let’s go bud yo come on *let’s do it *every one strap up strap up haha hey dad *yoooo what’s up do you want to bond today? *i’d love to bond let’s do it oh with you yeah :/ uhh yeah i’d love to i thought you meant with me yeah I thought you meant with max but no i’d love to with you LETS BOND LETS DO IT YEAHH WHATWEDOIN okay. we’ll start off with.. we’re pranking people. that’s what i do…. this is so fun, i’m bonding okay so since you guys did the navy seals training yesterday in the military they flip over your beds to wake you up, so lets do that with chance we’re bonding Wake Up! Wake Up! Ow. Ow. Wake up Martinez! You have to prank him too dad, we’re bonding. Get your ass up, let’s goooo! yea. Time to get up Let’s go Martinez twins! Come on, this is how we do it We’re bonding! Good Morning And good morning Jake Paulers! Today is a great day. I’m really tired from the special forces training we did yesterday. My dad and I are gonna bond on this fine Sunday and do some adult things. If you’re new here, I’m Jake Paul. This is the Team 10 house and it is lit every single day bruh. And Jake Paulers, as always, make sure you’re smiling. Make sure you’re dabbing on them haters and make sure you’re working hard. Let’s do the thang. Ahhh! What a great way to bond dad. For sure! Look at this view. This is us bonding right now. We’re bonding. Look at this. Yes, look at us bond. And that driving is bonding too ’cause. Yea, we’re driving down the mountain. I’m totally trusting you and I’m gonna tell ya, there’s a lot of people that would have been in that car, would’ve been screaming and freaking out. No, I was going the speed limit. Well, ya I know. I’m talking about the people on the bikes that got in the way. That’s what they’d be. Yeah. Ahhhhhh! Keeping driving on the road, I got the camera. Ok. Ahhh! Look at that view. Wow, that is. You don’t got the wheel! Oh my God, oh my god dad. I… I… I got this. Look at us bond. Wow, I love you dad. Woahhhhh! Ohhhhh! Don’t hit the… Wooooo! Dude, that was… that was. Let’s keep on bonding! Bro, I’ve literally been gone for five hours and I’m pretty sure your standing in the same spot doing the same exact thing thing. Hahaha! Can we get a replay on earlier. Good morning! You just haven’t moved or what? No, ya know, I, uh, went to the gym. Oh, ya, ya. Dude, how ya feel after the training course yesterday. I’m dead. Ah! Jesus. You saw me and then you jumped. I know I was in my own little world. Hi mom. Hi Jake. What are you doing? Oh, I just came to see you. Are you gonna take me for a little lunch? Ya, is McDonalds good? Ohio! No, no, Yes! Ohio Fried Chicken! Ohio Fried Chicken! OFC! What have these vlogs and merch come to? I don’t know. Justin, you’re new here bruh. Are we, are we crazy? Sometimes. But is it like a dumb crazy or what? Good crazy! Oh, ok. I’m sorry Justin. Sorry. Bro, did you see this. Bro, I made it. That’s you. Ohio Fried Chicken. *Dolphin noises. You think this room is a. A mess? Ya. Yes, I do. Wait, wait. Wwwait. *Gorilla and various monkey noises. This is the dumbest thing they do. *Monkey noises continue. No, but seriously though. Ya. Why are you here? In LA or at your house? Ya, you’re always with Logan. You didn’t switched up, Vlog Mom. I’m sorry. I get more views, so, uh, you shoud be in my vlogs. What do you want me to do? Sleep in your bed with your dad and you? I got a bed available. What are you trying to do? Hit on my mom? No, no.Oh, I was just gonna say let me know how it goes. My plan from high school is happening. We won’t talk about it. That’s for another time. Oh my God. If Logan watches this, you know what we’re talking about, bro. Yo. Dope merch guys. Yo, link in bio baby. Ohhhh! Oh, no. Yo, link in bio. We just dropped ’em. Oh, yeezy merch? Yea, new Team 10 Yeezys. You’re beautiful mom. Shucks. You’re beautiful. No, I’m over here because Logan’s out of town. Hmmmmm. Logan’s out of town? What? What are you thinking? Did you say Logan’s out of town? Yea. For how long? A day. The whole day? Are you thinking what I’m thinkin’ Tony? What are you thinking? I don’t know. I was thinking we break in or something. Ya, ya, ya same but what do we do? Thinking. Thinking. Thinkin’! Brainflash! Ah! We steal his puppy. No. Woooooo! Anthony named Kong. We should steal my brother’s dog. Let’s do it. Let’s steal him. Mom! You’re gonna help us. I’m gonna be in so much trouble. But the viewwwws. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Alright Guys! So we’re on a mission right now to go steal Kong, baby. We’re going to Logan’s apartment right now, we’re gonna have to try and break in. We got the whole squad in here. My dad’s on the back of this truck. The wind game is strong. It’s like we’re basically in the military. And after my training yesterday, I’m gonna know how to break into Logan’s apartment. Logan, if you’re watching this, screw you! I’m gonna take your dog baby. That doggy’s cute! He’s ok. He’s alright. Ya. But we gonna steal him, we gonna steal him. which way? ok guys, so you’re not allowed to film in here but I’m doing it any ways we snuck past security my mom knows where his apartment is and I’m going to have to use my special forces training to break open the door this is your idea so it was her idea right? yah *knocking all around the door like an idiot* *takes off watch* trust me, I know what I’m doing. oh yeah oh yah you’re going to break my sunglasses did you break them? yo! oh chance when you’re filming try not to ffffffff flap up the light


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