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We know the easy ones. But for the tough ones, we asked a
dog behavior expert to tell us what we’re getting wrong. Look at me! Hey! One of the most common cues that we
tend to misunderstand are things that we take to understand as being happy. The wagging of a tail. There can be a certain wagging of a
tail that is not friendly at all. Each individual behavior needs to be looked at
in the big context of It turns out the secret to understanding
dog language is all about the ears. You want to look,
are the ears either up and kind of excited or are they kind of laid back. Or are they pinned back? Which is fear. So many dogs,
you just look at the ears, that’s all you need to
know their emotional state. Sometimes your dog may seem
sleepy when they’re actually stressed. Yawning. It’s called a stress yawn. Very, very common. But a little stress can be a good thing. Just because your dog
exhibits some stress signals, that doesn’t necessarily mean
you’re doing something bad. Sometimes they can, you know, yawn or shake it off because it’s difficult being out here and you’re
telling me to come and sit and lie down and I want
to go chase that ball. It means they’re learning. It can be sort of
stressful, but it’s therapeutically advantageous. Another behavior is the lie down. There are definitely dog body language behaviors
that mean, “I need my own space.” And these should
really always be respected. There’s a big difference between sort of a
tucking of the tail and ignoring, a looking away, and a full belly-showing lie down. Showing the belly is a
trusting state to be in. Their whole demeanor will change. Their ears will go back and
their eyes will go soft. And plus, it opens up to
a nice little belly rub. Reading our emotions is easy for dogs. Dogs are the only other animal other
than certain kinds of apes to exhibit When they look at you,
they gaze to their left, which is to your right side. The right side of our face tends
to show our emotions more immediately, quickly and clearly. You tend unconsciously – go check it out
next time you’re at a cocktail party. When you’re trying to get a gauge on
what someone is thinking or feeling, you tend to have left gaze bias. Dogs exhibit this gaze bias,
the same way humans do. We may not speak the same language,
but our bond with dogs is amazing. Dogs are so great at communicating to
humans and reading humans’ visual and physical body language. If you think you have
a sense of what your dog is thinking or feeling,
you’re probably right. Their eyebrows show their emotions. They do a head tilt to be
able to express certain feelings and thoughts. They are a very unique species. Hey, Dodos! This is Mark. Thanks for checking out the video. Make sure to like,
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