I Drew An American Goldfinch In This Fashionable Pose! | Colored Pencils Drawing

Hello American Goldfinch are these birds that have bright yellow fur and some black I’ll be showing you how I drew them with color pencils. Let’s get started This is white ash of the American Goldfinch if you want to follow along and draw with me you can but if you just want to watch and go ahead and I’m basing this bird on a photo reference So I know the colors and the pose, but the twig that the bird is anywhere I’m painting that can do twigs of cherry blossoms and Moving on to my color pencils first I use black and then cover it with some blue Foreshadow of the bird I first used gray and then I am laying mango on top of it and Then I will add Jasmine yellow ochre Golden yellow yellow and lime peel to add in more the shadow for a beak I think I use mango orange and light If you are liking this drawing so far feel free to hit that like button and subscribe I also added white to blend the colors together because he wants bird to look us up as possible Pour the white spur of the bird I use cougar for the shadows now moving on to the birds like Which I use mango like orange orange. Okay, let’s do two twigs and cherry blossoms. Woo Okay. Well, this is my official American Goldfinch dry if you liked it, please like subscribe share and cook on the belt. So pull me a lot I’ll see you guys next time. So by E You

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