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MARLON: At some point you know, I am going to need an heir to my throne so I will look to my oldest, Jordan. I need to be 100% sure he is able to handle these big dogs. MARLON: But to be the best, you got to take the hits. MARLON: I just hope he is ready. MARLON: Here at DDK you know, we got a big family. MARLON: Everything that we build and everything that I do is for the kids. MARLON: Without the kids, I mean, basically we wouldn’t have anything, you know. MARLON: You know, they have been wanting to be involved since like the second they could move around. MARLON: At this point, my oldest son Jordan is starting to get a lot more involved, which is very cool to see as a father and my young son is always very, very interested in everything that is going on. MARLON: Today I am going to put Jordan through the paces of some of the dogs. We are going to start with the basics of training with the puppies then we will move on with some bigger dogs. And if he is feeling up to it, we will move on to controlling the Hulk. LISA: To have young kids working and training with dogs, I think it is very important for the kid and the dog and it gives them a sense of confidence and it shows the dogs that these are also people to respect as well. MARLON: I absolutely have you know, zero concern with my dogs training with these kids. LISA: Anybody that criticises us for involving our children with the dogs really doesn’t understand, I don’t think. MARLON: The dogs love the kids. I mean these dogs will guard these kids’ lives with everything they have got. You know, I mean the dogs are definitely bonding with the children. I mean that is for sure. LIA: Jordan has a really great relationship with Hulk. Hulk was born when Jordan was just two years old. So he has been around since he can remember. He is such a gentle, sweet dog. You can literally do anything to him and Jordan just loves him. JORDAN: Me and Hulk are good friends for a long time. MARLON: Wouldn’t surprise me if the kid thought he was a dog you know, for a while he honestly did certain things that are more similar to animals and people almost, which would be almost strange but it is not strange when like, literally your brother is like a giant dog. MARLON: Dogs are a huge part of my life you know, and they are my legacy, my love, they are just a massive part of my life. So at some point you know, I am going to need an heir to my throne. So I look to my eldest, Jordan. LISA: At the age Jordan is at now, he is at kind of, a good age to really start learning some heavy training. LISA: He really has a passion for the dogs and growing up seeing us train, he has that real passion for training. MARLON: Today we want to put you know, concrete challenges in front of Jordan. You know kind of, level up is you know, a keyword of the day. MARLON: That’s important for me that he follows in my footsteps. So every time I come up and train, I will bring him with me and I try to dedicate you know certain portions of my time and training to teaching him a little bit about what’s going on here. Each day we train, he can move forward as well. You know, life is about forward progression. No matter what he does honestly, I know my kid is going to make me proud regardless training dogs, work at McDonald’s. I don’t really care. You know, regardless he is winning. He is on the winning team. MARLON: So we are starting things off easy. But it is still got to be done and done right. LISA: This is King Kong and he is from Hulk and Stella from the last breeding that we just had and he is about ten weeks old now. So he is at a perfect age to start obedience and Jordan knows enough where he is at now to begin training Kong. So I think the two of them growing up together and learning together, it’s going to work really well. JORDAN: King Kong is the cutest here. He is the youngest. He barely knows how to walk. LISA: This is just some very basic stuff. It’s going to teach Jordan about positions, it’s going to teach him when to give the treat and when to give the marks. LISA: He did really well and the two of them I think are really going to grow together and learn a lot from each other. So it is going to be really cool to see. MARLON: That was a good start. He is doing great. But it is time to step it up a little bit. MARLON: The only thing really that I want him to learn you know, is how to be calm, cool and collected. You know, how to be poised in the situation around big dogs and chaos. LISA: So Jordan did really well with Kong. So now we are going to move to Hercules and Dynasty and just do some double work with them. MARLON: And they are two dogs that we haven’t trained with them for a while. But I have decided recently that I was just going to teach them some kind of tandem things together. So we figured we have Jordan kind of, help out with that. LISA: They got very excited and it was a lot for Jordan being a bit smaller to really stand his