I have to give up this Golden Retriever puppy ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

– Pretty chair.
♪ You and I let us run away ♪ – Good boy, watch your tail
♪ We can go where we want ♪ – That’s a good boy, yeah.
♪ I’ll have your back ♪ ♪ if you’ll have mine ♪ – Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka, this is Jalapeno, and this is the best and
worst day of my life, because I have to give
up this golden retriever. I always know it’s coming, and so I feel like it should be easier, but it never gets easier, and it’s so sad, but I’m so happy, I’m
gonna explain more of this, but let me tell you where we’re at. We’re in Palm Springs California, there’s mountains right
up there behind me. We’re gonna head up to Joshua Tree, and if you’re a regular on this channel, you know that we live in Los Angeles, so why in the world are we out here? I’m gonna tell you more about that, and about this golden retriever puppy, who is a rescue dog, and about to break my heart. Let’s go I’ll tell you more, c’mon. ♪ You and I let us run away ♪ ♪ We can go where we want ♪ – There we go we got your
stuff, and your stuff, look that’s my stuff. You pack heavier than we do buddy. Okay, so I told em where we were going, but I haven’t told them the why yet. – Okay.
– The why is we have to get rid of Jalapeno. – (whimpers) – Ahhh but, – I’m gonna cry. – Ah, it is for his own good. Because he’s going to his forever home. He’s being adopted. – Huh buddy.
– Whoo! Whoo! If you’re new to this channel, we took Jal out on my show Dog Day’s Out, where we take him out on
the best day he’s ever had, and work to get him adopted. And he’s gone on this journey with us, don’t be rude man, we’re telling your story. He’s like, do you have any treats? We’re gonna head up to Joshua Tree, and meet his new family, and I can’t wait for
you guys to meet them. They’ve been working on
getting their backyard set up. So let’s go. – We could also just go home and keep him. – (laughs) No! ♪ Baby let’s go for a ride ♪ ♪ You and I let us run away ♪ ♪ We can go where we want ♪ ♪ I’ll have your back
if you’ll have mine ♪ ♪ You and I, you and I ♪ ♪ Wanna leave everything behind ♪ ♪ If you wanted to ♪ ♪ Promise you we will be alright ♪ ♪ If it’s you and I you and I ♪ ♪ I want you to myself ♪ ♪ We can stay in hotels ♪ ♪ Just living off the edge ♪ ♪ Only good times ahead ♪ ♪ So let me put a smile upon your face ♪ ♪ Baby make your world ♪ – I think the reason that
I thought Joshua Tree would be perfect is because
I’ve never been here before, so you know you always remember your first time in a location and I thought now every time I come back to Joshua Tree, I will remember Jal, and just all of the
time we spent together, and I will just think on how’s he doin’. And I think that’s what’s
so neat about fostering, is you really get to get lost in your memories sometimes
of these amazing dogs, just knowing now that
they’re in good loving homes. So yeah, I think Joshua
Tree is gonna be perfect. Alright here’s what I
want everybody to do. I want you to leave a
comment down below for Jal, wishing him best of luck
with his new family, and let’s keep up on this
journey to go meet em. C’mon buddy. C’mon we got a lot of exploring to do. Let’s go let’s go c’mon. ♪ It’s you and I you and I ♪ – [Rocky] Miss him yet? – Yes.
– Are you crying already? Oh no, don’t I’ll start too. Oh no. I think the thing about
fostering is that it’s not easy, and when you guys say
hey I want to foster, I want to do what you do but I couldn’t, I would you know be too sad. But why do we do it? – Cuz otherwise we couldn’t continue to keep saving more dogs. – You ready? – I guess.
– Are you guys ready? I would imagine there are
some tears on the other side of the camera too so, but this is what we do. This is why we started
this journey with Jalapeno. Okay here we go. – Okay. (upbeat music) – Yeah.
– Nice to meet you. You’re family now. – I know, right. – Yeah, it’s so windy. How did you hear about
Jal in the first place? – You. – Oh okay.
(both laugh) – This would make sense.
