How To Teach Your Dog To Take Treats Gently

– Hey YouTube, Shannon
and Reggie here from McCann Professional Dog Trainers. We get a ton of really great
questions from our students each and every week and
one of those questions is quite often how to stop their
dogs from nipping at their fingers when they go to give them treats. And this can be a really,
really big problem, but it’s actually got
a nice simple solution. So we’re gonna talk about that today. Now, if you’ve got a
puppy with really tiny, little needle teeth, they can really hurt when you go to give them a treat. And of course, we want
to use a lot of treats in our training so it’s a
little bit of a catch 22. What we wanna do though is teach our dogs that it’s their responsibility
to take the food gently rather than our
responsibility to remind them. So part of our training program
here at McCanns is actually to teach the dogs how to take
a treat in the right way. Now Reggie here is gonna
help me demonstrate. Of course, he’s very pleased
to just get free treats. Reggie has learned to be
very gentle with his mouth when he’s taking treats. Good boy. And that’s come with a
little bit of training. Now with the young
puppy, you’re gonna start with something that’s not very exciting. So you might start with
a little bit of kibble. And it’s a little bit of a
technique here that you’re going to master in order to help
your dogs get this right. Rather than teaching them right
away by squeezing the treat in between your fingers, it
makes it very hard for them to physically take that treat
and be gentle about it. What we’re gonna have
you do is place the treat in the base of your palm, just where your fingers
meet your hand there. Cover it with your thumb, and
then present it to your dog. And as he is sniffing and licking, if he’s being gentle, I’m gonna say yes, move my thumb and let him have that treat. Sit, good boy. Now as he gets better at that, I might move on to some
more exciting treats, I’ve got some dry cookie
here rather than just kibble. Again, I’m gonna present
it in the same fashion. Yes. Open my hand and reward. Now the worst part of this for
the dog if they get it wrong. The big negative here is simply that they’re not gonna get the treat. So if I offer my dog that
cookie, and he’s rough at all, if I feel teeth at all, all
I’m gonna do is move it away. So he doesn’t get it if he’s not gentle. And in real time, just
a quick move it away. Yes. And then reward if
he’s nice and gentle. Now the challenge will be to
move to more exciting treats because as we know, dog’s
noses are fantastic. So if he starts smelling
something more exciting like cheese, he might forget those manners and he might start to get rough, so keep that in mind as you
move to different treats. Yes, good boy. You’re going to be very consistent with this in offering the treat. Now again, to make it
harder as my dog gets better and better at this, I’m
going to move that treat down further in my fingers. Yes. Make it smaller perhaps,
and then eventually get to the point where, slime
aside, I can offer my dog that treat with those
two fingers and he knows not to put any pressure
behind those teeth. Thanks for watching YouTube, make sure you sign up for our newsletter [email protected] Bye for now. (acoustic guitar music)

1 thought on “How To Teach Your Dog To Take Treats Gently

  • Very helpful Video!!!
    I tried doing this before and I kept telling my dog nicely take and then when they snapped at my finger when taking it I didn't say anything when they did it right I patted them and said good dogs. I did it again and again and it worked 🙂

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