How to Train a Rottweiler : Teach a Rottweiler to Recognize His Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. So, let’s talk
about how to teach your Rottweiler to pay attention. Rottweilers are wonderful dogs.
They’re German dogs, and they have been used in Germany in the past to pickup meat
for the butcher. They’re considered working dog, so they also hunted wild bores in Germany,
and they’re often used for cattle herding believe it or not. You can definitely see
the herding dog commanding them when you see them playing with other dogs; they like to
grab their back legs. As working dogs, they are prone to work closely with people, but
we have to teach our Rottweiler to pay attention. Rottweilers have a reputation as being very
tough and gruff—and yes, they’re used as guard dogs—but for the most part they
are very sweet dogs. This is Ursa, and as you can see, she was a sweet baby oh! Yes
she is. So let’s teach her to pay attention. We’re going say her name and then mark when
she makes eye contact. Now, as you can see she’s a little distracted by things in the
environment. Now, if you haven’t yet looked at the pre-training videos, please do so before
you proceed training your Rottweiler to pay attention to you. Oh! She heard the treat
bag. As you can see, Ursa is pretty treat motivated, so I need to hide my treat bag,
so she doesn’t know where it is. So, I’m going to wait until she’s distracted. Ursa,
good. Now, I know it’s hard to see on camera, but I’m marking exactly when she makes eye
contact. Ursa, good. Remember sometimes this takes a little time and you have to be patient.
Ursa, good. Now see, she keeps looking at the hand that she thinks that treat is in,
but she’s picking up on knowing… she needs to make some eye contact. Ursa, good. Now
there I had to help her a little bit. She flicked her eyes to me, but it wasn’t really
an acknowledgment. I want some sustained eye contact for at least a half of second. It’s
a polite deference, a request and it’s an indication that she’s really checking in
with me about the appropriateness of her behavior. Now, remember I want to start making this
reinforcement random, so she never knows whether the treat is coming or not, and that’ll
make the behavior more likely to recur. So, next we’re going to talk about how to teach
her to sit.

36 thoughts on “How to Train a Rottweiler : Teach a Rottweiler to Recognize His Name

  • No, it's an obvious cross breed. Treat training a rotty is the biggest mistake you can make – NEVER DO IT!!!!! They are whip smart and eager to please as a breed, you do not have to use treats to train and NEVER should – especially with a powerful breed!!!! BAD VIDEO – BAD TRAINER – BAD BAD BAD!!!!! If the trainer was any good she wouldn't need treats.

  • I own powerful breed dogs, extremely well trained – and for your information, the best motivator for a dog is praise… I hope you don't train any if you think the best way is with treats, in that case God help anyone who comes into contact with your poorly trained dogs!

  • i train my dog and if he doesnt listen i smack him i tell u what he listens everytime i talk and i never give him treats guy just gets dumber if treats are in the picture he just sits there doing everything he knows until i eventuly give up on him…. rottweilers are agressive dogs dominate them and they listen dont treat em as equals!

  • hi, i have 2 rottweilers, mom and son, the mom was the gr8est dog, she is awsome, but the puppy came out to be more agressive, and he seems to be making her more agressive, what should i do?

  • How can i teach my rotweiler not to SHIT everywhere! Make a video about that! That could be really useful!

  • oh yeah, she doesn't know where the treat bag is…does she!! oooohh nooo. do you think rottweilers are fucking DUMB or something?!

  • Yeah its definitely not a purebred Rottie. Im not quite sure what else she could be mixed with but white spotting is a no no in a purebred, ANY purebred Rott.

  • My biggest problem with my Rottie is the fact that he's a big ass baby. Someone tried to break into my house a few months back. He was cowering in the corner the whole time. A video on training your dog to guard your home is what I want to learn about.

  • no i meant what if we want to a securty where it can bark to warn us

    and at the same time will play with us

    i did not meant for it to bite people for fun

  • I just got a 8 month old Rottie off someone who didn't want no more, But notice on here (youtube) nearly everyone so far teach there Rottie with treats, Is this a MUST ? I also have a 10year old Irish Red Staffie, who as from day 1, has had lots of love, praise etc every time he do something right. He sit, lay, stay, Heel, even watch, move back etc. So can I teach the Rottie the same with rewarding treats ? But replace with much love, fuss good boy rewards.

  • @KaUgHtInAZipper u need to contact protection dog training companins dont try doing it on ur own u will end up with a aggressive disobedient rottie nd that not nice if ur in the uk check my company's site out it

  • @ruwan75
    how do you train a rott from scratch a pup, to sit down lets say ,do you force it down by pushing its behind manually or what until it gets used to consistency ??

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