How to Train a Poodle : Teaching a Poodle to Lay Down on Command

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. So Aida the standard
poodle is ready to learn how to lie down. She has been very distracted by squirrels
and leaping about in a lively manner, so this might be a bit challenging. Now that head
shake means that she’s getting a little nervous, so what I’d like to do is start
by getting her attention, and then see if she’ll respond to some body language like
she did when we were teaching the standard poodle how to sit, good. Now I got a voluntary
check in there that was beautiful, Aida, good, sit, good, so I’m going to just try a hand
signal and see how far we get down, ump, sit. Okay so that “ump” was a no reward marker.
When her rear went in the air, I was indicating to her that’s not what I wanted, so we’re
going to try this again with food as a lure to help her out a little. So the food is here,
I take it straight down to the ground down, good, very nice, okay. Now I’m going to
say “okay” when she starts to leap up, because that’s my release word. You can
use anything for a release word, okay, free, it doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent.
Aida, good, sit, needs a hand signal for help, ump, I’m going to wait until she calms down
a little bit, good and then taking down, good, okay. …okay, sit, good, ump. Now Aida is
testing me a little bit here: that’s all right. I have patience. Sit, good, down, good,
no food, ump… down, good. Now I did a no reward marker there when she got up, because
I want to teach her that when I say down, that means to stay. Sit, down. We’ll talk
more about stay in the next video. Ump… down, Aida really needs some food reinforcement
for the stay, so we’re going to go on to that video, see what she’s doing up and
down and up and down. At Taurus this is what we call a popcorn dog. This is a challenge,
but we’ll teach her how to stay in the next video.

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