I Am Dolphin | October 2014

[MUSIC] Hi name’s John Crackow,
I’m a Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience here at the Johns
Hopkins School of Medicine. And we believe movement is
a form of cognition and a form of knowledge. And we think through
anticipating and predicting the movement
of others, we develop empathy for them. We can take that a step further,
and by controlling the movement of
others, we can empathize and be embodied within them. The time we use for
this connection with others through movement
is the motor connection. And through the use of games
we believe we can exploit this motor connection, both for
the purposes of conservation and for the treatments in patients
after brain injury and motor impairment. We explore these connections
through the development of a game called I Am Dolphin,
which required a software architect, a computer scientist,
an artist, and a neurologist.>>Games today lack a sense of
physical motion and reality. People immediately can tell
that something is missing. So the question was, how do we create a character
that feels alive to the player? And we found our final
answers in neuroscience and animal behavior.>>So,
if you look at any animal. There’s a kind of majesty
in the movement itself. And one of the things
we wanted to do with this game is connect
people to that movement. So we had to build
a real simulation, a physical simulation of an
animal, a dolphin in this case.>>What does it feel like to
hunt down a fish to evade a predator that’s
coming after you? To leap into the air and do amazing acrobatics just for
the fun of it? These are the questions
we asked and this the goal of our project. Is to transport the users
both physically and emotionally into
the world of the dolphin.>>We need to put together
multi-talented group of individuals to carry off
a project of this magnitude and make games that force for good. [SOUND]
>>My name is Omar Amad and I’m the director of
the Catta project at the Johns Hopkins School
of Medicine.>>I’m Cromegory and I’m a software architect
at Johns Hopkins.>>My name is Kat McNally and I’m an artist here
at Johns Hopkins.>>I turn our simulations into
characters that you can love. [MUSIC]

4 thoughts on “I Am Dolphin | October 2014

  • This is my "title" for my movie, "I am Dolphin" (http://youtu.be/qeF6Cpphs3g and www.IamDolphin.com) I created earlier this year. I'm happy you're created a game for people to get a visceral experience of a dolphin. Just a thought, a true experience would be them in the wild, instead of captivity… which is acoustically like a prison to them. Please feel free to contact me. For the oceans, Dove

  • This game is lacking more physical and emotional reality then a lot of other games i've seen. What the fuck are you talking about, pac-man, from the 80's? You haven't played a video-game in the last 15 years, have you?

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