this is supposed to be funny I thought
you’re gonna lie I’m in the Sam Hill what is this oh my gosh Steve we gotta find our way out soon because
look at this forests on forests on forests every woman’s name why I wanted them close them like that no like all the way
why no peeking what because I have to show you a
surprise a surprise for me yeah ready what is up shares welcome to the funnest
channel on YouTube if you’re new here I’m Lizzy sure I’m
part of the sharer fam but right now I’m actually with Carl and jinger I’m like
converting families what’s up I got gage and Luke sitting in the back seat and we
are on our way to pick up something so super cute that I think I’m gonna pop
because it’s gonna be so cute just like probably just as cute as Millie cuz
we’re gonna go pick up another puppy it’s okay so it’s a what kind of puppy
is it gonna be okay it’s called a go create a golden cream Retriever which is
like a golden retriever only it’s basically white oh my gosh yes I’m so
excited how old is it gonna be it’ll be like
seven weeks seven weeks we were so lucky because the mom actually leaves the
puppies like a week early or something and so they’re ready to be picked up a
week early and we’re so excited yeah oh my gosh with 7 week old golden
retrievers gonna be like so tiny and so cute I’m so excited so we are getting
this puppy for Carter because Carter got me a puppy so I feel like I should get
him a puppy back right isn’t that how puppies work yeah I mean I think that’s
there yeah so I’m gonna surprise Carter with this puppy so don’t tell anyone
until I show him the puppy okay oh actually already so big as puppies
they’re like the same size as what milli is this one seems really nice it’s
like night she goes under your leg and she just squat gonna be so
surprised yeah he’s so cute okay so we picked up the puppy and there’s Luke oh
my gosh I’m so excited because Carter is going to be so surprised and so thrown
off but it’s a good surprise so it’ll be so cute you pick out some stuff
I guess right yeah we’re gonna pick out some basic stuff that he’s gonna need
like probably a crate and some some food some snacks and some toys and yeah and
then we’ll probably come back with Kyle and Kyle can pick out all the rest of
his stuff he’s so chill okay so we are heading back home to surprise Carter
with this puppy but before we do we’re gonna stop at Popeyes and get some
chickens we got to bring snacks back for Carter and Shannon I honestly don’t even
know if Carter’s any more excited about the puppy or the chicken yeah comment
down below what you guys think he’ll be more excited about okay we made it back
home with the puppy oh so we ended up naming him blue like the color and he’s
so good and he’s just a puppy okay Shh but we have to be quiet because we’re
surprising Carter like a puppy Curtis gonna be so surprised he has no
idea what’s coming well go cute he is he’s just a little
cuddler oh I think he’s really asleep oh no oh no wake up baby
uh-uh he’s falling asleep okay so I don’t really know work harder is but
hopefully he’ll be home soon because this surprises for me so super cute okay
there he’s wait for the corner no what what you lose your eyes why
close close them like that no like all the way why no peeking what because I
have to show you a surprise a surprise for me yeah ready no peeking if you peek
it’s gonna ruin the surprise I don’t peek okay okay ready uh-huh
what kind of surprise is it okay ready stop stay right there open with their Oh
a dog yeah I got a puppy just for me yeah you got Millie so I decided I would
get you a puppy – you got me a puppy isn’t he so cute oh my gosh what kind of
puppy is so cute the golden retriever a Golden Retriever puppy oh my gosh the
good ideas oh my gosh look at this puppy he’s so cute look at the new puppy I
can’t believe we have another puppy this is so cute we know isn’t he’s so cute a
cutest puppy ever hurt him and Miller get a big best friend
I know please so much bigger than Millie we’re just little babies what’s the
three of us yeah this is awesome I can’t believe you got me a puppy where’d you
even get it from the road you just found him yeah there’s a family selling
puppies so I just picked him up really yeah he’s so cute are you excited yeah
what do you think you’re gonna name him I’m gonna name him Carter jr. okay
that’s my boy first of all that’s lame and second of all it’s a prank what you
need to break your puppy knee yes I have it right here
he’s not actually your is he what is his Kyle’s yeah no I’m taking on
the road oh my plants back Brian oh no Kyle’s gonna be so so upset with me oh
no Carter’s gonna steal his puppy and cause gonna be so sad
Carter least it was for me I thought you got me a puppy because I got you a puppy
I know but we didn’t get another puppy we just got one I know but you said you
would get me one so this is so cute I know he’s so cute but he’s Kyle’s we
can’t get Kyle’s puppy yeah puppy away I guess you’re Kyle’s puppy
take your blindfold off it’s a puppy for you that means you owe me a surprise list I
think you need to surprise you with something super epic if this is really a
pray but you say it is and this is not my puppy then you have to surprise me
with something super epic maybe I will get you a puppy even more epic than a
puppy what’s worse I think than a puppy I
don’t know shares what do you think is more epic of a surprise than a puppy
comment down below what you think I can’t think of anything more epic than
puppy if I could get a puppy every time I got surprised I would be like my the
best life ever but I have like a million puppies he is so big and look he’s gonna
sleep on a put him in his bed he’s going to fall asleep while baby all right
we’re going outside to play the puppy and shares so two major things right now
Liz OS be a super epic surprise because I got her baby Millie and the second is
that senseless pranked me today she better watch her back because I’m gonna
be pranking her oh look at his ears wha come here blue
Oh Oh me and blue forever oh yeah me and baby blue are gonna play all day all day
in the Sun and Kyle cuz it’s obviously Kyle dog but until next time you know
what to do stay awesome and share the love peace
woo the games we do because you went back
flips like Roman Atwood sitting at the top afraid I might miss you gotta be
brave to take that risk crying I got the weightless
land and the water feels so unreal swimming up now just take a breath all
these thoughts here you know the rest never cover bore with the massive wheels
always snack and I don’t eat meals with the mickey d’s to hydro tip jumping off the
jet skis with the back flip now you know with a share were pros I’m green member
with the under in a million that’s what we do


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