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Barking is normal dog behaviour but when it
becomes excessive it can be a real nuisance. Andy and Jude have four Sharpei and they’re
struggling to keep their dogs’ barking under control. Sharpei is a breed which I fell in love with
many years ago, I’ve had them for 25 years now, and they’re a fabulous dog to live with.
They’re a hunting, herding dog and a guarding dog by instinct, so this is part of the problem,
it’s an inherent thing. When people come to the house and knock on the door, the dogs
start barking. It’s pandemonium, you can’t hear yourself talk or hear yourself think
basically. There’s no harm or aggression in it, but to people who are – particularly people
who aren’t dog people, it can be quite intimidating. I’m worried that, you know, it puts people
off and we don’t get the visitors we should have because of the dogs. As well as three adult dogs, Andy and Jude
have an eight month old puppy Chip. They’re worried that if they don’t get this barking
sorted Chip will start to copy the other dogs behaviour. Dog Behaviour Expert Jane Hanshaw
has come along to see if she can help. Hello. Hi, come in. Nice to meet you. Hello. Hello, it’s a bit noisy. Yes, when you first arrive. Shh. They’re not taking a lot of notice of you
then. Not really, not really. It’s not working is it? It’s not working. No, no. No, no. I think perhaps we should
go outside then to have a good chat. Is that alright? Okay, come on then, let’s have a
little bit. Well after that noisy welcome it’s easy to
understand why visitors might be put off. But if Jane’s going to help solve the problem
first she needs to know a bit more. We don’t want them to lose their initial guarding
thing, you know, barking. We don’t. We want to control it. So once they’ve ‘- once they’ve
given us that warning, we want to be able to tell them, to say, stop, or quiet, and
they do so. In some cases Jane would advise teaching a
dog to bark and be quiet on command, but in a household with lots of dogs, it’s not always
practical. So the first step is to introduce clicker training – a simple and effective
method using positive reinforcement. That’s the clicker. Nothing special. It just
makes a noise like that. Alright? So what you need to do is pair that with a treat,
and it’s a really high value, small tasty treat is the best thing. Click, treat, click,
treat, click, treat. That’s so that in the dog’s mind when it hears that it click it
knows it’s going to get a treat. Now, if you imagine thereafter that click is a photography,
that’s the bit I wanted, that’s the behaviour I wanted. The idea is to highlight the quiet behaviour.
Hello. The click has to come when the dogs are quiet
rather than when they’re barking. So the dogs get nothing for the barking but a click for
being quiet and then the reward follows. If your dog’s barking, then it’s important
that you don’t join in. Shouting, ‘shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up,’ you’re just joining
in as far as the dog’s concerned. It would be more appropriate to interrupt that behaviour
and train your dog to do something else, give it an alternative strategy. So teach it to
go to its bed, where it can get a tasty treat or a toy. The dogs are no longer barking with excitement
because they’re used to us being here. But that doesn’t matter. We can still teach them
clicker training. Jane’s started the clicker training with the noisiest dog first. That’s
the one that leads the barking. Dogs bark for many, many reasons. They might
be pleased to see you, they might be excited, they might be letting you know that a stranger’s
come onto your premises. What’s important, if you’ve got a problem with barking, is that
you find out just which is the reason that’s applicable to you. Barking dogs can be a real
noise nuisance and they can get you into trouble with your neighbours. It can be a very serious
problem. You need to address it early. Don’t leave it until you’ve got bad relations with
all of the neighbours. Right it’s time for Andy to have a go. Don’t click. If they hear clicking it’s treat.
Alright, let’s go… Alright, you follow me. Hello. Hello. Right,
click while she’s quiet. You have to point it at her. And then you give her the reward. Good girl. Right, you don’t have to say good girl. Because
the clicks tell her that she’s got it right. Hello. There you go, click. Now she can have
the reward. You’ve got a lot of homework, I’m afraid. You need to be really, really
consistent. Choose your liberties carefully with what to do with this training and don’t
let them get into that pattern. They’ll soon get to know what the format is when visitors
come in. Is that alright? Yeah. Has that been a help? It’s like I’ve got a remote. It’s not a remote, no. It’s definitely not
a remote. You can’t solve a problem like this in one
session. But Jane has given Andy and Jude the tools to work with. With lots of training
– hopefully this sort of behaviour will become a thing of the past – and the couple will
get more visitors to their home.

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  • Seriously? How to stop your dog barking?!
    How about how to make your child stop talking?
    What the hell is wrong with you people?!
    Take good care of your dog. If he shows excessive energy then take him for a long walk and he won't have the energy to bark as much.
    It's so goddamn obvious that these dogs have too much energy or else they wouldn't be all jumpy when there's new arrivals in the home.

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