ground. LISA: For a kid Jordan’s age, 6 years old, it is hard enough to focus on one thing, let alone two. So we have two dogs running around and getting them both to focus. It was a lot. But he did really, really well. MARLON: I think Jordan did well. I mean, I think he will be a strong leader for the future. You know, he asserts himself well on dogs. He gets a bit distracted you know, here and there but you know, he is six. So kind of, comes with the territory a little bit you know. MARLON: It’s a process when it comes to dog training, not everything is going to be perfect. So I am going to step in now, we are going to work with Hulk and see if we can end on a little bit more of a positive note. This is the exciting part. I mean this is the part that I get all my kicks out of obviously you know. This is what we are known for is protection work and you know, bite work and action. So you know, I will let my eldest son join me in a little bit more of action right now and teach him the ropes as we go. All I want is like, his engagement in what it is that we are doing. So I am going to pick up the sleeve, I am going let Jordan hold the leash and just get a couple of bites of me on the sleeve, feel the impact of the protection work and a dog and drive. The experience is what it is more about. JORDAN: The command is to get him back is ‘Out!’ or you could say ‘Out here.’ MARLON: In Hulk’s world you know, when we brought Jordan and Hulk together to see the happiness on his face you know. I know my dog loves to work out. I mean let’s face it they are both my kids. They have been together since as far back as Hulk’s been around you know. So their relationship is amazing you know, I mean that’s brotherhood you know, to the fullest. MARLON: It makes me feel good to see that I can show the world that you know, this 40lbs child can control this 180lbs animal. It’s one thing to control the dog, it’s another thing to feel its power. Jordan is going to follow in my footsteps. He is got to be able to take a bite. So he is got to put the sleeve on. MARLON: Serious part of the exercise. We have now reversed roles. Now you are wearing the sleeve. So the dog is a little bit tired now so he is going to be a little bit less you know, a little bit less intense. But you know what to do here. When he bites count to like, five and then slip the sleeve. Okay? JORDAN: Can it hurt?
MARLON: No, no. It is not going to hurt. LISA: He has been around this since he was little. Ever since he was probably about three years old, he has been asking for his own little mini bite suit. MARLON: There is a fear in standing in front of a massive dog as he bites on the sleeve, you know, which even though it’s his dog, he has been raised with the dog, they were raised together you know, I mean he is a little kid. MARLON: He wants to you know, take bites from the dogs. As strange as it sounds you know, like father like son. MARLON: Hulk hits like a truck you know, I mean he hits full size. He will take a grown man to the ground like nothing you know. So to see him turn down and understand you know, he has to turn down a level to work with Jordan. I mean it was amazing. You had fun? You liked that? Do you like to train the dogs? MARLON: You know, so little J, he always gets excited when he sees us training, especially, if he sees his older brother training. He sees his older brother training you know, most of the time you know, he can’t wait to just get himself involved. LISA: Jackson wants to do everything that everybody else is doing when we are training the dogs. He wants to come up and grab the leash and help train. Same with when we are doing bite work when we are training and doing protection work, he wants to grab the sleeve and put the sleeve on. MARLON: The general public, the way they perceive this is like, they see a bite sleeve and they instantly put this together with like, this is like a bloodthirsty dog. MARLON: I decided to make you know, to make a top rank decision and you know, let my youngest son try out the family business real quick and you know, that really was, that was the first time I had ever done that. LISA: Yeah, Jackson is very confident and he knows what he wants. He has no fear of the dogs at all. MARLON: The two-year-old, barely two, has more control over the dog than everybody here. It’s almost embarrassing but it’s good. It couldn’t have been better. It couldn’t have been a better moment you know. It was perfect. It was perfect to see. MARLON: This whole routine here is very much so, a playful routine in a sense. The world will see it as a lot of danger but there is really minimal danger around. I don’t know. I think it’s great. I was proud, proud of both my kids, proud of whole team. This is, this is a win. JORDAN: When I grow up I would like to train all the dogs. MARLON: You know, what? I am a happy man. If Jordan keeps progressing how he is, my legacy is absolutely secure.

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