How to teach a dog to drop it | Expert puppy training advice

drop it it’s one of the most important
commands to teach your dog it convenient if you want him to start playing with
something like a toy and crucial if you want them to let go of something that
could be dangerous international trainer Anthony Clark believes the key is
swapping drop it is something we should be looking to teach all our new dogs
just because they could pick something cup in the house where every something
we want them to have or not have and we need to be able to take it off and
straight away we’ve got three different things we’re going to use today we’re
going to use a plastic bottle we’ve got a toy and we’ve got a bag full of some
stones what we’re going to get the dogs do is we only get them to pick up one of
the objects okay we’re going to keep the dog on the lead so they can’t pick it up
and run away with it and then we’re going to offer them a swap so whether it
be a tree or with another object so the dog comes in to us going to ask them to
pretty much swap for whatever we are trying to give them and we’re going to
take the object away we’re trying to get the dog to work out that it’s okay for
us as the human or handler to be able to take away whatever the dog has by giving
the swap or the reward as soon as the dogs given it up this is going to make
it very comfortable for the dog to be able to bring us things whether it be
something that’s good for them or bad for them what we don’t want to get into
the habit of doing is taking an object off them and not given the dog something
back just because then what will start to happen the dog would think is well
I’m not going to bring that object back to you because they’re going to take it
away from me and my game is going to finish straight away if we offer them a
swap so we give them a treat or another toy or something in which they’re
allowed to have straight away the dog will want to bring that object in which
you don’t want them to have straight back to you three-month-old pointer
badger is the first to learn the technique ok so I’m going to give badger
this object ok you can allow you to pick it up for a couple of seconds then
you’re going to ask them to swap it for one you’ve got ok so I’m gonna give
badge of the object there it is look at that good boy oh good one ah good lad
okay one more time like that getting really excited for it there you go
excellent well done very good but will three-month-old border terrier Alfie be
is keen to give things up owner Neil is about to find out okay so I’m gonna give
in the bottle okay as soon as he’s like interesting the bottle little bit of
chewing on it okay you’re gonna go in offer the swaps you’re gonna give you’re
going to take the bottle give him the treat straightaway okay so I’ve got a
bottle here okay so what you’re gonna do remember is you’re going to offer a swap
straightaway take the bottle giving the tree bed oh well done to start with we
don’t put a command to the actual drop it behavior we don’t want to be saying
drop it drop it drop it to the dog and the dogs just playing tug or being very
reluctant to give us whatever it has when the dog is releasing whatever
object it has in its mouth and taking whatever we’re trying to give it back to
them that’s when we can then give the command drop it let’s go same again
sliding the ball ok there he’s got it take the bottle give him a swap good boy
well done excellent good work excellent well done it’s a good idea to vary the
reward in which you’re given the dog sometimes give them a toy if they’re
into their toys okay or sometimes just give them some food as long as the dogs
kept guessing the reinforcement is the main payment for the dog so anything
different which will keep the dog interested in you and wanting to works
going to benefit you

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