How to teach a dog to stay | Expert puppy training advice

Teaching your dog to stay is a bit more complicated
than the basic commands. But International trainer Anthony Clarke’s showing some novices
how it’s done. If we ask the dog to wait, that basically
means that whatever position you’ve said, wait in, they have to stay in that position.
So if I say, wait and the dog’s in a sit, i tell it to wait and walk away and I look
back and it’s let down, that’s not what I’ve asked it to do. Whatever position I leave
it in I want see the dog in that position when I reach my destination or when I’ve finished
doing whatever I’m doing. We can use a toy or food for reinforcement for this. Wait is one of the most basic but very important
commands. We can use it in loads of different situations from day to day. One of the most
important things is for your dog to understand that when it’s in a position, whether it be
sit, lie down or stand and you ask it to wait, it stays in that position until you ask it
to come forward or release it out of that position. So what we’re going to do to start with, we’re
going to have you all doing it from a sit, okay. What I want you to do is tell the dog
to sit and you’re basically just going to take one the dog’s on the left, you’re going
to step forward with your left foot, okay, whilst feeding the dog, okay. So you’re going
to step forward on your left foot and feed the dog at the same time for staying in the
position. So let’s just break off and we’ll give that a go. Okay, so just step forward,
just step forward with the left leg. Okay, let me just show you a second. Right,
so if I take a treat, basically you’re going to position him on your left hand side. Okay,
Bruno, what’s this? Okay, sit. Good boy, well done. Okay, so what you’re going to do is
you’re going to step that leg forward okay sit, okay and you’re going to step that leg
forward as you feed him. So it’s just a slight rock, he’s not actually moving anywhere. So
at the minute what we’ve got, we’ve got to kind of try and distract him from the movement
by the feet. Okay. So just do it first of all. There you go, step forward, feed him. Excellent,
there you go. So basically what we want to see him doing is, as you’re stepping forward
try to get the dog used to staying in one position, okay, whilst you move away. And
the hands staying in that position is going to be the reinforce which will give him the
reward very quickly. Okay. Let’s give it another go.
Good, straight back. Yeah, you go. Well, done. Good. Alright, well done. Okay, what we’re
going to do this time is tell him to sit okay, and just going to go away and you’re going
to step away one, sideways, straight back, feed. Okay.
Small step back. Straight forward and give the food. Good, well done. Jack Russel-Shitzu Cross Lucy is four months
old. Now it’s her turn to impress. You just go wait, okay, and just rock back,
forward, feed. Okay. Give that a go. Be quite exciting, get her into you.
Go back, feed her. There you go. Don’t leave her there too long. There you go, that was
better. Step away again, go back, feed her quickly. There you go. Well done. Better.
Good. Oh, be careful. Be careful, don’t go back in towards her. When you’re going to
reward her don’t go in like this. Because you see, it brings her forward. So when she’s
in the position, okay, she’s waited there, you come back in and you’re going to feed
straight away, so the hand literally put sort of feeds her straight away. There’s no kind
of enticing her forward, going hello, come on and get rewarded, you see, because she
comes forward. Okay. When rewarding your dog it doesn’t always
have to be rewarded with food. We can use toys and any other kind of objects that the
dog gets reinforced by. So if your dog’s really high drive on a toy, instead of going back
and feeding it with food all the time, when you’ve asked the dog to wait and it’s executed
it correctly you can throw the toy back to the dog, so it’s getting rewarded and paid
by doing the behaviour with its toy. Good work, excellent.

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