How we create Explainer Videos with the “Poodle Principle” | Mynd

People ask us: how does one of your video productions actually work? The answer: we follow our “poodle principle”. And this is how it works: This is your message. Your “poodle”. And it needs to reach people. To do that, we examine the gist of the matter – “the core of the poodle”, and pay special attention to three things: Firstly: The “what” is not crucial, the “why” is. We find out why your message is important for people, so they immediately understand its value. Secondly: We tell the hard, naked truth.
This is a lot more innovative than you think! And thirdly: we create a real, touching story about it. And so the “core” is done. Then comes the packaging. Your poodle from the outside. A video with heart and soul. With wit. And with BAM! Because only when the poodle and core fit, will your message take off.

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