I JUST BOUGHT A PUPPY! **not clickbait**

I need [this] [dog]You own [this] [dog] how much for the dog? GO Subscribe to Jaylan sims NOW THX ohgfe47umbvf5ftffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff . 5rbdvnmg2wncwsuck itesday We got the savage gear dropping look at this look at it, bro. That’s dope today I’m the mayor of this town literally like this is my city I am officially the mayor and hold [the] parade for me. Huh? I heard there’s gonna be a go We got Goats chicken cars, hot girl That’s sick all around guys I’m just unhappy man, and I hope today I can give some of my energy to you so for now Here’s what I want you to do low gang we all got busy life I want to distract you from yours on [one] two three take a deep breath 1 2 3 Yoe, I think that was the exact pitch of the screaming goat Anyways guys let’s do this right? It’s gonna be a good day. Good morning Bennet Then exercise take mark Bannon Louisiana [was poppion ] [Bro] I’m excited for a bridge that can be done [your] boys in the car watching headed some help me help you [eh] Hey by the way guys. We do have a release date for the it’s coming out. What what do we say may? 17 18 I think clay 17th help me help you can be out to be right back. Yeah Heading up for the parade look it. There’s no one here except you. You’re here. I see you. You know that sounds beautiful [are] you a clown I am goes on [appreciate] that’s not funny. Don’t say that when they’re all around here. You’re a clown bro. [I] like you bro. Can’t tell people that without telling [Jesus] Clowns clowns everywhere There’s a lot of people here. This is becoming a [thing] I don’t think this [parade] [is] going to become such a thing yeah. Oh my God. We got the [club] Bringing his car y’all is gonna be [the] [latest]? [guys], we are just getting started. There’s people signing in over there. There’s all sorts of vehicles over here. What is it? Oh, this is amazing. We’re only Louisiana legit. This is the coolest four-wheeler I’ve ever seen nothing [could] stop this visit of man playground. We got this kid on a little bike, bro That bike is too tiny for you. Wrong. We got this we got this we got another Kyle. You don’t have to run Where you going bro your card? I like you in my shot much stuff on me. Y’all get your half a cloud okay, okay? I’ll get you later get you later No way, no way. No impossible. No way no oh my God They got tiny [charred] and this is [an] amazing row. [I] [didn’t] know Gonna be this big I’m over here sitting in the shade thinking about what I’m gonna do next in my line that sees this bamboo No, they got Bamboo look at the bamboo in Louisiana impossible. No way just scientifically doesn’t make doesn’t make sense I’m just saying like yo, where’s the pandas Ebro wears designer your black E-cig looks like a panda Is your it was a marching band [Benny]? We have a marching band. Yo your show is kind of legit. Thanks, man It’s our show though, you know that it’s it’s our show. You’re my boy. Oh My God, how did we get it? Hey, hey, hey Nor give me my [hat] for my brand. It’s no, it’s now I bring ignore nor I’m claiming my brand Nora my brand your brand. What who are you? Are you afraid of clowns? [guys], I’m with the Louisiana Tech team Now these girls are so cute la guys walk around like I found you like this, so it’s like a normal thing We’re just [chilling] up here [hoosh], [hoosh] [older] guy get on with the [Louisiana] [Tech] bear I’m dying I cheated on you guys, just hug the office. I love all of you What no no room to go? Oh my God is your go right now? Why are you ready the mazing isn’t going this way? Hi, you make me happy. Oh, that’s the fat little go We got a bed we got cheerleaders folks. You’re giving me the keys to success oh I love Ya I did a little choked out we got the Louisiana tech band cheer teaming you are gone still right? I’m not gonna like seeing you meander about in these bushes kind of weird, but okay You [guys] up with the pageant queen hey So you guys are the only group that wasn’t loud you guys are going back to queen Miss, Louisiana is Mixing Jumpy, Miss Louisiana [turn] [the] beautiful Keep it up. Keep it up doing great his lady got a camera. She uh She pointed the camera at me shit. Uh no matter where I go see [uh] been in my director here Uh pageant queens in the corner