Huge Rottweiler Dog Captain Cuddles Owner – Happy Cappy

Oh my goodness. Bear! Look at this big bear. *giggle* *laughter* You guys I’m sitting here on my comfy futon. trying to work and look what these guys
do. Look see working. Me trying to work. And then I have this right here. *laughter* Hi big bear face. Hi big bear. Oh Bubba Bubba. Oh Bubby Boobie Hi sweet bear cub. Oh my goodness. My goodness I mean come on! πŸ™‚ What am I supposed to do here. *laughter* Awe. So cute. *laughter* Look at the size of this guy. Mammoth! Oh he’s my little baby. Little yeah he’s so little. *slapping sounds* He’s just a little Chihuahua. *laughter* Hi little Chihuahua face. What are you such a big sweetie huh? Hello. Hello YouTube. Mr. Velvet Ears. He he he Mr. Velvet Ears. *kiss sound* Oh my gosh. Dude. Dude though. He takes up the whole futon. Ha ha! *Old McDonald song playing*

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