How to Train a Rottweiler : How to Train Your Rottweiler to Heel

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. So let’s talk
about teaching Rottweilers to heel. Rottweilers can be very powerful dogs and very big pullers,
but Rottweilers can be taught to walk very nicely on the leash. You need to make sure
your Rottweiler is paying attention to you and taking cues about the appropriateness
of her behavior from you before you try walking her in a crowded place. So remember, with
any training, you start small and gradually add distractions and levels of difficulty.
Now I have what’s called a no-pull harness on Ursa because she’s a not a big puller.
She likes to be by my side, partly because she knows that I’m the cookie lady, but
also because we had been working on a relationship for this morning. So what I want to do is
to say the command and start walking. If she starts pulling, I just put a little bit of
pressure on the harness. If you’re not familiar with equipment, be sure to check out that
video before you proceed. Now she’s intent on other… oh! good girl… she’s paying
attention to me, so heel, I want to teach her that heeling is a position. She keeps
her right shoulder, heel, even with my left leg. Now there she started getting a little
bit ahead. So I put a little bit of pressure on the harness, then repeated the command
for reinforcement, and every once in a while Ursa, good, I’m going to get her attention.
Let’s go, good girl. I’ll get her attention either with the name game or with just a little
sound. Good, now, good, one way to teach dogs to pay attention to you is to vary your speed.
Sometimes speed up, slow down, now she’s ignoring me because there are delicious acorns
on the ground. So I’m going to use some food to get her attention. Good, I don’t
want to keep saying her name over and over. I don’t want to keep saying heel over and
over, and I definitely don’t want to pull her bodily. I want her to work for me because
she wants to work for me, heel, good, Ursa, good, good girl. So there I kind of walked
into her because she was trying to tell me where she wanted to go. Good girl, heel. A
little patting of your leg can help her know to turn, good girl. And some time just walking
into the dog teaches them to pay attention, good, sit, good, very nice. If these methods
don’t work for your Rottweiler, check out some of the other training videos. There are
different methods that work for different dogs.

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