that uh producer me. I got a similar How [did] me shit this one got a tulip here though this boy got a sack right here? We gotta buy a truck we uh your real talk. How do we get this legit guys? We got a fire truck clearly they’re still doing that stuff We got all this joke how how these guys won’t stop driving little card this turn is fun funny because we were debating whether to Make it really small or really big and it turned into something really big you guys your dreams can come true I’m just a [choch] from Ohio, and I get to have my own place. I think we’re approaching the parade. I’m looking around here There’s some people you’ll this a lot of people here, but I’m looking over here Yo, that’s great. You look at this. I need that I need that in my life Oh, what are you doing at all this? [oh] [guys]? I’m literally in love with this animal. I have it Owner can I hold it? I’m in love with [dog] [his] name is blue Nice. This is the cutest little thing guys. I don’t even want to be married anymore I just want to own this dog and live happily forever after every good Mayor has a Pomeranian that just look at this hey come on blue cut it out. Oh You guys I’m think I’m done with this episode me. Are you cool with that? Too cool be cool. I found this dog and it’s very distracting Some might say I just [found] it dog. I’m uh are you guys okay? What that’s the dad for real football? What is [how’d] you do that? What are you doing? Yo, buddy? I’m distracted. I can’t finish this episode. [no] look at this. Oh my God bye-bye Apparently, we’re trying to rust it. I got one [thing] to say before we do that dog peed on my shoulder here Oh, no, really. I think that happened Dang dang. This is Amazing there are so many people here. Hi everybody Bennett guys, we’re Gonna do just a couple quick mrs.. Bennett directing. He’s a good director. I know he’s not all actors, but yeah Let’s go to oh my God. [you’re] white Bull I See that little [clone] This is the goofiest thing. I’ve ever [seen] I didn’t even show you guys the front of this Oh my God, it is mine at the pageant queen and I throwing pizza at people great great You know I need a pageant wave yeah, what’s the badge away go? What like this is like that no? I love it. [I] love it. It’s amazing This is making me so happy but the best part about it is my boy Dolph is [driving]. Oh No, this is crazy. His little cars. Can’t make up the hill. Oh, they’re running into each other you got it No No, no, you guys are going the wrong way. [oh], no. They didn’t make it. No you guys got it you got it Yo should [you] be in this car? Oh never mind never mind. Oh my God is getting started guys [we’re] in the car the [bridge]. There’s time [to] throw pieces. Let’s do it Yeah, we just got done with [the] parade it is insane legit chucking Pizza, but they love it They love it and Asia Guys this episode is Gonna be so good. Hey logan Look at you. There. Can I say something yoke it’s hot? It’s hot we shit. Oh my God Did you just rip freaking marathon bro and the worst part about it is like I can’t get rid of it I still have a speech to do this brad guy [is] [show] business, [so] this is what it’s all about my Guys, I have big news. I’m with their real [bear] of the time How did my team convince you to let us do this? I got enough. You know it’s really easy They call me and we talked about it, and you know I’m always about things exciting your city. No way Yo, let it cool it forever, bro Hey Cool it man a burlesque. Ow. This is hit Bennett. Is it here we go big speech done? Let’s go guys look at this logan [palmer] of Rustin. Don’t need a slogan. My name is Logan got a stage We got people here hey hey guys Like where’d you get the shirt Logan Paul, not claire? Oh? [we] got the mavericks. I’ve got to be a maverick type of you, so I must give the best speech ever guys [so], what do you guys think is it? You think it’s great. I think I think it’s kind of weird But whatever to judge it this might go down as one of the greatest speeches in history Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men machine men with Machine Minds and Machine hearts You are not machines. You are not cattle you are men Mother of God [bro] legit the greatest [speech] ever the episode is great. How do we get this Roja? Yo, how does it [meet]? where’s that