How to Train Your Dog to Stay off the Bed!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog now today’s video is quite an interesting one as me and Milo here are going
to be talking about how to keep your dog off the bed I know Molly’s placement
right now isn’t the best with his am on the floor and who’s calling on the
buzzer he’s definitely winning right now but if you would like to learn a little
bit more about that and how you can stop your dog completely from getting up on
the bed the deaf at the do it stay tuned before today’s video
before we do get started definitely do go down below to the comments and let me
know where does your dog sleep do they have their own bed do they sleep on the
bed with you did the sleep on the floor let me know down below what is your
dog’s a bedtime routine and where do they sleep but let’s just get started
now it’s no surprise that dogs like a warm and comfy place to sleep like Milo
it’s right now so it’s no surprise when a dog decides to jump and slide into
your bed above it it can get quite annoying and if your dog does have fleas
or they are muddy and you just don’t want them on the bed at all there
definitely needs to be some boundaries between it whether they were allowed on
the bed or whether they are not Milo for example now he’s found on the bed if he
was muddy or if he had fleas he would not be on my bed right now he is
completely fine being on there plus I need him on there for him to be in the
background of this video so we actually have five different steps that you guys
it can use it to teach your dog to take off the bed the first one sounds a bit
counterproductive and that is to teach your dog to get on the bed obviously
your dog needs to know that you are telling them what they are doing so for
example to teach them to go up on the bed you might say up and you might throw
a treat onto the bed and that will give an indication of your dog needs to get
up onto the bed and you can continue this process now step number two is to
teach them to come off the bed so you might decide to stay off or down and
throw it free onto the floor and just basically continue this process
occasionally give them the treats but most of the time just sort of pointing
or just saying the words and now they will eventually learn that optmistic off
on the bed and down means to get off the bed now number three is to plate with
your dog whilst you were on the bed and they got on the ground so I’m going to
sort of get their favorite toy and just wave it on the floor and just play with
them basically but make sure that you are on the bed and they are on the floor
so that they sort of learn that there is so much fun to have where you are
fluor now number four is an important one if you don’t have this and that is
to provide them with a place to sleep but they have a bed or even if it’s like
a place in your room like underneath a desk or somewhere for your dog to sleep
that’s out of the way this will just make sure that they sort of know where
their bed is because if they have nowhere to sleep they will obviously
want to go somewhere it’s warm and somewhere that’s comfy and then number
five is to just continue with this process continue saying up stayin down
who occasionally with a treat just showing them they are doing something
right make sure you’re praising them every single time to do where and if you
find that your dog is wanting to sleep on your bed at bedtime make sure you are
keeping this up all the way up to bedtime and all the way into the morning
if they got up in the middle of the night
don’t just let them off and make sure you’re telling them down and make sure
you make them get down because otherwise I would just think that they’ll go over
their head and they were even think about it well that is it for this week’s
video I really really do hope you enjoyed it like I said don’t forget to
comment down below letting me know what about was your dog sleep did they have
their own bed or do they just sleep with you let me know down below in the
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