 100 percent My favorite part of this is that Ripley is sleeping downstairs right now, with zero idea That I’m turning myself into her. Just a dog, She’ll never know. Something real sweet about that and also kind of weird, mostly sweet though. Let’s go with sweet. And then I’m doing the same with my other duo-fiber Jawn with just the white I’m gonna try to fan it out and kind of blend these edges so that it starts to look like the hairs are overlapping Honestly, maybe don’t take my advice on any of this though because it might turn out looking like crap. So pretty much every time I leave and come back This one likes to take just one of these slippers And leaves it right in the middle of the floor I’m about to leave and come back. So let’s see if she does it, (To Ripley) Don’t steal my slipper! Moment of truth.. Where is it? It’s missing. Where’d you put it? Just scoured my whole apartment Ripley and I can’t find my second shoe. Where’s my second shoe? Usually she just leaves it right in the middle of the floor by the door and now, what what the frick! You bein’ bad show me where the shoe is. Oh my god, I found it Ripley. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Rude! This is brand new. She has never hidden it under her bed before Not ever and she never eats it. She just usually keeps it right here Wow. You’re angsty Missy. Ah shit that wasn’t supposed to happen Alright, effort level is 70 out of 100 Cuz what is that? Oh ffffff-*ck. 60 out of a hundred Hello. The background starting to not be able to distinguish me from the other Ripley’s, success! How we doin’? don’t like me don’t lick me. Effort is now 45 out of 100, what am I doing wrong? Let’s see We need more tans. I don’t have the neck illusion going on yet, the way that I want to So I’m lit underneath now cuz it’s really hard to hide my real chin Trying to make it so that it looks like her chin ends here It’s hard *taps mic* Hyello Is this thing still on, do I still know how to do a voiceover? You’re probably thinking to yourselves, ”voiceover Mikey, What are you doing?” I’m here to do the most natural sponsorship integration possible. Because you see, Ripley is clearly not a fan of dressup. But I am, especially when playing love Nikki. See, I told ya. How’s that for a subtle segway? Love Nikki is a mobile app slash fantastical gigantic wondrous fashion and design world where, You can create tons of different styles complete quests throughout the contest and design a home. My favorite part is the outfit contest because they have every kind of style you can imagine from, cute to punky, To trying to watch Netflix To Netflix and chill. Jk (just kidding) That’s a bikini. To trying to upstage Blake Lively the MET Gala to- is that a dinosaur? and you can also play with the makeup which is super cool! This game is oddly addictive, y’all for real, the first time I played this I was laying on my floor like this thinking, I’ll just check it out and I ended up playing for two straight hours. it hits in my own need to want to play dress up without having to cover my face and liquid latex or spend 4 hours turning myself into Ripley or breaking a wet hopping in and out of outfits, and the world is huge and, there’s so many outfits So it has plenty of content to help you forego your real world responsibilities Like we all love to do. You can also play this game with friends like me. No, seriously I mean, please I have no friends. It’s free to play and you can download it through the link in my description back to a regularly scheduled programming. It itches ah ugh Where’s my dog? You ever notice that there’s a lot of movies.. ..that are all about dogs? My Dog Skip, Marley & Me, Homeward Bound… Homeward Bound 2, Homeward Bound 3 But there’s not a lot of songs that are just about dogs. Except for maybe ”Who Let The Dogs Out”. But apparently that’s not even about real dogs. Are there songs about dogs? Where are all the songs about dogs? Which I put in black context I’m a 10 out of 10 if the scale is the mediocrity scale. Let me put on some black contacts in and see if that improves improves things, at all. I feel like this fur from Michael’s is actually a pretty good buy. It’s a- OH it’s a dog! Do you have anything to say? Say something. Ripley: You look really good mom But I’m still more beautiful It’s just facts that I am the prettiest of them all. Well don’t sound like I’m hurting you, I said speak, that’s all. [I replayed the last part 100 times and still don’t understand what she is saying] Ripley: I’m hungry Mykie: A mood. People are going to think I’m hurting you, I’m not hurting her. Ripley: Yeah yeah who cares, give me food! Way to be so beautiful that I just can’t even recreate your perfection, that’s totally why this sucks.. no other reason. Do you even realize you’re looking at yourself, kind of? I heard that, do you have worms in your bell?. I just feel like I should be in cats the musical Feel like a real bad off-broadway version. and just a reminder, Ripley’s not a cat. So I don’t really know what else to say. You’re probably all speechless too By these skills. This was sufficiently weird Please hit subscribe if you haven’t already and hit the bell, even though it doesn’t do anything I upload once a week. You can also follow me on the other social medias I always update when I am about to upload on those. Thumbs up this video if you like dogs And that way I know everyone who watched this and didn’t thumbs it up is a monster, who cannot be trusted. See you next week Wow another amazing and fun video by Mykie That’s quality content my dude

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