dog by the way I act on My instincts be a maverick is what I stand for right? And I’m looking at this dog that you’re holding and I’m like I need this dog who owns the dog You own the dog how much for the dog? $2,500 for the dog, okay? $2,500 I’ll buy [the] dog 400. [I’m] Josh [brown]. Yeah, yo Like a hippie you’re [gonna] see this on the vlog Hot you, buddy. We’re going to bond and be best friends to get a bit of friend from average Everyone [say] you’re doing it or throw it made its event It’s the best dog, and I’m buying it be really nice with my I swear my new home With the dog you’ll okay would take [a] picture nobody very tiny pizza boxes your fame is [beneficial] [God] as I sit here in my little twinkie mobile thing I’m thinking more and more about this dog I split [it] from the owner because we had to finish shooting which gave me a little time to think Here’s the thing yo, I’m getting this door This is how I live like this is what I live for here’s something And then just knowing it is so right, and it needs to happen and I do it yeah So I’m gonna pick up our little boy blue in a bit Yo, my mom and [dad’s] gonna be pissed manager. [Jeff’s] Gonna be pissed I don’t even know how I’m gonna take care of this thing. I have no time to take care of myself Bennett, thanks for helping me make some irrational and quick decisions. Let’s do this My gosh is going down. I’m yelling timber Policy are Very very oh, this is so right. This is so right. I blue how are you how are you? That’s my boy right [there]? There’s my pradesh my boy that’s my boy right there ha ha trying to make out with me yo yo Yo, take me to dinner first blue. Yo it’s Official official little boy blue is my new puppy I broke a handshake yeah, let’s do that. Yeah, that’s my boy. That’s my boy [blue] that’s Gonna be one day our future is bright. We’re gonna get out of here We’re actually in the middle of our shoot still to appreciate it. Yeah of course of course yeah any questions Hit me up [ok] cool. I might have a lot complete young and dumb and hit experience that in life yeah, [I] cannot believe that I just did [I] [was] [going] dad fuck. Let’s see what the team thinks my new pen oh my God We got a Mascot [guy] He’s got the tiniest little thing don’t you yeah it takes after his owner? Oh? dog’s name is Little Boy blue Why do I got to make his Instagram before you guys watch this vlog? He will have an instagram that little boy blue honest actually I have no idea What is it you just hold on hold my puppy? I’m gonna do this last shot little boy blue stay or you want me to make a little boy blue right now It’s it’s great. No it is not. Oh my gosh. Hey guys future logan here I just realized something I don’t think I want to call him blue like we could come oh my God We could come up with something so creative like I don’t know I’m thinking Calm Like King Kong Yeah, see it is fun. Cuz we called King Kong he’s so tiny and small just making sense Maybe I rod and he was perfect English. Yo everyone is loving blue. Yo blue is Gonna. [give] me so many girls He’s gonna be a savage, bro. [oh] look at him. He’s such a stud very three girls surrounding him right now This is how you finish you bake? ah ah That’s a wrap on Logan Paul versus small town. Yeah Nothing with his dog for five minutes, and we are already best friend Oh my God, yo You know I have so much to learn about this dog apparently he loves ears. You really like ears again I got so we good ha ha we got a new [member] of the family and it oh You know I can’t believe this hey guys future logan here again. Yeah I want you guys to help me name this little thing oh my God Yeah, by the way apparently you can hold them like that So I think it’s going to be my thing like look II do these chills Yeah, comment. [below] what you think I can name him I think I rock take 14 comedy, and then we’ll get an instagram. It was great, and you’ll get famous on the internet I pat daly Hi guys, you know I gotta end my vlog in my maverick hoodie because this was quite the Maverick move today getting this little guy Hello, gang you guys know I love you blue Hopefully will come to love you as well, and we will see you guys tomorrow. Take it easy Berbers, do you [wanna] do the thing yeah? [actually] bit

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