How to Use a 3-Way Turning Plug

Hi I’m Megan, today we’re going to learn how to use a three-way stopcock.
Three-way stopcock is a tool that’s going to allow you to draw fluid or air from a cavity using a closed collection system. So this is important especially if you are in the chest cavity and you want to draw back your fluid or air and you don’t want to have to disconnect your syringe from the needle every time you need to empty it. So with a three-way stopcock you need to remember that where this little vial is pointing that’s closed so right now we are closed off to the blue line. So if I draw back I’m drawing from the red because this is the open port. I can also push back on that on the red side. If I closed off to the red and I draw back I’m going to get the blue so in both directions pushing and pulling I’m using the blue. So what if i want to put blue into the red line i’m going to be off to the red i’m going to fill my syringe with blue then i’m going to turn this off to the blue and when I push I have now filled the red line with blue.
If I want to go the other direction we’re going to make purple now I’m going to turn I’ll probably need to fill this I’m going to turn off to the red and now we’ve made purple and that’s how you use a three-way stopcock.

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