– Yeah, you. I read the story and
it’s, this is terrible. I cannot believe people
would give this guy back. I’m on my second special needs dog now, and that’s just kind of my thing. Any special needs dog is pretty much gonna have a spot in my house. That’s my personal goal. So we have a pit bull mix, and then the shepherd mix
is the special needs one. – Got it, okay what are their names? – Tugboat and Ellie. We kind of took a cardboard
box and put it in a corner where his chair is gonna go so
they would get used to that. – That’s so smart. – Certain toys they’re allowed to have. We kind of got rid of all the
ones that were falling apart, so there’s not like little
bits and pieces everywhere. – You’ve been prepping already? – Oh, he already has– – I’m already in love. – Yeah he’s got a bed, we’ve
got some toys in the car. – I told you oh man
you guys this is great. Okay. Why don’t you guys wait here, Kel’s around the camera, Kel you’re doing so good. – I know, I’m trying not to cry. – I’ll go get Jal, and
you guys hang out here, and don’t run away. – I’m not gonna run away. – Oh, you are gonna be
one lucky dog buddy, and they’re gonna be one lucky family. Okay, I’ll give you one last hug. I love you. I love you, Okay, let’s do it bud, c’mon.
♪ This love has ♪ ♪ never been stronger ♪ ♪ I’m up in the clouds
when you’re around ♪ ♪ But when you’re not
it’s getting much harder ♪ ♪ And I’m falling down down ♪ ♪ I’m falling down ♪ ♪ I see your face on all of the pages ♪ ♪ In the scrapbook of my mind ♪ – How about I get into your level. How’s that? Hi, buddy. Oh, I know.
– She just adopted him (cheering) He’s in a new home! – [Jill] Yeah. – [Rocky] Oh good boy,
look how happy he is. – [Jill] Yeah, yeah!
– Yeah, for real! ♪ I’m thinking of you ♪
– Hi, buddy. ♪ Every day a million times
hoping you hear me ah ♪ ♪ Tell me you do ♪ ♪ every day a million times ♪
– Oh baby, hello baby. ♪ Just when I’m ♪ ♪ thinking of you ♪
– Oh, baby. I know! Oh, my God! Be still my
♪ Grow on me ♪ beating heart.
♪ with every heart beat ♪ – First kiss. ♪ I really hate to wave goodbye ♪ ♪ I know it’s crazy but I can’t help it ♪ ♪ When I’m fallin’ down
down I’m fallin’ down ♪ – I guess is a good, ♪ Ooh everyday a million
times hopin’ you hear me ah ♪ ♪ Tell me you do ♪ ♪ Everyday a million times
just when I’m thinking of you ♪ – [Rocky] Alright so we worked with Jill on everything that Jal needed, and it was in that moment that I think I realized that
this was a perfect match, and that everything was going to be okay. I mean, if there’s one thing
that I learned from Jal, it’s that every day is a new day. And in that day the most important thing, no matter what life
throw at us is gratitude. I’m grateful for Jill welcoming
Jal into their new family, and yes, I will miss him but I’m happy that I got to be a part of
this chapter of his life. Ah, you amazing. Oh, he’s so happy, oh. (kiss smacking) Okay, love you. God, thanks for making that a
lot harder being super cute. Leave a comment down below
for Jill, Jalapeno’s new mom and just thank her for
being willing to do this. You stepped up to the plate
it means the world to us. It means the world to all
of them out there watching. You guys have all been
a part of this journey. So, hit that thumbs up button
if you’re as happy as I am, and as sad as I am. (both laughting) But, thank you so much. – Thank you so much.
– Really appreciate it. So you guys don’t blow me up, I will put their Instagram
handle below in the description. So check it out, and that way you can follow Jal on his new journey. – Yeah absolutely.
– Okay alright. – We’ll be on there in like four hours. (both laughting) ♪ I’m thinking of you ♪ ♪ Everyday a million times
hoping you hear me ah ♪ ♪ Tell me you do ♪ ♪ Everyday a million times just when ♪

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